Saturday, April 10, 2010

A New Beginning To University Life


Main gate to Chiba University.

Beginning next Monday, I will start attending lectures in university. However, I feel that this should come very much earlier than this, because I am quite sure most of my friends who are the same age as me have gone through this stage a million years ago. In fact, the majority of them either have graduated or on the verge of graduating by this time. On a slightly brighter side, I am enjoying every moment here, especially the new life in the city for a kampung (village) boy like me haha!

I digress.

The past one week has been quite a busy one for me, as I attended several guidance and orientation sessions at university, which were held specially for the newly enrolled students. I will summarise them in one shot, into a single entry. Otherwise, later people will complain that my entries are so long-winded and I sound like an aunty haha!


April 5, 2010 - 入学生・留学生特別なガイダンス (International Students' Special Guidance Session)


The program for the guidance session, where the whiteboard was decorated with sketching of sakura.


The head of the International Department, which is in-charge of the welfare of the international students, welcoming the newly enrolled international students to Chiba University.


April 6, 2010 - 普遍教養科目単位認定の結果 (Results for Credit Transfer)


Went to the Faculty of Engineering to take the results for the credit transfer interview, which I went to sit for a week ago.


The main pathway in the university, which is beautifully decorated with cherry blossom trees.


Hanami under the sakura trees in the university compound.


April 7, 2010 - 3年次編入学生ガイダンス (3rd Year Transfer Students' Guidance Session)


Welcoming speech from the the Dean of the Faculty of Engineering of Chiba University, Prof. Noguchi Hiroshi.


A simple slide to introduce the Faculty to the new students.


The lecturer who is in charge of the first year students, Prof Asanuma Hiroshi, briefing the new students.


April 8, 2010 - 千葉大学入学式 (Chiba University's Entrance Ceremony)


Long bee-line of students and parents, on their way to the venue of the entrance ceremony.


The venue of the entrance ceremony - Chiba Port Arena.


There were a few thousands of people who crowded the place in the morning, before the ceremony began, mostly busy lining up to take picture in front of a board.


Yeah, this board! It took me almost half an hour before I get to have this picture taken!


In front of the venue of the entrance ceremony.


A very common sight during any entrance ceremony for schools in Japan, the national flag on the left and the school's flag on the right.


There were about 3,000 students from four different campuses, from various faculties who were enrolled into the university.


The VIPs took their seat in front and waiting for the cue for the next event - singing the national anthem.


A message from Yasushi Sato, the President of Chiba University.


Took a group picture with some of my course mates (they're transfer students from kosen too) after the ceremony ended.


April 9, 2010 - 学部留学生ガイダンス (International Student's Guidance Session)


Had a simple guidance session for all the newly enrolled international students. The majority of them came from China and South Korea, while Malaysia has about nine students. 


On the same day, it was the day where members from the clubs and circles in the university to come out and attract new members into their clubs and circles. It was a havoc day in the university; feels like you're in a pasar malam haha!


CLF said...

was curious, what u guys did for the Intnl Students Guidance Session? Our univ dun really have such session.

sakura said...

yay! another post to read :p

ganbatte n enjoy ur university life~

Unknown said...

I still prefer your so called 'long-winded' post.:)
This is too brief for my liking. Anyway, it's just my opinion.
Keep writing ya!

akatsukiotoko said...


Calyn Ong said...

you should continue writing like how you always do.personally prefer that than this. :)

mg said...

prefer ur lame jokes back in 2008 :) <3 <3

calvin said...

@ clf:
yeah, lets work hard and have fun together!

perhaps there were just a small number of international students at your place; hence, they do not have such guidance session specially designed for the international students.

basically, they explained to us a few stuff; like some specially designed subjects that international students can sit for, scholarships applications, the functions of the room for the international students to have discussions and consultations with the lecturer-in-charged, regarding studies and life, and etc.

calvin said...

@ sakura:
were you waiting for a new post? xD
thanks a lot and same to you too!

calvin said...

@ eveleen:
hi! is this the first time for you to leave a comment here? nice to see you here!

anyway, it depends on my mood and schedule. sometimes, i am too busy, and i have no choice but to squeeze everything into a short and brief entry, although i would love to write longer like an aunty haha!

i will try to strike a better balance in the future and hope you will keep reading my blog =)

calvin said...

@ akatsukiotoko:

calvin said...

@ calyn ojc:
it seems that more people prefer me to sound like an aunty than writing a brief entry, eh? =P

calvin said...

@ michelleg:
how about the ones in 2007? the pink singlet and the spaghetti one, if you still remember that entry haha! xD

Unknown said...

Yup. I've been following your blog for quite some time. It's interesting to know a different side of Japan from a Malaysian's point of view. =)

calvin said...

@ eveleen:
i see. anyway, thanks for having an interest to follow my blog =D

and yeah, sometimes i write from my personal point of view, and it could be different from how other malaysians who are living in japan think about this place. anyway, as long as i keep the malaysian tone in my entries, i guess my readers can always relate the content to themselves, although they are living in malaysia :)

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