Monday, March 22, 2010

Graduation Research Final Presentation

Short note: This entry was supposed to be posted a month ago, but like usual, there were too many pending posts I had to post up first. So, here it is, the long-over-due entry of my graduation research presentation.

My research lab is affiliated to the current popular Japanese drama, Bloody Monday haha!
Similar to any technical colleges all around Japan, we are required to do a graduation research, more commonly known as 卒研 (sotsuken) in Japanese, as a compulsory ticket for us to graduate. I might be wrong here, but I guess it is similar to those Final Year Projects (FYP), which most local university students have to do on their final year before they graduate.
By now, I suppose everybody are done with their research, presented their final presentation, and submitted their thesis. In fact, I guess the graduation ceremony for everyone should be finished by now. I did my mid-term presentation last October and three months later, it was the time to present the result of the research that we have been doing since the beginning of the year.
Electromechanical testing machine by INSTRON, used when we conduct experiments.
Some of the additional equipments used during experiments.
Colourful strain gauges. Stick these on your chest and you can count your heartbeat easily haha wtf!
The experimental results.

I am not gonna waste everyone's time by giving a detailed information about what research I did, mainly because I doubt anyone will understand it, or should I say, nobody is gonna be interested to know about it haha! Anyway, let me briefly explain my research, themed 「モード I, Vノッチを有する板の Mindlin 曲げ理論による一般化応力拡大係数の決定」(Determination of Generalized Stress Intensity Factors in V-Notched Plates Under Mode I by Using Mindlin Plate Bending Theory).
One of the most basic requirements in the fracture mechanics in the knowledge of the singular character of the stress field near the crack tip. Imagine a thin plate which has a V-notch in one of the plate's sides. Force is then added to the both end of the plate, and the stress occurred around the V-notch area is calculated. Subsequently, the Generalised Stress Intensity Factor (GSIF) for the plate is calculated using two methods - Finite Element Method (FEM) and strain gauge, through experiments.
One might wonder, what is the purpose and importance of determining the GSIF. In simple words, knowing the value of GSIF would determine whether a crack would occur when a certain load or force is acted upon a material. It will also let us know to which direction will the crack occurs, if it happens.
Cutting the mesh using ANSYS, a computer software.
Ohh hi! Camwhoring inside Kondo's Lab haha!
I was combined with another lab member, a Japanese student-cum-my classmate, Inaniwa Shota as my partner to do the same research right after we came back from our summer break last October. The reason given by Prof. Kondo was that the lab was lacking in computers back then. Hence, it would be hard for us if we continue to do our research individually through computer sharing. Just recently however, when we were having a chat with Prof. Kondo, one of the lab members mentioned to him that the computers in the lab is getting ancient.
Prof. Kondo's immediate reply was, "Since there are still some budget left for this year, how about getting a new set of computer? And a laser printer too, if necessary."
Duty-roaster to throw the rubbish from the lab.
Resting corner, where we get to make coffee and tea when we have our breaks. Some labs are even better; they have stove, oven, and even a TV set some more!

So, a week after that, a new set of computer and printer arrived. Yes, that Bloody Monday set of computer in the first picture above haha!
To be honest, there are a lot of stuff I wanna complain about my partner, but I think I shall just save them. To those whom I have tell the story to, I did that just because I really need to rant out. I guess the rantings should stop now, and I don't plan to spread it any more. Nothing is gained by talking bad about other people behind their back. Anyway, in conclusion, I saw the ugly side of the Japanese. Saying that doesn't mean every Japanese are like that, neither am I making personal attack on him. Lets just say I didn't really enjoyed what I did for the second half of the year, especially the final few weeks.
Lets just leave that story to rest, and proceed to the presentation day, which is supposed to be the main thing I wanted to blog in this entry.
2009 Department of Mechanical Engineering - Graduation Research Presentation.
Ikeda Sensei giving some final briefings before the event began.
Yoshino Sensei, the Head of the Department of Mechanical Engineering, gave his opening speech.
Yan Kuang and Tonsho, were among the MC and time-keeper of the day.
リラクしてネ♡。発表ガムバッテ♡ (Rirakusu-shite-neHappyou gamubatte♡). An interesting scribblings behind the presentation hall by a few classmates.

The final presentation, held on the final week of February, was spread over two days. I was lucky to be placed on the morning session of the first day, as I could finish everything up early. Each of us were required to present our year-long work and results for ten minutes, and another four minutes of Q&A session, which everyone feared the most. That's because some lecturers can be really heartless that they ask ridiculous questions that nobody can answer.
Good thing that most of the lecturers in my faculty are nice people, so at least we were less worried.
Getting the slide ready before we started our presentation. I presented the first half of the slides, while my partner did the latter half.
Here we go. Introducing the research title.
Giving a brief introduction about the research we did.
Instead of clicking the keyboards, we get a remote to control the slides.

There were more than one hundred people in the room, but I just concentrated to my presentation, without looking to the people in front haha!
This presentation session was attended by every lecturers from the Department of Mechanical Engineering, including a few lecturers from Nagaoka University of Technology, plus the juniors in the forth year as well. Imagine talking in front of these people! Horror of all horrors, I tell you haha! So, no matter how perfect one has prepared and practised prior to the big day, everyone is still sure to have butterflies, plus grasshoppers and lizards too, if you like, inside their stomach.
Fortunately, I was glad that I did my part smoothly, even better than my practice sessions, in fact.
Toyama, one of my classmates who did a good job in his presentation. He was voted as one of the best presenters this year.
Matsuya, our class monitor presenting his research in front.
Yoshino Sensei was just to bored sleepy to pay much attention anymore haha!
Getting ready for class photo.
Mechanical Engineering 5th Year 2009/10.
Next entry would be the much anticipated graduation ceremony. Lots of camwhore picture on the way!


~Live Life~ said...


Muz be quite complicated kinda research! 5th year d! JPA scholar geng a!

And...congrats for graduating!

Ur japanese very very dim now?

Robinn T said...

haha the first picture was awesome!!! i was like... omg.. since when calvin sempai got involved into acting? i thought he was doing engineering???

hehe good job with the presentation! bet you had a great time presenting it~ wonder if I even have the chance to stand up there and present in japanese fluently~

calvin said...

@ ~live life~:
thanks! :)
my japanese? well, i won't say i am as fluent as the native already, but i guess it has reached a satisfactory level *hehe* =D

calvin said...

@ tempus:
haha, i was surprised too when i went into the lab and saw that wallpaper! actually, i did acting before, but i was working behind the screen xD

well, it went well after a few days of practice and i am very glad everything is over. here is to another couple of university years!

Kae Vin said...

live life:

lol mechanical diploma only la. Don be fooled by the fancy equipments. ;p

and his japanese sure geng la. learnt for 5 years already and using it everyday.

With that amount of time, I can give birth to a lil child and teach him Japanese already XD


Congratulations! and wishing you all the best in uni. Treasure your time and be a good engineering student. don waste so much time on blogging. XD

calvin said...

@ kae vin:
haha, you with your never-ending teasing eh? xD
faster go propose and let me know when is your wedding. then i might give your baby free tuition for japanese language =P

haha, when i don't blog, people ask me to return to blogging. when i blog, you ask me not to blog so much. which one should i go for? xD