Saturday, December 12, 2009

Dinner With Professor Kondo

I received an unexpected phone call from Professor Kondo, who is my class teacher-cum-lab lecturer yesterday afternoon. He invited Yan Kuang and me, the two international students in our class for a dinner together. He had wanted to take us out many times prior to this since two years ago when we were in our third grade; in fact, there was one time he told us that he was gonna invite the two of us to his house. However, he was too busy with his school work, while we usually returned to Malaysia during our long holidays.
So, it was kinda hard to find a suitable time that suits both parties.
The interior of the small restaurant. I love how they put a lot of effort in decorating the place.
Part of the menu.
When Prof. Kondo finally found the time, out of so many days, it fell on the same day that the Malaysian students of Nagaoka Kosen were suppose to have dinner with Kimura Sensei, our ex-lecturer in PPKTJ. So, we had no choice but to skip the dinner with her. By the way, Kimura Sensei came to Nagaoka to visit the college as part of her research project for her post-graduate course.
Back to the dinner with Prof. Kondo, he decided to do it in a small restaurant - 在郷 (Zaigou) which was about a ten-minute walk from the college.
The various kinds of sake kept inside the refrigerator.
Starter for the night - カボチャ甘み (kabocha-amami); boiled pumpkins with red bean paste called 餡子 (angko).

Although I have been passing the road where this restaurant is located, I never knew that it was quite a spacious restaurant; a totally unexpected thing considering the tiny signboard outside the restaurant. It could easily accommodate about thirty people at one time.
There isn't much pictures of food in this entry because well, it is not a thing for the Japanese to take pictures of food when they are dining. Anyway, among the stuff we ate were vegetable soup with pork, grilled buri (Japanese amberjack) which was superb but kinda expensive, sashimi consisting of several kinds of fresh raw fish, fried potatoes with butter (ジャガイモ揚げバーター) which was too good that I felt like ordering a second plate, and お茶漬け (ochazuke), a simple Japanese dish made by pouring green tea, dashi, or hot water over cooked rice with savoury toppings. I chose salmon for my bowl of ochazuke.
The bill for the night came up to five figures, but we were glad that it was Prof. Kondo's treat :)
(ochazuke); simple yet delicious dish.
No guys, this is not fresh milk or Calpis but it is nigorizake, a variety of unfiltered sake, which explains its cloudy appearance.
In between the food, we drank. Errr, quite a lot actually haha.
One huge mug of beer, several little cups of sake, and a glass of nigorizake. In fact, the alcohol-by-volume (ABV) of that nigorizake was 20% which is one of the highest level of alcoholic beverages that I have ever tried, besides soju that I tried when I was in Seoul early this year. I was kinda surprised with my own tolerance level as well, to be honest haha.
The table after the dinner.
I am not a person who love drinking; once in a while is okay as long as I do not get drunk because I personally dislike drunk people. Besides, the feeling of being drunk is too horrible. However, I guess last night I almost went overboard. I wasn't really drunk, but just a little bit I think. I don't know if I should skip the part about what happened after the dinner by writing it here, because it is quite embarrassing haha.
My juniors and a few batch mates came to my room to check out on me, to see whether I am alright or not. But I think they were more interested to see how is a condition of a half-drunk person haha. I assured them that I am perfectly fine but guess what was their response.
They gave me a sheepish smile lol!
A group picture before we leave. See, I look fine, right?
You know, like they said, "A crazy person will never admit he is crazy", right?


=chuan guan= said...

are u sure u alrite wit all those red covered face?hahaha...

~Live Life~ said...

Im more interested in the embarrasing part...LOL!

Btw, have u ever got drunk before??

And, that nagorizake was quite a lot! haha...u prof trying to intoxicate u guys...hahaha!

Kae Vin said...

lol~ XD

Abby said...

sounds like a good time!

calvin said...

@ =chuan guan=:
like i said, i might be a little dizzy, but i still remember everything from that night, which proves that i wasn't drunk xD

calvin said...

@ ~live life~:
well, i shall spill a little bit of that embarrassing part here for you. i skype-d with a friend after i was back to my room that night, and i leave the rest to your imagination haha!

i hope that friend doesn't reveal everything here lol!

nope, i have never gotten myself drunk, and i don't think i plan to do so >.<

i think our prof. was kinda high already at the end of the day but fortunately, he was okay xD

calvin said...

@ abby:
yeah, it was!
this is one of the rare times we can talk just about anything besides books and studies =D

Anonymous said...

looks like semen

Ken Wooi said...

cool.. reminds me of sushi king! haha.. =P

Extreme Power said...

teach you kawan to try the japanese beef dip into red wine lah. shiok one.

calvin said...

@ anonymous:
don't get deceived by its look xD

calvin said...

@ kenwooi:
i am afraid i can't really find the relation between sushi king and this dinner >.<

calvin said...

@ extreme power:
that sounds interesting =D