Thursday, November 12, 2009

The Lost Key

Short note: Congrats for passing your fifth year!
College was closed for six days beginning two days ago until next Monday due to the worsening situation of the influenza among the students. I decided to come down to Tokyo to attend the Informative Forum organised by MSAJ this Saturday, besides settling some other personal stuff. Anyway, dormitory is also closed and the international students are advised to avoid unnecessary traveling.
However, I thought instead of cooping myself in the room waiting for be infected by the influenza, it would be better to run far far away from Nagoka haha! Prior to this, I have never travelled to Tokyo this often. I have now make two trips in as many months now and there would be more to come in the coming months.

Christmas decorations at Keisei Chiba station.
I crashed over at WinD's place during my time here. However, it was not like the last time I visit him where we went around several places in Tokyo because he got classes and part-time job to attend. That means I am home alone the whole day FML. Thank God I have Internet access; otherwise I am very sure I will be bored to death. But Internet alone isn't enough, so the smart me decided to go out by myself yesterday as he had left the house key for me. That was the beginning of the nightmare of 09-11-11.
Remember my experience of losing my backpack in the train almost two years back?

This little key cost me endless trouble yesterday.
This time, it was a similar setting, just different thing and place. It was a key, which I dropped it in the bus. I kept the key inside my left pocket together with my coins. I took out the key to take out my coins when I was getting down the bus. Although I felt that I left something after paying the bus fare, I just ignored the thought. It was until the time when I wanted to make payment at a supermarket that I realised the key was no longer inside my pocket. I quickly tracked back the route I took from the bus stop to the shopping mall but I could not spot the key. Along the way, I saw WinD cycling towards the same shopping mall to attend his part-time job. I was shouting to him that I had lost the house key and he didn't hear me, and left just like that while waving "bye bye" to me haha.
The next thing I did was to walk to the nearest train station and ask one of the bus driver what should I do to check since I felt that I had dropped my key in the bus. He asked me to call the bus company number which I did. I gave all the information I remember, like the stops I board and got down from the bus, the time and requested them to help me check on my lost key.
Too bad the bus was still running and they could not contact the bus driver. They asked me to wait, in which I did for the next thirty minutes. Later, a phone call came and the staff asked me to board the same bus which will pass the stop I got down at Unimo to check whether the key was still there. But I had to wait for at least forty minutes before the bus arrive. The fact that it was raining the whole day didn't help at all. Besides, the bus stop didn't have shade and I was only standing there with a small little umbrella. If that is not bad enough, some drivers were too-considerate by speeding on the road and the water on the road splashed on my jeans. Nothing could get worse than that, right?

Kominato Bus headquarters.
After the long-wait, the bus arrived. It was not something I enjoyed doing by boarding the bus and explaning the driver of my situation, and going around the bus to look for the key while the other passengers were staring at a weird alien. But I just ignored them and continued my treasure hunt haha! Again, luck was not on my side, and I got down from the bus feeling paiseh and disappointed.
I called the company again to inquire them what would be the next cause of action. It was that time that that guy asked me if the key had a white strap on it and I said "yes" immediately. I had to go to the company's office which is sixteen stops from the bus stop I was standing at that time. Only if I had just remained in that bus that I boarded moments earlier to check on my keys, I wouldn't have to wait for another fifty minutes for the next bus. It was still raining at that time by the way.


"Good job for driving without accidents today"


Buses everywhere. Look at the super-emo weather, in which I shared the same emotion haha.


The office where I got back the key.


Waited here before I take the bus home.

The bus finally arrived and the journey to the bus company's office was more than thirty minutes. The guy recognised me when I entered the office and after signing some forms, I finally got back that key. The final straw for my super unlucky day was to wait for the bus back home and that was another one hour. By then, I was super exhausted already from walking here and there for half a day, trying to locate that house key. It slowly got dark, colder and it started to rain again. Listening to my iPod was the only thing I could do to distract myself from being emo haha.

It took me more than five-long hours to get back the house key but I was glad that it was a happy ending haha.


After a long battle in the treasure hunt for the house key, we had Hokkien mee for dinner.

The point I wanna stress here is that although you lose something in public places in Japan, there are still high chances that you will be able to recover it back. The mindset of the Japanese is that when something does not belongs to them, they will not take it back. This is one of the thing I am very impressed about the Japanese, besides the efficiency of them to attend to the troubles and problems faced by the bus or train passangers, for example. My lost backpack and this time, house key have been two best example, although it could be troublesome going around making phone calls to this staff and that company.

If similar thing happened in Malaysia, the most likely reply would be, "Maaf, nombor yang anda panggil tiada dalam perkhidmatan."

P/S: Going out again today, but this time WinD didn't let me take out the house key anymore. So I will just leave it behind in somewhere secret haha.


Wee Kien said...

Should be a nice experience to you..haha
but you are lucky to get back the key.
If you lost your wallet then, i think it is another case. Last time my mongol friend lost his wallet in densha then he could not get it back , and worse the one who got his wallet tried to cash money using his credit card in konbini.

kh said...

my coin purse with aeon card and bus card is still gone for already 2 mths...
instead of 5 hrs, you couldve found it within 3 hrs... you spent too much time taking pics aiyor....
and wind has iphone wth ...
nvm... mine is also touch screen...haha

calvin said...

@ wee kien:
it was a nice, exciting and interesting experience for me haha =P

perhaps it was another alien who found your friend's wallet, because i doubt japanese would do that. but yet, i am not saying there are no japanese, especially the younger generations who would not steal and just keep the wallet they found.

if there is another holiday due to the influenza, i might do an experience using an empty wallet haha. i know that is a crazy idea lol!

calvin said...

@ kh:
hmmm, based on the two comments, maybe we can conclude that it would be a different ending if the lost thing involves money.

i took pictures to fill my time from feeling bored. and by the way, the iphone wind was using is mine.

K3ViN said...

Aiyoyo.... But luckly u able to find it back or nope.... sure teruk lor... agree, japanese is like tat... so next time if u lost thing, dont worry u cant get it back...... Careful next time dude....

fufu said...

well it has pretty changed a lot though... japan is no longer that safe and social problems increasing... anyway it depends also where you are... i left my bag in the shinkansen when i travelled back to hiroshima from osaka... and i thought i would have my bag back the next morning but they couldnt find my bag >< it contained very nice clothes and few Man-Yen notes...

calvin said...

@ k3vin:
yea, i consider myself lucky to be able to get back the house key. otherwise, we would have to go to the housing agent and make a new key, which could cost us some amount >.<

calvin said...

@ fufu:
like i said, maybe when the stuff lost involves cash, it would be a different case. to be honest, although the safety in japan can be questioned nowadays, it is still so much better than other countries like malaysia. you always feel safe when you are outside.

on the contrary, whenever i am back home, i will always be paranoid whenever i am walking alone outside, especially during night time. it has changed into a situation where i have became a prisoner in my home country >.<

Kae Vin said...

big head prawn~

always like that one.

still haven learnt ur lesson a?

kh said...

but you're wrong... i once dropped my wallet on the road and someone inserted it into my postbox the next day, after looking at the address on my alien card... so its all luck... bweark

kh said...

and wth you have iphone how many softbank phones you need>??

calvin said...

@ kae vin:
i think this should be my last time, i hope haha xD

calvin said...

@ kh:
the more phones i have, the merrier =P

Calyn Ong said...

eh since when u have iphone huh?i thought ure not into iphones? o.O

=chuan guan= said...

i tot asian are differ than Caucasian.haha..din expect japanese to be like tat

calvin said...

@ calyn ojc:
i was not, am not, and will not be a fan of iphone.
but seeing some of the applications that iphone has (for example, the gps and map application, especially when i am lost haha) sometimes makes me think twice lol!

calvin said...

@ =chuan guan=:
like that, as in?
if you are referring to their civic awareness, we are light years behind the japanese >.<

D-Tourist said...

hahah!!! u r a pro blogger... lost the keys and still can keep on photographing and noting the details of your search for blogging... Others would have been busy emo-ing...
or Perhaps u haf lost stuff too often to be agitated by that ordeal.. :P

calvin said...

@ d-tourist:
that's just one of the way to make sure i wasn't that panic and to calm myself down haha! but i did emo actually, after getting the key back and waiting for the bus to get home in the freezing evening >.<

but i do not deny that i lose, or should i say, forget my stuff quite often lol!