Friday, May 7, 2010

Aroyna Tabeta In Yurakucho

Short note: It was a wonderful Golden Week break, filled with several events, activities, and trips within the five-day-long holiday. I will be blogging on those very soon, but for the meantime, here is another short entry to buy some time.


I first came to know about this restaurant from Ben, my senior who took me there to have dinner about two years back.

Aroyna Tabeta is a Thai restaurant, and it is just a short walk from the JR Yurakucho station. One thing that sets this restaurant, located underneath the train tracks, different from most restaurants in Tokyo is that it gives you the feeling of the night stalls in Bangkok - loud pop music, fantastic cooking aroma, and some deco with Thai-touch.


The interior of the restaurant, which is always full with customers.

The food is certainly a bargain as it has a set price of 630 yen for everything in the menu. The food is really delicious and authentic, and the friendly staff are Thais who speak perfect Japanese and English as well. When I was there tonight, there were a few tables which were already reserved, which portrays how well-known this restaurant is. The Japanese don't mind at all having to squeeze among other customers in such a small space, perhaps because they are served with great food.

To be honest, the ambiance of the place might not be as great at Bangkok Kitchen, but that is secondary to me, because what's more important is the taste of the food.


The menu, which was bilingual in Japanese and English.


Set C, plus the descriptions of each dishes.

Two things to note when dining at this place; firstly, they ask you to pay immediately after ordering, before bringing your food, maybe a tactic to avoid the chew-and-screw trick. Second, if it looks spicy on the menu, it is, in the hottest possible way. Initially, I thought this restaurant is just like any other Thai restaurants in Japan, which often adjust the spiciness of their food to cater the Japanese taste bud. But no; most of the food taste almost exactly like how they should taste; i.e. if it's spicy, it is really spicy.

That is why when I was eating there, I noticed the Japanese ran out of their tissue stock. Their tables were full of mountains of tissue, and you should be able to guess why. The two ladies next to my table were even funnier. The first lady asked her friend to try a soup (I suspect it's tom yam mee hoon) and right after she had a scoop, she was so shocked and said it tasted really hot. They immediately ordered two glasses of beer and a plate of rice haha!


My set meal with a combination of white fragrant rice, fried mustard greens (sawi), fried pork with shrimp paste, green chicken curry, and cellophane noodles salad.

When I had a first spoon of the green curry, it immediately reminded me to the Thai food I often eat in the Thai temple back home, whenever there is a festival there. It also brought me back to  the time I used to spend in my grandma's and Mom's kitchens, as they cook Thai cuisine at home once in a while.

This is my second time dining in this restaurant, and I know it's not gonna be the last time.


Phuket Aroyna Tabeta
Marunouchi 3-7-11
Open 11:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. daily (including Sundays)
Tel/Fax: 03-5219-6099
Train Station: Yurakucho Station via Yurakucho Line (you can also walk from Ginza station via the Ginza and Hibiya lines)

To get to Phuket Aroyna Tabeta
1. Exit JR Yurakucho station at the Kyobashi (京橋) exit.
2. Turn left and cross the road. Continue walking along a small lane, underneath the JR Yamanote tracks. 
3. The restaurant is on the left, about 150-meters from JR Yurakucho station. There is a big glowing sign in front that says 630 at the top.
※ Map is here.


CLF said...

ah at Yurakucho there! my fav hangout spot lol!
will check it out next time.
anyway, there's also a yakiniku tabehodai near Ginza too.

calvin said...

@ clf:
i thought ginza is your favourite spot?
well, yakiniku isn't exactly something i love the most, but i might give it a try next time =)