Monday, November 2, 2009

Tokyo Tower

One of the last stop I made before I returned to Nagaoka was to visit one of the famous landmark in Tokyo - Tokyo Tower.
Tokyo Tower.
On a personal note, I have never seen the tower ever since I stepped my foot in Japan more than two years ago. I know that sounds quite sad, doesn't it? I have always longed to see the tower with my own eyes, not from postcards or photographs every time I visit Tokyo, but it never materialised. That was until one evening when we were inside the train to Odaiba. Although I saw Tokyo Tower from far during the train ride, it was still my first time and you can ask WinD how excited I was when I saw it. Something like when a little kid saw his favourite Disney character in Disneyland haha.
That was not enough; I wanna see Tokyo Tower from the bottom of the tower. The experience of seeing a tower from its foot and afar is totally two different things. After our Thai dinner at Bangkok Kitchen, WinD asked Takashi if he would like to join us to Tokyo Tower, which he agreed. So, the three of us took a train to Hamamatsu-cho station. A further fifteen-minute walk took us to the bottom of Tokyo Tower.
Hello from Tokyo Tower.
We didn't go up the tower because of two reasons. One, because it is quite pricey compared to other towers in Japan and secondly, it was quite late already and we decided to go up on another day.
We actually had plans to go to Kabukicho in Shinjuku, but going there would make us miss the last bus back home. So we gave Kabukicho a skip as well. By the time we reached home, we were exhausted already but I still need to pack my stuff since I am leaving the next morning. Here is the before-and-after combo picture of WinD's living hall that night.
After thirty-minutes.
If you notice properly, his house is not really that messy 'coz most of the stuff are mine haha.
The next morning, WinD sent me to the Chiharadai station before going to his university, while I make my journey back to Nagaoka. I overslept that morning and was almost late for my afternoon classes. Fortunately, when I checked my time table, there weren't any lecturers on Tuesday as I only had to go to the lab to do my research.
This is how close the houses and shops to the railway tracks in Japan, yet it is rare to read news about people being hit by the trains. More often, people hit the train by jumping into the tracks.
The track of the upside-down monorail which can be considered a 'white elephant' project.
Bye bye Chiba.
There is actually a funny story when I first visited Chiba in June this year to sit for my university entrance exam. You see, here in Japan, it is common for them to announce the station's name several times when the train arrives in the station. When you arrives in Shinjuku station for example, the announcement will sound something like "Shinjuku... Shinjuku... Shinjuku...". So, same thing happened when that train I was taking reached Chiba station.
"Chiba... Chiba... Chiba..."
Put an Ah Beng in the train and I am sure he will reply with "LJ... LJ... LJ..." straight away hahaha!
Charging my iPod and MacBook while waiting for the shinkansen (bullet train) in Ueno station.
Old and new friends.

Pardon me for the dirty joke above, but if you don't get it, that would be better haha. I hope no under-age kids read my blog lol. But you know nowadays, the young kids are getting more informed that ever, that I am not surprised that they know more detailed stuff than me. Okay, I think I am getting out of topic here already.
On my way back in the shinkansen, I sat next to a grandma. She did not talk to me the whole journey until the last ten or twenty minutes before I got down. She first asked me if the mobile phone cannot be used when the shinkansen goes into the tunnel. I explained to her that the signal will b gone once the shinkansen is inside the tunnel. I guess she wanted to call her child when she reaches her destination. Then, it was back to silence between the two of us. However, out of a sudden, she started to talk to me. My Mom said she might not be able to bear by being silent anymore; that is why she finally got someone to chat with haha. The grandma commented on the girl who just couldn't be bothered to give way to other passengers in the window seat who wanted to get down at a station. She continued by lamenting on the attitude of the youngsters nowadays, how they have changed to have lack of respects towards the elderly and stuff like that. I just nodded my head away, listening to her rants haha.
She also asked a few stuff about me, like where I am studying but she didn't ask where I came from. I guess she thought I am a Japanese lol. Just five minutes before I got down, a lady selling snacks and drinks walked pass our seats and that grandma bought a cup of coffee for me. So nice of her, right? I thanked her, and she wished me good luck. It was a short but sweet meeting with her.
Anyway, while sitting down in the waiting room of Ueno station earlier that morning, I notice a group of grandmas who were talking and exchanging photo albums about their vacations. I am sure these three grandmas were on the way to somewhere. But one this is missing in this picture - their hat haha.
"This is me, twenty years ago"

That sums up my Tokyo trip this time.


Kae Vin said...

showing off the gadgets.


and KLCC taller than tokyo tower lo.

putting klcc beside tokyo tower would just be like you standing beside me. XD

=chuan guan= said...

u got a point for both of it..haha..100% agreed

~Live Life~ said...

N1...I would definitely hope to go on vacation to Tokyo in the future...

I just don't get the last caption "This is me, twenty years ago"?

haha...kaevin...KLCC n Tokyo Tower...haha...btw, how tall are u, calvin? 180-190??

akatsukiotoko said...

Its my 4th year here...

And I am proud to say that I have yet to set foot in the area of Tokyo Tower...

calvin said...

@ kae vin:
yup, showing off those gadgets to make you jealous =P

comparing our height with klcc and tokyo tower?
i think tokyo tower is too tall for you. maybe you can be komtar xD

calvin said...

@ =chuan guan=:
then, what would be your point?

calvin said...

@ ~live live~:
who doesn't?

the caption says that the grandma in the middle showing her picture taken twenty years ago to her two friends.

your guess on my height is pretty close, but not exactly within that range xD

calvin said...

@ akatsukiotoko:
wow, that is something surprising. at least now i know that i am not that ulu after all haha =P

sakura said...

the first pic (on tokyo tower) is really nice, with dark night background, it really shines out. Lucky u, hope nx time i get a chance to visit it too :)

calvin said...

@ sakura:
thank you.
i hope i will be able to see tokyo's night view from the top of tokyo tower as well ;)