Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Climate Justice

Short note: It is very rare for me to post up any embedded videos, from Youtube for example in my blog, unless it is something special, something which has a strong message which I would like to share. Here is one, which I think most people are still taking it very lightly.
"For those living on the brink of survival,
climate change is a very real and dangerous hazard.
For many, it is a final step of deprivation."

Kofi Annan
"We shouldn't take this issue too seriously, because the political figures up there will do something about it. After all, a little contribution from us doesn't make much difference. Just leave it to others to deal with this problem."
That I suppose, is the most common thought we have.
But hey, if the awareness doesn't start from us, then who? It is us, and we should stop expecting others to make the first move. Stop waiting and hoping that other people will be taking the initiative to protect our planet. It is not a matter of how much or how little you contribute. A small gesture will do; because I believe the collective effort will lead to a huge effect to the environment at the end of the day. Try avoid using plastic bags when you are shopping; bring your own bags, preferably made of cloth or paper. This culture is very common in Japan and other countries abroad. However, I could see that Malaysia is starting to join such move as well, which I think is a very positive move.
If you have seen the movie "Michael Jackson's This Is It", then you would realise that the message of the dangers of global warming and the lack of reversible time left was conveyed at one part of the movie. That to me, is a message that came at at the right time and it is still not too late.
The time has come, to take a stand. It's for the Earth, it's for the land.


Himmat Singh said...

Hey there. Your message is strong. You advocate justice on the part of the climate. The world needs able leaders who share the same thoughts as you but sadly, the world leaders are anything but that. Green World. Clean World.

~Live Life~ said...

Yea...let's see how the Copenhagen thing turned out!

I watched that movie and really was touched by that scene too...everyone has to at least do what they can do. For those who can do more...why not?

Good entry!

calvin said...

@ himmat singh:
hi, thanks for dropping by.

we should not leave the task only to the world leaders, because they themselves will not be able to do anything without the cooperation of the everyone.

calvin said...

@ ~live life~:
yup, there were a few touching scenes in the movie, and the final part was certainly a nice gesture to the audience.

however, it won't mean anything without any actions, and we should start saving our planet from this moment onwards :)

ns29 said...

wow,short but clear msg.
it is about "u are willing to do your part or not" matter.
if one is not into it,he/she will just say "not my fault".

and i havent watch that movie!!

calvin said...

@ ns29:
i fell in love with the video the moment i saw it.
if nobody takes the first step, nothing will get going.
and you should watch the movie, even though you might not be a mj's fan ;)