Tuesday, August 31, 2010

3 Years + 1 Month + 1 Day

  1. Reunited after more than 600 days on August 17, 2010. 605 days to be exact. 
  2. It is a long, long period of time. Even longer than the movie (500) Days Of Summer. 
  3. The last meal we had at KLIA in January 2008 was at Subway. The first meal we had upon my arrival in Christchurch was also at Subway. (edited: Subway KLIA was before we went up to Genting.)
  4. But nothing beats the frequency of visiting Secret Recipe for your birthdays. 
  5. So, we finally had a "proper" traveling together for the first time, and it was in such beautiful land of New Zealand. 
  6. Taking turns driving around the South Island was great. Making sheepie "baaa..." sound along the way sound excites me, 'coz it annoys you. 
  7. Having someone to feed me snacks while driving made sure my stomach didn't perform orchestra along the journey. 
  8. Getting complains from you for me being a "bodoh sial punya pemandu" happens everyday. It was like a routine. 
  9. "Parking pun tak tau parking betul-betul! Sepet sana sini!" But do you still remember who hit the pole while gostan-ing on that frosty morning at Shotover Lodge? 
  10. "Bodoh sial" term was first created during the jumping shot session at Hokitika beach. You accused me of not knowing how to jump properly.
  11. IMG_4854-1
  12. But actually, it was you who couldn't even take a nice shot even though I've jumped so hard, until I looked like a katak already. 
  13. I forgot to say that to you that day, so I'm gonna say it now; "Bodoh sial punya tukang gambar"
  14. However, I think you can call me "Bodoh sial punya tukang catat nota" in return.
  15. That's because I saw that I wrote "Queensland", instead of "Queenstown" inside your flowery buku tiga lima, and you've corrected it to be "Queenslandtown!!". 
  16. Perhaps I should ask for something for I managed to stay awake and not fall asleep during the movie at Te Anau. That is quite a personal achievement for me, you know? 
  17. It was fun to play board games at Lake Tekapo that night, 'coz you never seem to be able to beat me. The score now stands at two-nil. Fancy another game? UNO, perhaps? 
  18. Love the fact that we use the "rock-finger-scissor game" to decide who will do the dishes after every meal. 
  19. Even better when I taught you the Japanese version, and I created my own rules to make sure that I win every time.
  20. How silly of us to have a misunderstanding and not to talk for more than an hour in the car. 
  21. The reason for you not stopping for me at Gore Lincoln to take picture with some horse statues. 
  22. IMG_6233-1
  23. In the end, I still needed you to navigate me when we arrived at Dunedin, 'coz I think I was quite lost then. 
  24. Maybe I shall call you "Pandai punya tukang baca peta" for your great navigating skills. 
  25. I am now blogging from you bed. Your friends are all around me. Calbit the lion looks kinda sleepy, as usual. 
  26. While you must be busy sitting in the dark radiology room, analysing the X-rays. DO NOT FALL ASLEEP IN THERE! 
  27. Alright, I am hungry now. Time for breakfast.
  28. Sorry for the abrupt end to this entry. I know, it's a bit potong stim.
  29. Three years, one month, and one day, which totals up to 1128 days. 
  30. I hope and believe, there will be more happy days to come from here. 
  31. Happy "3rd Anniversary", "Plus 1 Month and 1 Day" 
  32. Anyway, today's August 31st; so I would like to wish "Happy Merdeka Day" to all Malaysians. Be proud that we are born in the best place in the universe!
  33. Wow! What a romantic and patriotic entry this has been.


    mg said...

    it wasnt Gore it was Clinton town. lol

    kiera said...

    calbit ! nice ! nice! hehehe....
    fei fei so happy lo!

    pinksterz said...


    happy anniversary to both of you!

    Zzzyun said...

    all the best to you two! :)

    calvin said...

    @ mg:
    opppsss, technical error >.<

    calvin said...

    @ kiera:
    i think she is ^.-

    calvin said...

    @ pinksterz:
    haha, thanks!
    hopefully, it was not over-too-sweet until, you know...

    calvin said...

    @ zzzyun:
    thanks a lot!

    Kae Vin said...


    After reading this can get diabetes you know?

    calvin said...

    @ kae vin:
    this is more to a random entry, written spontaneously xD
    just take some extra salt, to balance up the sugar volume haha!

    sakura said...

    that's such a sweet post :)

    calvin said...

    @ sakura:
    hehe, thanks!

    Calyn Ong said...

    Hmm interesting... XD

    calvin said...

    @ calyn ojc:
    this trip patched things up =)

    Anonymous said...

    It was rather interesting for me to read this post. Thanx for it. I like such topics and everything that is connected to this matter. I definitely want to read more soon.

    Julia Simpson

    Witha said...

    Came across your blog because I was searching about New Zealand. I found this entry is the sweetest.


    calvin said...

    @ Witha:
    Hello Witha! Very sweet to see you dropping some comments here. Yeah, I really think New Zealand is a really wonderful and beautiful place to visit!

    And thanks again for your compliments :D