Thursday, August 26, 2010

NZ Day 10 - Dunedin


Baldwin Street in Dunedin, the world's steepest street seen from the foot of the street.

  • Started our journey early as we tried to reach Dunedin by lunch time. Halfway through the journey, the two of us quarreled, and it was total silence in the car for the next hour or so. It was just over some silly small issue, which I was mainly to blame. 
  • Fortunately, made up once we reached Dunedin and we treated ourselves to brunch at Capers, who is well-known for its pancakes. The maple syrup tasted really good! 
  • Visited Baldwin Street, recognised by the Guinness World Book of Records as world's steepest street. At its maximum, the slope of Baldwin Street is approximately 1:2.86, that is equivalent to 19°,  or 35% grade. 
  • It was quite a hot day, so I chose not to run up the street but just walk up slowly. Mich, who had been there once, took the staircases on the roadside. Living up to its billing as the world's steepest street, it was quite hard to balance while standing at the street, especially for a giraffe like me. 
  • Got myself a certificate and a souvenir postcard right after conquering the street at the gift shop down the street. 
  • Drove to our accommodation place for the night at Bygone Era B&B, which was just several streets away. Lucky thing for us as the host just came back when we reached there, and we were given a warm welcome by Angela. 
  • Were given some briefings about the place and took out our stuff into the room. The house was beautifully decorated with a touch of elegance for a delightful stay. This place is by far the most luxurious place we stayed throughout our 11-day trip. A perfect way to end the trip. Angela offered us to a tea session, but we have had other plans to go around the town. 
  • Mich brought me to visit University of Otago, the oldest university in New Zealand. Her medical campus is in Christchurch, but she's gonna return to Dunedin again for the graduation at the end of this year. 
  • Fell in love with the university library; it is perhaps the loveliest library I've seen in my live. The size, the facilities, the atmosphere, everything seemed to be just too nice! 
  • Visited Otago Museum, just opposite the university as Mich wanted to see the giant squid on display. Unfortunately, we couldn't locate the squid inside the museum. Saw a few sheep though haha! 
  • Returned to get some rest, and Angela treated us to some tea and homemade cookies, which were really good! Spent some amount of time camwhoring around the house, with the antique furniture it has, while making sure we didn't look too jakun haha! 
  • Had dinner at Velvet burger and went around the town to have night photo shot session, although it was quite cold. Dunedin is the most southern point we went throughout the trip. Drove up to Signal Hill to get a magnificent view of the city at night and watch the twinkling stars in the sky. It was just simply breathtaking.


kh said...

5 years ago, i used to spend my days in that library ...

calvin said...

@ kh:
that's because you were too naughty to be left alone at home, right?