Monday, March 29, 2010

House Warming Party

Short note: It is gonna be April in a couple of days and guess what? It snowed in Chiba tonight! I guess we need to have Earth Hour as often as every month from now onwards, to cure the sick Earth.
Sorry for the lack of updates. I've been busy going out for continuous days this week, that even Michelle has said to me that I hardly spend time with her lately. I know it is hard on the relationship, but I guess everything should be fine.
Anyway, back to the main topic of this entry, there were two house warming parties in my new place over the week. The first one was almost a week ago, when Shei Pien and Cliff came over to our place. Shei Pien crashed over here for several days before returning to Kanazawa, as she had just returned from Malaysia. As for Cliff, he came over because we planned to go Disneyland together on the next day. But unfortunately, the plan to visit Mickey and friends was canceled at the last minute, due to the bad weather, and also because we woke up at eleven on that morning haha!
The menu for the first party.
The reason of me writing down the menu is because I was afraid I would forget what I planned to cook haha wtf! If you know me well enough, then you should know that I have this tendency to forget things quickly. Very quickly, in fact lol!
Nasi lemak didn't make it into the menu in the end, because of time factor, and also because I couldn't find coconut milk in the supermarket.
Fried mee hoon, curry chicken, gyoza, and fried rice which was a failed case 'coz the rice turned out to be almost like porridge haha!
Shei Pien, with the bear family lol! She went for a kimono test-wear-cum-photography session earlier that day, which explains why her hair look more beautiful than usual.
The group picture, taken before we attacked the food. See, we are damn patriotic-lor, got hang the Jalur Gemilang on the wall some more haha!
Three of us were busy surfing the net, while Cliff had no choice but to watch the TV haha wtf!
The two sampats, holding their soft toys, Skyping with each other from a distance of less than one meter haha wtf!
The desert of the night, from Harbs nearby Shinjuku, sponsored by Shei Pien.
Desert-cutting session.
The next morning, we woke up and it was super cold. The rain, which started since the previous night, didn't stop and as it was almost noon already, we reluctantly canceled our Disneyland plan. Yes, there goes my childhood dreams - to visit Disneyland sigh. Double sigh.
To make up for that, I used up the ingredients I found in the kitchen, and came out with these.
French toast, topped with cheese, to go with teh tarik on a chilly morning. Damn best!
Did I say there were two parties? Yes, since it is so cold lately, I think we ought to do as many house warming parties as possible, to make the house warmer haha wtf! So, two days later, we decided to have another makan session. This time however, there were only three of us, as Cliff has gone back to his place in Saitama. Shei Pien was supposed to go out to meet her friend in Tokyo, but her friend put airplane on her at the eleventh hour haha! Hence, she returned home and both of us went out to buy the ingredients for that night's party in the afternoon.
This time, there were slightly more food than the first party. Five types of dishes; so, it's actually just one dish more than the first party haha. But then, there were two rounds of deserts. Haha, lesser people, but more food. Typical Malaysians; nobody will beat us when it comes to food lol!
Menu for the second party. This was cincai-ly written down actually, after we finished cooking.
Tom yam sweet and sour prawns, harumaki (Japanese spring roll), Oyster sauce spice chicken, fried butter potatoes, bean sprout with hot moyashi sauce from Ippudo.
Banana, wrapped in spring roll's skin, and then deep-fried, by Shei Pien. Japanese style pisang goreng, perhaps?
Sakura jelly, clover honey pudding and cheese tarts.
A group photo before makan session started.
We are currently planning to do a third party, and anyone who is interested to join, please drop us a line thank you.


CLF said...

hahahah great cook you are!
hopefully I can make it for this Sat's! :D

calvin said...

@ clf:
hehe, that's nothing, compared to what i usually cook haha! when my cooking mood is back, then we can have a much bigger party!
tell me if you can make it and we can have another crazy session xD

Calyn Ong said...

i spotted two duffy-s. i thought it's super expensive? btw,your french toast looks more like roti telur to me. why,french toast more high class is it? :D

Robinn T said...

whoa you really can cook man!!!


I really wanna be in you shoes!!!!

calvin said...

@ calyn ojc:
there are three of them as a matter of fact - duffy, shellie may, and a smaller baby duffy.

yes, of course. if i call my breakfast roti telur, nobody would pay attention to it one haha!

calvin said...

@ tempus:
well, you can, if you have the interest xD

Unknown said...

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