Sunday, April 4, 2010

Sakura At Ueno Park

Short note: I received many comments, saying that my entries are too long. This entry would be a much shorter entry than the previous ones, and I hope you will read till the end. If you still feel it's kinda long, take a scissors and cut it shorter yourself-lah, okay? Haha!

Tokyo Sky Tree, which is still under construction on the right, and Kirin Beer building on the left, as this picture was taken along Sumida River.
I helped out as an interpreter for Kak Rahimah and Abang Hasrin during their visit to Chiba Coop and three days later, I became their tour guide. Well, not a really professional tour guide, but at least I managed to brush up my communicating and management skills, something which I enjoy quite a lot, besides the daily routine of going to school to study. So, as early as nine, I set off to met them at Weekly Mansion Asakusa in Tokyo, and met them before ten in the morning. Kak Rahimah's husband flew over here and joined her a couple of days ago. That makes four of us in total.

The initial plan was to walk around one of the must-visit site in Tokyo - Asakusa, and take pictures under the over-rated huge lantern at Kaminari-mon. However, they have gone there a day earlier, so we gave that a skip and headed to Ueno straight away.

Tokyo Spring Festival at Ueno Park.
It was a sunny Saturday, and it was the peak season for sakura viewing, as the flowers were at full bloom this weekend. As expected, the park was crowded with sea of people, that it takes more than half and hour to walk from one end to the other end of the park, which normally takes only about five minutes.

While we were wandering around the park, a Japanese guy approached us and started to express to us about the beauty of sakura, how he felt touched by its beauty and explained the few types of sakura found in Japan. When I told him that Kak Rahimah and co. don't understand Japanese, he said the only English word he knows is "beautiful" and repeated that words several times. I would say he is slightly mentally unstable from his character; besides, he just got fired recently and is currently jobless.
Had that guy to take this picture for us in front of one of the temples in Ueno Park.
Walked down the stairs to the area where sakura trees are mostly found.
Tell me how can you not get excited to see this breathtaking sight of cherry blossoms.
People having picnic under the trees; they call this hanami.
Close-up shots of sakura - #1.
Close-up shots of sakura - #2.
The blue sky makes it a perfect background for the sakura blossoms.
Had a Thai girl to take this group picture for us. I forgot how many times I kap-ed her after she took the picture for us lol!
These two ang moh being interview by NHK TV station.
After braving the thousands of people along that street, we came out safely and proceeded to Tokyo National Museum. Personally, I haven't entered this museum yet, and I do not plan to do so in the near future at least, as I am not a fan of museums. Besides, most of the exhibits are written in Japanese and I just cannot make myself to go and read the explanations. Even if I really wanna visit it, I will make sure I visit the National Museum in KL first.

So, we ended up camwhoring at the compound and the main gate of the museum only haha!

I think that ah pek on the left has a better pose than me haha!
A pond in front of the museum.
Tokyo National Museum.
In front of the main gate of the museum.
Finally, the four of us at the main gate.
An interesting banner in the park, which says - "Ueno Zoo opens (almost) daily".
We were walking towards Ameyoko when we spotted these two young ladies in kimono. Was kinda surprising to have them agree for us to take picture with them haha!
Vandalism in Japan.
"Do you wanna go to OiOi?"
Our next destination was Ameyoko, a Japanese version of Petaling Street, which is located just nearby Ueno station. Just like Ueno Park, it was also very crowded with people, which were mostly tourists.

We later proceeded to Akihabara and first of all, we had our late lunch at an Indian Pakistani restaurant, before taking them to get some gadgets at Yodobashi Camera.

Ameyoko street.
One of the main attraction here, a shop which sells rice topped with various kinds of fresh tuna.
Looking at the menus alone will surely make one spilled for choice.
Fresh tuna, sent straight from Tsukiji market in Tokyo. 
Lunch set of naan and mutton curry.
Group photo taken after our dinner together.
From Tokyo, I rushed back to Chiba to attend a welcoming party, organised by the seniors for the newly enrolled third year students. Everyone, including the seniors and my future course mates were really friendly and I guess this is something very positive, which indirectly makes me looking forward to start my university life in just a week's time.

We were exchanging phone numbers, when one of them said to me, "Wow, this is the first time I have a contact written in Romanise!" haha!


Robinn T said...

haha kap-ping a thai girl eh? u sure she doesn't have an APPLE???

gosh im really looking forward to starting a university life too... of course being able to start it in japan with enough of funds would be even better... hopefully i don't screw up my MEXT government scholarship procedure...

Calyn Ong said...

didn't know you'll use a handbag. :p btw,new sneakers?how much?get me one too okay? thanks :)

Extreme Power said...

Very nice sakura shots. Well done. Looks like harry porter leh. lol.

calvin said...

@ tempus:
the last time i checked, no, she didn't have an apple lol!

yea, just give your best shot and leave the rest to God. my principle is if something is meant for you, you will definitely get it ;)

calvin said...

@ calyn ojc:
no comment on that bag xD
nope, not really a new one. got it late last year but i only wear it lately.

calvin said...

@ extreme power:
haha, why harry potter? so random one xD

Sheryl0202 said...

I said it last year and I will say it again! the sakura is soooo lovely! Next year I have to go..Is your uni near Tokyo?

calvin said...

@ sheryl0202:
no matter how many times you see the sakura, i don't think you will ever get bored with it. i'm currently staying in chiba now, about one-hour train ride from tokyo ;)