Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas In Nagaoka

Short note: Do you know that turkey is called 七面鳥 (shichimenchou) in Japanese. Literally, it means seven-faces bird. Wonder why made the Japanese call a turkey a bird which has seven faces lol. Any idea, anyone?
It is Christmas Eve today and I guess I shall post up something related to Christmas. This would be my first time to experience the Christmas and New Year atmosphere in Japan, as I was back to Malaysia during my last two winter holidays. Although Mich is back home for two weeks, there is no trip back to Malaysia for me this time; well, due to some circumstances.
Anyway, I personally don't celebrate Christmas in the religious way down the years, but I do not see any wrong to join the Santa part of the celebration. If I were in Malaysia, there would be an extra bonus to it – being able to attend open houses, which means free food haha. When we talk about food, especially free food, nobody would win Malaysians, I guess lol.
I was out shopping a couple of weeks back and I saw this at one section of the shopping malls.
Little papers written by kids who wrote down their wish lists.
Ami asked for a letter from the Sun lol!
I was told that there are usually not much Christmas decorations at the city centre, but somehow this year, they have added more decorations. The standard of the illuminations in a small city like Nagaoka might not be as breathtaking and beautiful as much bigger cities like Tokyo and Osaka, nevertheless, it certainly gives the city a more lively atmosphere as we head into the new year.
Among the illuminations were the light-up of this huge tree in front of the Nagaoka Station.
The characters are read as NAGAOKA. It was just five in the evening by the way.
A poster about diabetes. I can't see the relation between diabetes and Christmas though lol!
Light-ups along the main road in the city, Otedori Street.
Bunny and bells illuminations.
Santa Claus busy climbing up the pole. He was done distributing presents to the kids and on his way back home I think haha!
Mickey Mouse (Shei Pien would love this haha) also busy wanna climb up the pole haha.
Pokemon characters at the Nagaoka City Hall.
Soft toys in front of a shop. Those lions look so similar to Calbit lol (inside joke).
Received a Christmas gift for the first time in my life.
Just to celebrate the starting of winter holidays (although we still have a final day of class tomorrow) and Christmas Eve, we had a steamboat party tonight. Nothing extraordinary, just some seafood, mushrooms, and vegetables with french fries and fried chicken. As for the gravy, it was kimchi-flavoured soup heated in the rice cooker haha.

As for desert, we had some cheese cake by Ming Jing. Super nice :)


Wei Shen, Hong Yao, Carine and Ming Jing.


Super huge amount of food for five. We only finished half of them.
Merry Christmas to everyone and have a wonderful holiday.


Candlelyn said...

Wonderful christmas eve dinner u have!(although didnt hv roast turkey)
Merry Christmas!

calvin said...

@ candlelyn:
too hard to find any turkeys around. guess they went into hibernating already lol!
merry christmas to you too :)

~Live Life~ said...

Kimchi soup for steamboat sounds appetizing...must try out next u all made it? bought prepaid kimchi paste??

Merry Christmas!!

Ken said...

Cute decorations around Nagaoka.
But... I don't see any snow ler~
I thought it started to snow on the last few days.

Anyway, have a joyous X'mas! Ho ho ho...

calvin said...

@ ~live life~:
merry christmas to you too!

yup, it was my first time having kimchi soup for steamboat. just get the instant kimchi paste and add some water. it's as simple as that.

errr, is there such thing as prepaid kimchi paste? lol! xD

calvin said...

@ ken:
those pictures were taken two weeks ago and it hasn't started to snow back then. now however, the whole city has turned white. too bad it didn't snow today =\

happy holidays to you too! =D

Anonymous said...

Turkey is called shichimencho because a Turkey's face changes colour depending on its mood (seriously) thus the name 7 faced bird.

calvin said...

@ anonymous:
thanks for the info. i'm curious to see how a turkey looks like when it changes its face's colour xD