Tuesday, May 11, 2010

How Jogging Will Cause Deforestation

I had one of the most unusual yet hillarious moment early this morning.

I dreamed about something which was so funny to the extend that I laughed while sleeping until I woke my housemate up haha wtf! The fact that it was only five-thirty in the morning at that time didn't help at all. I think this is the first time I've ever gone through such thing and how often you hear to people dreaming about something so funny until they laughed and woke up? I think it is not wrong for someone to call me a crazy person haha! Have to ask Mich if this is something normal, since she is currently on her psychiatry run lol!

It is not often that you will still remember what you have dreamed of after you woke up, isn't it? But this time, it is rather a miracle for someone who has a short-term memory lost like me to be able to remember the dream quite clearly. So, here is how my dream went. It was one fine evening and my Dad and me was planning to go out for a jog at the Lake Gardens in Taiping. Coincidentally, a friend of mine, GL was at my home and she told us that she wanted to join us.


Isn't Taiping Lake Garden a perfect spot for an evening jog?

Before I go any further, let me mention here that GL is a little big-sized and chubby type, but the great thing is that she is the sporting-type of person. Whenever she is around, there will never be any quite and boring moment. The moment my Dad heard that she wanted to join us, he tried to make sure if she really wanted to join us since we will be running up some hilly area (to be honest, the park isn't really that hilly haha!). She insisted to join us; but my Dad made a final confirmation with her by saying this.

"You sure or not? Later you simply go run and langgar (hit) all the trees in the park until all of them disappear!" haha wtf!

As my Dad said that in his northern accent of Hokkien, I burst up laughing and woke up, only to realise that it was only a dream lol! How, funny or not? One of the reason I had such dream that I could hypothesize is perhaps because I was browsing through the website for Tokyo Marathon and instead of running in Japan, I ended up dreaming about running in a park in Taiping haha!

On another unrelated incident, there is another funny moment which happened yesterday evening, on my way back from university. I stopped by a stall, operated by an elderly couple to get some bananas. This is not my first time buying vegetables and fruits from them and when they saw me yesterday evening, the lady asked me if I am the same tall guy who went there the other day. I said yes and when the man was returning me the change, he said this to me.

"You're so tall; it's like looking up to the sky!"

I hope they didn't take me by mistake by thinking that I am the Jade Emperor lol!


CLF said...

ur dream damn funny lor lol!
I do sometimes dream that I'm back in KL hahah.

Kae Vin said...

lol. funny

and you remember last time i dreamt of cycling to Taiping? lol

Unknown said...

God damn, too long since I jog around Lake Garden, Calvin u make me miss Taiping..T_T

calvin said...

@ clf:
dreaming of going back to kl alone isn't enough.
you have to dream about eating the nice food as well, to make it a complete dream haha!

calvin said...

@ kae vin:
i hope i will never dream of visiting the 99-doors mansion in my dreams lol!

calvin said...

@ alvin chen:
don't worry, the lake gardens will always remain there all the time and you can always jog there when you're back. but for the trees, i can't be too sure 'coz they might go disappear if gl goes jogging there haha!