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When Japanese Meet Malaysians

Short note: This is another over-due entry, which happened back in September 2009. It is a follow-up to the first day of the trip to Malaysia by the Japanese lecturers and students from Nagaoka National College of Technology.
The second day started early in the morning with the trip to visit a factory in Shah Alam. The lecturers had pre-booked a chartered bus to take us from the hotel to the factory, so this time, there were no more nervy ticket-purchasing moments like the previous day haha. Traffic on that morning was clear and we had a smooth journey which took us around one hour.
During this trip, we had a local tour guide who speaks fluent Japanese. Hailing from Penang, he has been doing this job for more than ten years and it is little wonder that you might mistakenly take him as a Japanese. I asked Looi to join me as he was in KL at that time and he had always told me to invite him whenever there is a chance to mix with the Japanese when they visit Malaysia.
Explaining the journey to the students.
The influenza A/H1N1 was at its critical stage during that period, that the first thing we had to do was to have our body temperature examined. Good thing that the company has a cute nurse and we had her to take our temperature before we entered the factory.
Ansell Shah Alam is an Australian company which specialises in health care equipment and services. In Malaysia, it has plants in Kulim, Malacca, and Shah Alam. Besides Malaysia, Ansell built its plants in Thailand, Sri Lanka, and the United States. The main products by Ansell are condoms, but in this plant in Shah Alam, they produce only examination medical gloves and surgical gloves.
"Come kuai kuai let kakak take your temperature."
One Japanese student tried to flirt with the nurse.

I had a chat with the Director (Mr. Robert, if I remember correctly) while we had light refreshments before we were taken into the production section of the factory. He is an Englishman and a really friendly, and a person you can crack joke with. You would never expect a person who is as down to earth like him, is the Director for an international company of such magnitude. He told us that he had been living in Malaysia for more than twenty years, besides his experiences from his long-years of working in the company and Malaysia in general. In fact, he can converse in basic Malay and knows very well about the unpleasant side of the country; one best example would be the bribery problems in the country. You will now know about all these stuff unless you have stayed in the country for a certain period of time, won't you?
Our conversation continued until the topic led us to talking about our favourite game - football haha! At the end of the visit, he gave me his name card and told me that the company do provide internships for interested students for approximately three months. Unfortunately, I have misplaced his name card haha!
The Director of Ansell Shah Alam giving a brief introduction about the company.
Some basic information about Ansell Shah Alam.
After the refreshments, everyone were taken into the factory, which was really hot; it is almost like going into an oven. We were shown the whole process of gloves production and after all these years, I managed to related what I have learned in Biology years ago after seeing the real thing. It was kinda eerie to see hundreds of thousands of arm-shaped mould moving around and imagine if you are inside there alone at night and one of the arms wave at you haha.
During the visit around the factory, we were accompanied by a few officers who are the senior engineers of the company. One of them, Mr Chan did his post-graduate study in Tokyo University of Agriculture a few years back. Too bad photography is not allowed inside the factory, so no pictures on the gloves production.
Souvenir exchanges at the end of the session.

A group picture at the receptionist desk of Ansell.
The next destination was to visit the new place whereby we do our preparatory course before we are sent to Japan.
It used to be known as Pusat Persediaan Kajian Teknikal ke Jepun (PPKTJ), located in UTM Jalan Semarak, KL. However, it has since moved to a new place – INTEC in Shah Alam. Even the name had took a change; now it is known as Kumpulan Teknikal Jepun or just simply, KTJ.
Halfway through the journey to KTJ, we stopped by at a small park to take a photograph with the Blue Mosque in the background.

The visit to KTJ on that evening was an unofficial one because the real thing only came on the next day. They went there a day earlier to set-up and make preparations like programming, etc for the robot battle with the local students. The robot battle was a similar thing like the previous year.
The only difference is that the sets of students are different.
A briefing by the Director of Look East Policy Program, Miss Kamaliah.
Prof. Kodama also gave a short welcoming speech on behalf of the Japanese lecturers in KTJ.
The students were taken around INTEC to look at the facilities like the classrooms and library.

I would say the planning to take the Japanese lecturers and students around KTJ and INTEC was pretty bad; it looked as if a proper itinerary was non-existence at all. Every one was in the dark, on where to take them after visiting a particular place.
Not the best first impression that you should show to visitors, I would say.
After spending more than a couple of hours there, I joined the Japanese students to head back to the dormitory of the KTJ students to get some rest before a cultural exchange event that night. By the way, they stayed there for one night, as the event on the next day would start in the morning.
As expected, they were impressed by the huge space of the guest house, which fits eight people.

There is even a kitchen and dining table.

Kitchen on the left and bathroom-cum-toilet on the right.

One group photo before dinner time.

One thing I remember I was asked by the Japanese was, they wonder if it is common for houses in Malaysia to have bathroom and toilet in the same room. It seems that they find that a bit shocking, or should I say, disgusting lol.
Ohh yea, one more thing. They were left looking for tissue rolls as they weren’t any in the toilet haha.
Dinner time with the KTJ students, which coincided with the breaking fast time.

Right after dinner, the subsequent event that followed was a cultural exchange event-cum-welcoming party. This reminds me to a similar event when I was in the second year at PPKTJ, where the students from Kumamoto College of Technology visited us back in 2006.
This time however, I was in the opposite group, joining the rest of the Japanese students when we were introducing ourselves.
One after another students giving a brief introduction of themselves.

The committee members from the second year did the same thing.

The students from both sides were later divided into smaller groups and had a get-to-know-each-other session.

Posing without the peach sign; a bit unusual.

Here you go, the "peace" sign.

Next up was presentations from the local and Japanese students. This is one of the many parts that I look forward to because I was curious if there would be any interesting gimmick from them.
The KTJ students did quite a satisfactory presentation, although the content was quite predictable.
A final-minute briefing before they started their presentations.

Kendo, a traditional Japanese martial arts.

Demonstrating how they play the game u
sing a mop stick haha.
There was one quiz session, and the students who answered them correctly got to pick presents from this doggy.

Teaching the Japanese how to play congkak.

I had a game of carom with a KTJ junior, Japanese student and a Japanese lecturer as well.

At the end of the event, the girls were the most excited ones as they tried to take photographs with the Japanese students, as if they were some famous celebrities lol. But of course, they only chose the good-looking ones, especially Tanaka who had girls taking pictures with him non-stop.
Next most popular Japanese guy was Nobuta.
Not Nobita from Doraemon-
That actually got me a bit jealous-lah, to be honest as they got one or two girls to take picture with them at one time. But guess what? I had the last laugh because…
Just take a look at this picture.
Even guys wanna be in the picture lol!

But I straight away got the whole group of girls to take photograph with me haha!


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