Thursday, April 29, 2010

Language Of The World

Short note: I was in the International Students' room yesterday afternoon, when I heard a group of Chinese students at one corner bad-mouthing the Malaysians students. They were complaining among themselves that the mouses (haha! you don't call the plural of computer's mouse as mice, do you?) and keyboards were oily, and I overheard them saying it must have come from the Malaysians. Walao-eh, the room is used by so many international students, and they suka-suka put the blame on us! They did it without realising I was listening to every single word coming out from their mouth. Perhaps they didn't know I am a Malaysian, and I understand what they were talking haha!

I just pretended to be ignorant and continued doing my work, but at the same time, I paid full attention to their conversation by letting both of my elephant ears open to hear to what they got to say about us lol! That is why it is really important to make sure you check the surrounding before talking bad about other people, especially in front of Malaysians because we understand almost any languages you speak haha! Otherwise you might end up going through an embarrassing moment like what I went through not very long time ago

Okay, this time, the short note is a tad too long lol!


An interesting modified sign pasted on the room door of one of the lecturers in the international students' room.

There is this class I attend this semester; it's called 世界の言語 or "Language Of The World". The lecturer is Mr Kanno Kenji, and what a humorous lecturer he is. Well, I guess it's the way he talks and the random phrases that come out from his mouth that never fails to make us laugh. Furthermore, he owns a really high-pitch voice, something like soprano voice like that haha!

This general subject is considered one of the hot subjects that is opened to students from all the departments, and there are about 550 students who are taking this subject. That is like five times the normal number of students for a particular subject. One of the reasons is because there isn't any exams and evaluation is based only on reports and survey we have to complete at the end of the semester. Yes, it is that simple, that prompted everyone to take this subject, including me lol!


Introducing, Mr Kanno Kenji, our favourite lecturer haha!

The first week was the worst because the atmosphere was simply chaotic. Imagine a lecture hall which fits only about two hundred students, but the number of students who wanted to take that subject was more than five hundred students. The remaining students who didn't have place to sit had to remain standing and some even had to wait outside the lecture hall. That is how bad the situation was.

Two weeks had passed, but things still hardly changed. The method on how the lecturer conducts this lecture is very simple. Attend the class every week, and he will distribute the weekly notes for us. After getting the notes, we can balik kampung tanam jagung already haha! That is when something interesting happened yesterday. One students, upon getting the notes, asked Mr Kanno if he can go back already. Guess what he said to that student?

"Please don't ask me whether you can go back or not; but please go back!" lol!


This is how packed the class is. There were still students who were left standing outside the hall.

Pity that poor guy, for getting such statement in front of hundreds of students haha! But that is considered very mild, compared to what another student went through a week ago. Back then, while the lecturer was calling out the numbers to go to the front and take their notes, one of the students mistakenly heard the wrong number. Mr Kanno was calling out for number 139, but that student's number was 239. When he realised that that student held a wrong number, he started to lament and complain in a humourous way, to the few hundreds of students in the hall about that student's cluenessness, for being unable to differentiate between the digit "1" and "2" haha!

He said to the whole class,「この人はね、KYの三乗だ!」haha wtf!
"This fella is really blur, like KY-to-the-power-of-three!"

KY stands for 空気読めない (kuki-yomenai) in Japanese language, a common term used to describe an individual who doesn't know how to read the atmosphere, or in simple word, a clueless person.


smallkucing said...

Even in Msia, people from other race know Chinese already LOL

Ken said...

Where do they think u're from?
Continue to pretend u don;t understand Chinese, so that more gossips u can get. Haha...

What a cool subject u have. Simple, light, and funny.

calvin said...

@ smallkucing:
haha, but i rarely get the chance to see the real thing. so, it was something interesting to experience xD

calvin said...

@ ken:
i'm not sure; maybe from the african safari, since i am so tall like a giraffe lol!

and yes, that is why i will pretend to understand nothing so that i could listen to more juicy stories xD