Thursday, March 18, 2010

University Entrance Procedure & Visa Renewal

Short talk: Two mild earthquakes within the first five days since I came to Chiba. I think earthquakes love to follow me wherever I go lol!
I mentioned in the previous entry that it has been such a busy week over the past seven days, that I hardly had time to breathe. On the next day after attending the meeting in Yokohama, Cung and I went out for shopping. It was more to window-shopping actually, as we came back buying nothing lol! However, at least I took my ID photos for my university entrance's application form; so, that made the outing sounds like a worthwhile one afterall haha!
Dinner was home-cooked meal, and although the vege was kinda failure, don't let the appearance deceive you. It seriously tasted not bad-lor!
mushroom, carrot and chicken in oyster sauce, with miso soup and white rice.

The next day, I joined Bao Cong and Wee Kien to settle our university entrance stuff at the main campus in Nishi-Chiba. I think Chiba University is the only university that requires the students to be present at the university to settle the entrance procedures. Students from other universities just have to pay their entrance fees at the nearest bank and that's it. Seriously, I don't see the rational behind this weird system; perhaps Chiba University just wanna appear to be too smart.
Instead of sounding like someone whose hobby is to complain, I guess I should look on the brighter side. On a more positive note, we already hand-up the application forms for credit transfers for the subjects we have taken in technical colleges during the entrance procedure. If our application got approved, we would be exempted from taking similar subjects again in the university. The number of credits we gonna get transferred depends on our interview's result (yes, we have to sit for interview some more!) and the documents we handed up; the result will come out early next month.
Main entrance to Chiba University.
The Faculty of Engineering is just right in front.
Managed to locate the building without getting lost like the other day lol!
I was there first, and was later joined by Bao Cong and Wee Kien shortly afterwards. We thought that we would be able to settle everything immediately, as we were the third person in the queue. But then, problem arose. We only paid the university entrance fees beforehand, and not the tuition fees because all this while, tuition fees are to be settled between the Malaysian Embassy and the university. But that lady from the Students' Affairs Department told us a Malaysian student (you know who) had come on the previous day, and he had paid the tuition fees. We insisted on that matter and requested her to reconfirm with the embassy. She asked us to wait at a corner, while he went to check again with the embassy.
So, from being among the first to arrive there, we ended up being among the last people to be done with the entrance procedure. The exact thing actually happened to a Moroccan student as well, and the four aliens sat there, inviting weird stares from curious Japanese students =.= After waiting for about thirty minutes, she ran back to us, told us that she had gotten the confirmation from the embassy, and we could proceed with the rest of the procedure.
Apa Kabar! You wanna cut your hair? Haha!

This six-storey building is built solely for parking!

We settled everything by ten plus in the morning and we went to house-visit three houses - Bao Cong and Wee Kien's future house, James's house (which was in the same building), and finally mine. Took a rest at my house before going out for lunch, which was at a Chinese restaurant. Yes, again, it's Chinese food!
My plan on the next day was to get a stamp on the visa application form from the university, and to go to the Immigration Bureau to apply for my visa extension. Since I had the whole day to do both stuff, I decided to walk to the university, which wasn't that far from my house. Thirty-minute walk on a sunny day isn't that far, is it?
Keisei Line, which runs just behind my house.

This is a different entrance from the previous day; this one is just opposite JR Nishi-Chiba Station.

The university celebrated its 60th anniversary last year.

A couple of pictures inside the campus.

It's still early spring; hence the trees are still without leaves.

I didn't have to wait for long to get my forms stamped, as I got it done within five minutes and from the Academic Affairs Group of the Engineering Faculty. Later, I walked to the city to take the monorail to the Immigration, located nearby Chiba Port.
One thing that I notice when I'm out in the city is the frequency of spotting airplanes flying up the sky. Narita International Airport is located next to Chiba city, so, that is why there are so many airplanes. I know it's a bit like jakun-lah, but was I was a little boy, I always looked up the sky in awe and tell people next to me that there's an airplane or helicopter in the sky, whenever I spot them. And I still do that now haha!
Saw the plane?

This is the infamous monorail in Chiba. Infamous because the fares are damn expensive! I didn’t post this picture upside down, the train are built to be like that.

The interior of the monorail, which looks just like any other trains.

Stopped at the last station - Chiba Minato, in which I later realized that I should've have gotten down at one station earlier =.=

Walked pass Minato Park on my way to do my visa.

The place I was heading to was just nearby and I decided to walk there, instead of forking out another few hundred yens, just for a less-than-one-minute ride on the monorail. Good thing that is was a sunny day; in fact it was slightly hotter than I expected and I think this is the first time I sweated since last year, I think lol!
I thought I arrived at the right location at Chiba City Office but when I went in, I couldn't find the Immigration Bureau. I rechecked the address which I jotted down earlier and indeed, it was the wrong location. I don't know why but since I moved to the new place, my sense of direction which I'm quite proud of, seemed to have taken a 180-degree turn haha!
Chiba City Office.

Chiba Chuo Community Centre.

Finally, arrived at the place I wanted to go after going through a mini Amazing Race lol!

Rare times where you see the aliens outnumbered the Japanese in Japan.

First thing was to take the numbers first, but I still have like 100 people ahead of me when I took my numbers! Crazy!

The Immigration people certainly have some sense of humour. So many people-hor?

I thought I could kill some time by filling the forms and buy the stamps required for the visa application, but after I was done with the forms, there were still like ninety people waiting for their turns, ahead of me! So, I sat down and brain-stormed for a while, trying to figure out what else I could do to kill more time.
Easy-peasy - I decided to have my lunch.
Simple bento set, to fill my hungry stomach as I only had a light breakfast on that morning.

I returned to the waiting area and the number still looked to be moving slower than a snail. The average speed of a snail is 10m/hour (I think, haha!), but this one was like 0.1person/minute! It was that time I started to complain to myself, why-lah there has to be so many aliens in Chiba haha!
Bao Cong, who was there as well, decided not to wait anymore; he would go there on another day. As for me, I decided to go back home first, take some rest, and go back to the Immigration Bureau later. It was a wise decision, as I went do some shopping and take some rest at home for a good couple of hours. When I returned to the Immigration, there were still 20 numbers to go. It was already five plus at that time; the Immigration staffs looked tired and didn't really bother to smile to the customers anymore. Something rare as Japan is famous for its excellent customer services.
Fortunately for me, of the 20 numbers remaining, almost half of them had given up waiting and gone back. Every time I saw the staff pressed the button to proceed to the next number, I said quietly in my heart, "Yes, press some more, the more, the better!" haha! Finally, after waiting for more than an hour, my #161 appeared on the screen. The process was actually a simple one, about ten minutes, but it took me more than three hours of waiting. It could have been six hours, if I stayed there waiting for the whole day.
Keisei Shinchiba Station.

On my my back, I lost my way again! It was dark already and I found myself not being able to locate Keisei Shinchiba Station when I got out from the Immigration. Luckily, one man was heading to the same station and he gave me the directions.
Reached home in one piece, but what a day it was!


Robinn T said...

ahahahahaha APA KABA~~~

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~Live Life~ said...

That's one heck of a parking "flat"!

Lost again...haha!

CLF said...

aiyo lost again at last hahaha.
Keisei line eh, there's one station near my previous place. only use it if wanna goto the airport or Ueno heh.

calvin said...

@ tempus:
wow, your japanese textbook teaches malay language too? cool!

calvin said...

@ ~live life~:
haha, it is a common sight in japan to spot these parking "flats" lol!

yeah, i seriously have no idea why i'm so poor with directions lately >.<

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@ clf:
that's why. i hope you better bring your compass along when we meet up, if you don't wish to get lost with me haha!

yup, that's nippori station. used to take train from that station to the airport last time ;)