Saturday, April 17, 2010

A Belated Good Friday

Short note: It is already heading towards the middle of April now, but the weather still remains like winter time. In fact, I heard that there are a few places in the northern part of Honshu island, where it snowed this morning. Damn crazy, isn't it? Chiba isn't an exception either, because the highest temperature in these few days never get beyond ten degree Celsius!

I mentioned in the previous entry that I was gonna go Korean or Indian for my lunch yesterday. In the end, I was in a rush on my way to school, and I just made do with one piece of onigiri haha! First class was after lunch break and it was 機械振動学 (Mechanical Vibration Study) by Prof. Nonami Kenzo. I first heard the name of this professor from my senior, James, who heaped tons of praises on him, telling me what an good and smart (I wonder if there is any lecturer who isn't smart, i.e. stupid lol!) lecturer he is, and how students would compete with each other just to get into the lab of this professor. From a quick search, I found out that he was a member of the research team at NASA. How cool is that!

So, I thought this professor must be someone special, and I'm glad to come across such lecturer. After attending the first lecture with him, it was exactly what James told me before this. The students who were in the classroom exceeded the classroom's capacity, and there were a number of students who had to remain standing. Then, Prof. Nonami came in and started off with giving some brief introduction about the subject. He saw a full-house in the classroom and told the forth year students, who had taken this subject last year and failed, that it is fine if they don't take this subject again lol! Even so, everyone were stubborn and insisted to take this subject, that nobody walked out from the classroom.

However, Prof. Nonami said that the number shall decrease after a few lectures lol!


Prof. Nonami, halfway during his lecture. One of the rare time when I didn't go into wonderland during lecturers haha!

He then showed us a pile of papers, which was actually a hand-written draft of a text book that he wrote it himself. According to him, other textbooks in bookstores aren't that good and the one he wrote himself is easier to understand lol! But the problem is, he is too busy that that textbook can only be published around August this year. Lecture for that subject will end by that time because it would already be our summer break haha! So, he will photocopy the current draft and distribute to us next month.

Guess what, he taught us a method to get good grades in exam, if we happen not to be ready to sit for exams. Some students, they decided not to sit for exam because they were too busy and didn't have enough time to prepare for a particular paper. So, they purposely fail themselves by not taking the exam. To make up for that, they will sit for the same subject again next year, and this time, they will give their best to get an A. If they succeeded in doing so, the past record of  them failing that same paper the previous year would be deleted, and in their result slip, it will be recorded that they get A for that subject. On another hand, some students isn't exactly prepared to sit for that paper, and in result, they get a C the first time. In this situation, they cannot take the same subject anymore the next year, and their result will remain as C.

The moral of the story is, fail yourself if you're not prepared to sit for an exam haha!


Topic of the day was "Immunity", by Dr. Nakajima Hiroshi.

The second class was 現代医学  (Modern Medical Science), which was conducted by the lecturers from the Medical Faculty of Chiba University. In this class, the number of students was even more; there were almost 500 students in that lecture hall! For someone who is afraid of seeing blood like me, it might sound funny why I chose this class. Besides, what Engineering has to do with Medicine, right? The main reason I suppose why there are so many students chose this class is because there is no exams, and we will be evaluated through our attendances and reports at the end of the semester.

Halfway during the lecture, I noticed several students who went back, right after slipping their students' card through the card reader! Maybe I should consider doing that next time haha!


It was a raining day but blood donation campaign continued.

I only have two lectures on Friday, but I dropped by the make-shift tent near the cafeteria, which was set up for blood donation.

This is my second time donating blood in Japan, my first time was about one-and-a-half year ago, back in Nagaoka Kosen. The campaign has been going on for a couple of days but on both days, I forgot to bring along my blood donation card. As I am no longer a first-time donor, I got to skip the registration procedures and went straight to the simple check-up with a doctor, who has a set of mustache and beard that even Karpal Singh would be proud of haha!


The nurse was in the red jacket, while the doctor sits on the right.


My blood donation card and the five simple steps for blood donation.


I think people who has O-blood group has the best karma because our blood can be used by all human being haha!


The bus which was turned into a place to have our blood taken.

Unlike my first time donating blood, the nurses in that bus this time weren't that cute. So, that kinda disappointed me lol! However, the nurse who attended me was really friendly and kept on asking me if I'm okay, and if I feel any pain. Almost ten percent of my blood in my body was taken in less than ten minutes and I returned to that tent to have some rest.

In that corner, they have prepared some drinks and snacks for the donor after completing the donation process. I'm not sure if this practice is common in Malaysia, but indeed it was a gesture that makes us feel appreciated. While I have my card to be recorded, one of the staff returned my card with some goodies.


Rest corner.


Plasters, Hello Kitty tissue paper, food coupon worth 300 yen, a mechanical pencil, and a Hello Kitty phone strap.


Umbrellas everywhere.

On my way back home, the main entrance to the university was crowded with students. Apparently, they were representatives from different kinds of clubs and circles, who gathered there to guide the new members, before going to nearby restaurants for their welcoming parties.

Later that night, I went to Pei Jing's house with Cung to feed her guinea pigs, because she was away to Tokyo and had nobody to feed them.


Those two behind die die wanna steal their neighbour food haha!


This is Cookie, because the fur looks like cookie, according to Pei Jing.


Take a break, have a sip of water lol!

I wanted to carry them, but when it comes to furry animals, I am one of the weakest person around. So, I just tickle them, that's all haha!


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