Tuesday, April 13, 2010

First Day In School


This photo was taken on the day the entrance ceremony was held, on April 8, 2010.

You know what, the title of this entry reminds me of those days when I was younger, especially the first day I went to my primary school. Honestly, I cannot recall vividly already how it went back then. But my Mom teaches in a primary school, and I often follow her on the orientation day for the fresh Standard One students. Most often than not, I could see many kinds of pattern put up by the kids. Some look happy and excited to see new friends, some look worried, but checking out for their parents from the window every two-point-seven seconds, some look like they had constipation from their face expression, because they were trying hard not to cry haha!

So, it was the same thing for me yesterday, as classes in university has started.  Starting a new life in a new atmosphere, new environment, new people, and hopefully, new dreams and new hope as well. The difference is of course, I didn't cry-lah haha! However, the sky cried because it rained in the morning lol!

There are certainly few differences between the life in kosen (technical college) and university. Among the first few things we had to do was to make our own time table, which I am still in the process of trying to come out with the best arrangement. After drafting up the timetable, the next step would be to register the subjects and for my school, we do it online. That is why I was early to school yesterday, although my first class only started after lunch time.


Prof. Koyama Hideo showing some experiements involving a wooden block and a spring.

First class was 塑性力学 (Plastic Dynamics), and it was a coincidence that the professor was Prof. Koyama Hideo, the same lab that I mentioned I wanna enter next year, during the university entrance exam mid-last year. He brought a huge paper bag, containing many kinds of tools like spring, wooden block, dash-port, rubber stick, etc, all to be used during the lecture. That reminded me of Doraemon's pocket, which is always full of interesting stuff lol!

Another interesting class was 工業数学I (Applied Mathematics for Engineering I), where that lecturer used a electronic touch-screen conputer to write down his notes. According to him, he didn't wanna turn his back when he writes notes on the blackboard, and he wanna see our faces while he is giving us notes. I think this lecturer loves his students a lot lol!


Prof. Mikami Fumihiko, with his own lecture style. Problem is that he writes damn fast and go according to his own pace.

Nevertheless, I feel that this method is quite high-tech. Maybe because I came from a small town and not exposed to this kind of technology that often lol! I just wonder, is this method used in other places as well, say in local universities in Malaysia, or perhaps, in other countries? While almost (almost, because I could hear some snoring sound coming from behind my seat lol!) everyone was putting so much effort in copying down his notes, he told us that he would upload that same note for us to download at the end of the class =.=

One thing I miss now is the end of each classes. Until my kosen years, the class monitor would stand up and we will say arigatou gozaimashita when our class ended, but now, everyone would just stand up and walk out from the classroom.


*Updated: This was how the 数値計算法 (Numerical Calculation Method) class on the second day looked like. It was super full that there were quite a number of people who had to remain standing. In the end, the lecturer asked us to move to a much spacious lecture hall.

I guess this is part of university life.

By the way, I realised that there are a few Malaysians who attend the same class with me. I had a short chat with Z and Syahirah, whom both are in the third year as well. Syahirah comes from Parit Buntar, which is just half-an-hour drive from Taiping. How small this world can be. 

It was already almost six but it was still raining when the last class ended. As usual, I walked to the nearest train station - Midoridai station and take the train back to Inage. It's actually one station away and the ride takes only two minutes haha! I came back and checked the postbox, and I saw a huge brown envelope. From the writing, I knew straight away that it was from Mom!


I hope this time, it wasn't one whole box of red candles (half-inside joke) haha!

No prize for guessing what's inside, because it contained my birthday present. It was supposed to be a surprise, but my Mom is the worst when it comes to keeping surprises as secrets haha! Even when I Skype with her the last few times, she has dropped me tons of hints that she was gonna send me something. What thing, I had no idea though.

The only thing I was sure, is that that present was gonna reach late haha! When it arrived, it was almost one week late!


A white Body Glove T-shirt and a birthday card, which looks more like a Chinese New Year card lol!

One funny but stupid message in the card was from my sister, who wrote there as a post-script: "Faster thank me for choosing the shirt! I figured you must be in need of a white tee since you STOLE my Calvin/Snoopy tee :D" 

Haha! Useless-lor that fella. The other day, she said I look malnourished; that is why everyone sent me cookies as my birthday presents. Now, she wanna bring up the story of me stealing her Snoopy tee lol! But one thing I am grateful for is that, at least they didn't send me another parcel full of cookies haha!

While waiting for Cung to finish his work, I bathed and freshen-up myself, before we went shopping at LalaPort Tokyo Bay. We went for dinner at Saizeriya first, because we were super hungry already, and also because we thought the shopping mall won't be closed that early. Horror of horrors, after we finished our dinner, we walked to the entrance of the mall only to see a board being put up, which said that the shopping mall was closed already. It was only eight plus at that time. Both of us really za-dao-ed-lor, and Cung was complaining and cursing our luck the whole time we were on our way back home, because we went all the way there just for a plate of spaghetti lol!

He wasn't satisfied with that and swore that he's gonna go there again tonight lol!


K3ViN said...

Haha a present from ur family... better that nothing but ur sister kinda cute lor :P

calvin said...

@ k3vin:
yeah, at least it is something which is not food stuff lol!

Baguette Queen said...

Wah, I noticed blackboards from your classrooms! It's been some time since I've seen one. Ehm we usually use projector here back home la. Or transparency by the more lau beh lecturers lol

calvin said...

@ baguette queen:
yup, i was a little surprised to when i first came to japan and see their universities and technical colleges still stick to using blackboards in classrooms, although we have this image that japan is such a developed country.

it much depends on the lecturers too. some prefer to use projector and also transparency during their lectures :)