Monday, May 17, 2010

Barbecue Session With Seniors

Short note: I accompanied Cung to a nearby police station last Friday night, and this was my first time going to such place after more than three years living in Japan. We were quite taken aback by the way that police officer at first, because he was busy completing a report and he didn't bother to attend us at all when we stepped into the place. This might be normal in Malaysia, but it is not in Japan, is it? Anyway, I left the place feeling impressed by his calmness and the professional way he handled our case. Don't worry, the case wasn't a big deal, just some small matters.


Tama-gawa (Tama River), where the BBQ session was held.

The updates from the Golden Week holidays continues. On the next day after the huge gathering at Otizawa Youth Centre, there was another gathering which they called it the "Unofficial Golden Week Gathering 2010". This one is mainly attended by more senior members of ex-PPKTJ-ians, who are currently doing their post-graduate course, or already working for several years in Japan. Similar to the one on the previous day, this gathering is also an annual event which has been there for years, first started by some seniors many many years ago.

I was actually invited by Andrew to join him in this gathering, and this is the year I made my debut to this gathering. Tagging along us was Kae Lin, a pharmacist student at Chiba University; and the three of us made our two-hours journey from Chiba to Kawasaki in Kanagawa Prefecture. So, technically, we the journey took us across two prefectures and one metropolis, that is Tokyo. We got down at Futako-shinchi station and met up with Chia Yuan, Seng Chye, Michael and Boon, before making a ten-minute walk to the picnic spot.


It was a perfect day for people to picnic and barbecue along the river.


It was almost like a carnival-like atmosphere at the river bank.

Tama-gawa flows through Tokyo, and it acts as the dividing line between Tokyo and Kanagawa.  There are several spots in the city, in which its banks are lined with parks and sports fields, making the river a popular picnic spot among city folks.

As we went there during the middle of the Golden Week holiday, it didn't surprise us to see the place was crowded with people coming with families and friends. Young people, old people, fat people, skinny people, tall people, short people, dark people, and fair people, who eventually turned dark under the hot-scorching sun anyway lol!


Early comers who were there before us - Randy, Qian Yi, Yap, and Boon.


A coincidence that the guys were in red and pink - Andrew, Seng Chye, and Kae Lin.


The seniors who started grilling the chickens - Michael, Chia Yuan,  Ling Wei, Chin Chet, and Teng Kang.

Michael and Boon asked me a few times why I ended up at that gathering, because it was supposed to me attended by the upper seniors. Besides, if I wasn't there, they would be the most junior members at the gathering and they would get the chance to be pampered by the seniors lol!

Meanwhile, Randy also expressed his beh song-ness to me for the second straight days, because my presence made him lost the title of being the tallest guy at the gathering haha!


A creative way of making balanced and healthy satay lol!


Grilled eggplants, which looks quite adventurous.


The seniors have been grilling for some time, so we exchanged shift and a few of us took charge of the grilling pit.


Li Wei, Andrew, Teng Kang, and Yap joined in too. 


Sometimes, if you're not careful with the fire, you might need to call the bomba.


If the bomba is too late, this is what would happen to your chicken wing and sausages lol!


Chia Yuan, with his masterpiece -  limited edition yakisoba lol!

Unlike the gathering a day earlier, when I was among the seniors, it was an opposite thing at this gathering because I found myself to be the youngest member there, together with Kae Lin. It felt a little bit awkward to be in two different roles in two days at first, but after a while, we managed to gel in and joined their conversations.

It felt just recently that I enquired Qian Yi about the university entrance exam but actually, one year has passed since then. This time, we were talking about what's to look for after getting a degree from university and again, she told me the exact thing that she said to me one year ago. "I started my preparation late back then, and it wasn't really a good example; so never follow my footsteps" lol!


Makan-makan and minum-minum with each other.


Halfway through my mission of stealing Kae Lin's chicken wing lol!


Andrew spotted that and said, "Oh no! You do that and I will shower you with this Thai chilly sauce!"


Another senior who was from Nagaoka Kosen, Li Wei and Susi.


Toh and Susi, the married couple who is the most senior members at the gathering.


Gong Xi Fa Cai socks lol! I wonder whose legs are these...


Ayashii team members.

If you notice properly, it is not "Arashi", the Japanese boy-band, but "Ayashii", which means "suspicious" in Japanese lol! Isn't it a bit weird to see people barbecue and picnic while wearing suits? Haha! Actually, they attended the Career Fair earlier that day, and went straight to the gathering right after that. When they were walking towards our tent, they attracted attentions from the people around the area, who gave them that clueless stare haha!

Coincidentally, it was Qian Yi's birthday on that day. Seng Chye's birthday is also around there, so we had a double-birthday celebration.


James teased Seng Chye, "Haha, you are older by another year already!"


Lighting up the candle was a mission impossible because of the strong wind.


So, they decided not to light the candle and just pretended to blow the unlit candles haha!


"Why got so many ants on the cake one??!" asked Qian Yi.


Their total age - three years old haha!

There are too many people picnicking there, and with just a limited number of temporary toilets set up, the Japanese people started to find instant way of releasing their call of nature. The guy would just walk into the bush and pee right there! Some were even worse as they even made cake in the public, with a friend standing next to them to supervise the surroundings. Damn crazy Japanese!

By the way, please don't ask me what flavour of the cake they made lol!


It was supposed to be a barbecue session, but some people just over-drank and got drunk!


The mountain of rubbish; at least the Japanese collect and throw their rubbish in one area, unlike the uncilivised Bolehlanders back home, where they will leave the cleaning work to the city council workers.


Toh giving the juniors some final few words at the end of the gathering.


This is the group of Japanese who was barbecueing next to our tent, and we suspect they were already a bit drunk lol!


Last but not least, a group picture of everyone!

Looking forward to another gathering of such next year!


Zzzyun said...

hey... i think i know kae lin... (no clear photos mah)

is she from penang? if yes, she prob is my high sch classmate..! what a small world! haha..

calvin said...

@ zzzyun:
yes, kae lin is from penang. what school did you go last time?

i have come across so many cases of such, where a friend happens to know another friend, and that friend is someone i know as well. it is indeed a small world eh? xD

Zzzyun said...

ooo i went to pcghs... penang chinese girls high sch..

yes i think that's definitely my friend! i rmb her posting on FB abt going to japan too...

what a small world wow! yeah im getting that sometimes too nowadays. friends know friends in other parts of the world :)

calvin said...

@ zzzyun:
cool! i will try and ask kae lin about you the next time i get to meet her. she must be surprised to find out how i got to know you (i.e. through mg) last time haha!