Tuesday, August 24, 2010

NZ Day 8 - Te Anau


The herd of sheep that was spotted at one point along the road.

  • Breakfast was several pieces of pizza, the leftovers of the French cheese cake and some golden kiwi fruits. Found out that car had some frost on the front mirror. Spent some time to defrost it; otherwise, it would be almost impossible to drive with such condition.
  • Halfway through our drive from Queenstown to Te Anau, we were greeted by a huge herd of sheep. The sheep were left in the middle of the road and by our random estimation, there were more than a thousand of them! Mich said the sheep were running marathon lol!
  • Some of them looked clueless when they see vehicles driving slowly pass them. Some were doing their business - small and big business, while some where busy locating their lambs haha!
  • Arrived at the place we were gonna stay for the next two nights - red Tussock Motel, which is just opposite Lake Te Anau. Checked-in and took down our stuff like usual; we did the same thing every other day or two, that it has become almost a routine.
  • Went to check-out about the tour to see the glow worms inside Te Anau Glow Worms Cave. The next tour was at two; it was fifteen-minutes to two by the time we were there and we hadn't have our lunch yet.
  • Rushed to Subway nearby and got ourselves the pork rib sandwich and some cookies, before rushing back to the jetty we were gonna board the boat. Everyone was already on board and waiting for us, so we quickly find a parking at the nearest spot available.
  • Dropped Mich first for her to tell them we will be a bit late, while I went to look for parking. While getting down from the car, couldn't pull my car key out, and it took me another five minutes trying to take it out. Started to panic. Of all the time, why such thing had to happen at such rushing time? In the end, realised that the gear was still in the "drive mode", not the "parking mode"; hence the key was stuck =.=
  • Mich came back to check on me and both of us quickly ran to the jetty like Chicken Run, as we were already ten-minutes late. Damn paiseh lol!
  • The wind was quite strong during the cruise from the jetty to the cave, and it took us almost thirty minutes before we reached the cave on the Luminosa. Experience beautiful native bush and entered the caves through a crack in the rock. Walked through the cave passed the waterfall, down the corridor, and entered the vast 25-meter high Cathedral, and then drifting on a boat ina  quiet darkness. Saw the glow worms - faint blue lights on the cave walls and their sticking fishing lines. It was like watching the stars on a clear, dark sky. Simply magnificent.
  • Just before boarding the boat back, had a short conversation with an elderly couple from Perth. They've been to Thailand, but at least they know where's Malaysia. 
  • On our cruise back to the mainland, one lady approached us and asked us if we wanted to have a picture taken. We agreed and had her to take our photo. We knew she actually wanted us to help her to take her picture, but was reluctant to ask directly. As to return the favour, we offered to take a picture of her with her two kids.
  • Had dinner - white Basmati rice, Chinese cabbage and carrot soup with eggs, and roasted chicken with sweet chilly sauce. My first time eating rice after almost a week! How much I'd missed them.
  • Went for a movie at Fiordland Cinema. It was quite interesting for a small town like Te Anau to have a cinema. It shows an exclusive screening of a movie - Ata Whenua Shadowland, which showed the Fiordland World Heritage Status Wilderness that we would otherwise never see. 
  • The 32-minute long movie was mysterious, evocative, exhilarating and utterly spectacular, filmed across extremes of season, climate and terrain, it took us on an unforgettable journey through one of the most awe inspiring landscapes on earth produced by local producers and the movie was more like a documentary about the beauty of Fiordland.

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