Wednesday, April 28, 2010

International Students' Welcoming Party

Short note: Tomorrow marks the beginning to the one-week long Golden Week holidays here in Japan. Several plans have been arranged, including some gatherings and trips throughout the week. Yen notes are gonna flow like the Nile from my wallet as well haha! But unfortunately, one of my lecturer is gonna replace a class on Friday afternoon O.O

This is one of the first few events in the university that I attended - a welcoming party for the newly enrolled international students to Chiba University in spring 2010. 

This party was held late yesterday evening at the university's cafeteria and was attended by more than a hundred students and staff, half of them comprising Japanese students. The atmosphere was totally different that my kosen days, where the number of international students back then was just around twenty people. If I heard correctly, the current total number of international students in Chiba University is more than one thousand students. Luckily, not all of them attended the party; otherwise there surely won't be enough space and food to accommodate everyone haha!


Pay attention on how they spelled the word "chicken". They wrote there "chiken".

I find that the welcoming party I had during my kosen days were much better, in terms of food. Back then, we had almost everything you can find in a Japanese food restaurant, plus the orgasmic deserts. Pardon my language for a moment lol! But I swear, those cakes were really good! Now, we were only served simple food - fried rice, fried chicken, fried potato wedges, salad and drinks. I'm not complaining on this, because the main purpose of this party is to mingle around and know new friends from different countries, and have a good time together.

And what a great time we had; it got to the extend that we got our food stolen by people who came from other table. Yes, you guess it right. Those Chinese from the mainland are sometimes more kiasu than we Malaysians, when it comes to food. Or should I say, free food. Every table was served with an equal amount of food, and I don't understand why should they pay an unfriendly visit to our table and help us to finish up our fried chicken.


The common language used during the party was of course, Japanese language.

I digress and shall leave the fried chicken story to rest and move on to something more interesting. Well, I find that the Japanese in university are generally more open-minded and friendly when it comes to dealing with the international students, compared to the Japanese in kosen. I am not sure why, perhaps it has to do with their age, since most of the students in the university are in their early twenties already. Besides that, most of them join various international cultural exchange clubs in the university, and that might have changed the way they look at us.

I was quite surprised that before the party started, I was approached by a group of Japanese girls and we started chatting. Personally, I consider that as a huge success because firstly, I am an alien (Japanese generally don't talk to strangers that easily, especially if you're foreigners), and secondly, they ignored the fact that I am such a Godzilla-sized creature and put that fear aside, and came to talk to me haha!


Lydia from Macedonia, a Brazilian chick, a Chinese boy, a Japanese guy, Tommy from Laos, Sarah from New Orleans in America (she said I look like 24-25 years-old =.=), a Korean and Chinese girls, another Chinese guy and Japanese guy, a Turkish guy in blue jacket and one of the Japanese staff standing at far right.

At least the Japanese in university knows a little about Malaysia, although the first thing that they mentioned about Malaysia was that it produces rubber. I know rubber is no longer our main source of income, but it is still so much better than the question I was asked  not very long time ago. I was once asked if Malaysians still live on trees! That is how well our country is known globally sometimes haha!

I was talking to another student from the Pharmacy department, who is from the Philippines. He is a mixed; his dad is a Chinese and his mom is a local Filipino. He commented about the unique English we speak, as he has a Malaysian friend in his faculty. He notices that when we talk to foreigners, especially to ang moh, we would try our best to talk with that slang to imitate the Queen's English, which sounds weird most of the time, and we often fail miserably haha! On the other hand, when we are talking among ourselves, we would turn back to our famous Manglish that we are all proud of lol!


The group photo at the end of the party. Thanks for reading this short entry.


Chung Min said...

ohor...the shortest entry...haha

Kae Vin said...

wow, short, concise, precise and compact!

I like it!

and you didn't mention how the mainland Chinese badmouthed Malaysian? :P

calvin said...

@ chung min:
haha! a very sarcastic comment lol! =P

calvin said...

@ kae vin:
i worked so hard to produce this short, concise, precise and compact entry, specially for you. aren't you feeling touched now? xD

the short incident about the mainland Chinese will be mentioned in the next entry ;)