Friday, April 9, 2010

Cookie Themed Birthday

Short note: Pardon me for my absence, or should I say MIA from the WWW for several days. Although it was my birthday two days ago, I've been busy attending a few guidance sessions and events at the university, and before I can even take a rest, classes gonna start next Monday =.=

Today, I've lived for 23 years and two days.

On the eve of my birthday, Cung invited his Taiwanese friend, Pei Jing to come over to our place to have dinner together. So, this is the third party we have had in our place since I moved in a month ago. Main dish of the night was nasi lemak, but too bad anchovies (ikan bilis) was out of stock, so I used mackerel that has being sleeping in the freezer for more than a week (inside joke) to make spicy asam fish, which was too hot for Cung, but Pei Jing said she loved it haha!


Nasi lemak (the rice isn't inside this picture), spicy asam fish, fried chicken, and salad.


Group picture before dinner.

One interesting thing when I chat with Pei Jing is the language barrier, which sometimes makes a situation turned awkward, yet hillarious. Some of you guys should know how fluent I am in Mandarin, so to add that to the Taiwanese slang that Pei Jing has (which sometimes I have no idea at all what she is talking about lol!), so we often have to turn to Cung to be our middle-man interpreter haha!

That made Pei Jing wondered and asked us, whether Cung and I came from the same country, and if we were born in two completely different generations haha wtf!


Dinner at Saizeriya - Margherita pizza, Aglio e Olio (a kind of Italian pasta dish), seafood gratin, spicy fried chicken, and focaccia; it was a treat from both of them.

April 7th, 2010 in Chiba was a moody day. The weather was kinda gloomy and it rained almost the whole day. There was a guidance session for the newly enrolled students in university in the morning, and besides that, there was nothing special; it was just another day spent at home. On that night, I joined Cung and Pei Jing for dinner at an Italian restaurant - Saizeria.

Nevertheless, I gotta thank you guys who had sent me gifts, left messages at my Facebook wall, and also the messages to my phone.

124 wishes at FACEBOOK;
7 messages to PHONE;
5 presents from GIRLFRIEND & FRIENDS;
1 phone call;
1 candle from MOM.

Here comes the long list of wishes on my Facebook Wall. Like what my cousin, Jarret said, I'm sure it's because, I quote, "Facebook told me its your b'day. Happy*fill gap with desired age* Birthday!". Nevertheless, I truly appreciate each and every wishes that you guys left on my wall.

Please take note that the newest messages are at the top.















The presents mostly came in the form of food, or more specifically, cookies. Chocolates, cookies, snack, biscuits! I don't know, but perhaps you people have already pakat-ed to send me similar stuff on my birthday haha! Haha, how am I gonna maintain my weight-lah like that? The wallet from Cung was the only non-food product I got as present lol!

Picture order is according to the time I received the presents.


1. Chocolate chunk and Cookie Monster from Kok Hong.


2. Wallet from Tough and a Cookie Monster-themed birthday card from Cung. He kept telling me that he regretted for buying such an expensive present for me after that haha wtf!


A parcel from New Zealand. Guess what's inside?


3. Chocolates and Easter eggs from baby, all the way from Christchurch. There's also a hand-made birthday card inside!


4. Golden biscuits rusk from Kanazawa and some walnut biscuits from Macau, by Shei Pien, who address me as an uncle already haha wtf!


5. Pringles and cookies from Pei Jing.

On that night, I was Skyping with my Mom but she disappeared halfway.

When she came back, she was holding a red long candle, and started singing the Birthday song to me. That was quite a random act, and it sorta surprised me also! If I'm asked who is the person I am most thankful for on my birthday, it's gonna be Mom for sure.

Screen shot 2010-04-07 at 9.29.20 PM.png

Aiyo Mom, why-lah you used the candle for praying one lol! 

I didn't had the chance to say it to my Mom on that night, but if it's not for her who went through the pain and agony twenty-three years ago, I wouldn't have the chance to see this beautiful world, and set my foot in Japan. Thank you Mom!


K3ViN said...

Haha tat really a long post..... Hope u enjoy ur bird day then..... Ur mom really creative lor.... but better than nothing lor :P

Baby^Girl said...


Calyn Ong said...


p/s uhuh why your pressie all food punya?do you look that malnourished ar? :p

akatsukiotoko said...


遅れてごめんね。HAPPY 23!!!

sakura said...

wow~looks like u had a great 1 :)

ur mom's so sweet.. n lol at ur sis(?)'s comment.. tat's funny :p

Roshmi Sinha said...

Hi! I'm from India... have been reading your posts for a while now. You write well... with a dash of humour. Keep going!

Here's wishing you a very Happy B'day! A little belated though...

But given all the food and cookies you received... I'm sure you had a tasty b'day too :)

I agree with the last para. Totally. You owe your very existence to your mom. We all owe it to our moms.

In my country we have a saying: "Janani janmabhoomischa swargadwapi gariyasi..."

It is in the sanskrit language... and means "the mother is higher than the motherland, even greater than heaven".

Sheryl0202 said...

Happy Belated Birthday!

Your mom is so sweet... :)

mg said...

of course wont dare to win ur mom haha... lol <3 <3

Kae Vin said...

Happy Birthday

and sorry I totally forgot about it.

Lost track of time already.

At least I am honest.

wait, it's April already? OMG~!

Candlelyn said...

happy birthday!

i also wanna see how many birthday wishes in ur blog too~haha~

calvin said...

@ k3vin:
i think it was because of the long list of messages from facebook haha! yeah, it was a sweet gesture from my mom xD

calvin said...

@ baby^girl:
お母さん可愛いでしょう xD

calvin said...

@ calyn ojc:
cute right? haha, never know she can be this creative lol!

malnourished your head! it's just a coincidence that everyone sent me food stuff =.=

calvin said...

@ akatsukiotoko:
it's alright. thanks for the wish! =D

calvin said...

@ sakura:
well, it was not bad =)

yeah, they love to bully me a lot since last time haha!

calvin said...

@ roshmi sinha:
hi roshmi! thanks for reading my blog and i hope you will continue to enjoy my future entries!

and also thanks for the birthday wish! it's okay to be a little late hehe. i think i need some time to finish up all the cookies, chocolates, and snacks lol!

wow, you know sanskrit. actually my grandpa is from sri lanka and he understands the language ;)

calvin said...

@ sheryl0202:
thanks, and yeah, she is sweet and funny =D

calvin said...

@ michelleg:
as long as you don't ask stupid questions lol!

calvin said...

@ kae vin:
nah, it's alright. i love your honestly xD

yeah, time flies and i somehow feel like the older we are, the faster time moves >.<

calvin said...

@ candlelyn:
thanks. haha, so far there are ten comments and it might still increase xD

MeLia said...

Nice mum .. ever... they are cute in different way..
Take care~

~Live Life~ said...

HAHAHA...saw ur confession to KV...

Eh...happy birthday to you too! honestly too...

i think the fact that you like cookies is not a coicindence then?

calvin said...

@ melia:
haha! you wouldn't expect a mom to do that, would you? anyway, thanks and same to you too :)

calvin said...

@ ~live life~:
lol! i love his honestly, not the person =P

thanks and yeah, they don't call me cookie monster for no reason haha!