Friday, October 30, 2009

Walkabout At Ginza

From Ice Bar Tokyo, our next stop was Ginza, since it is located just around that area.
Chiba Station, where we stopped to take the train to Tokyo.
That red dog, Chiba-khun is the mascot for the National Sports Festival that Chiba is hosting next year.

But first, we went to shop for new cloths earlier that day, as we are going to such a high class place like Ginza.
Haha, actually it wasn't true that we went to look for new cloths just because we are going to Ginza. It was just a random thing that in the end, we got ourselfs a pair of hoodie each.
Making payments at the cashier.
We are now ready to go to Ginza haha wtf.

Ginza is known as an upscale area of Tokyo with numerous department stores, boutiques, restaurants and coffeehouses. It is recognized as one of the most luxurious shopping districts in the world (a kin to New York City's Fifth Avenue). Many upscale western-fashion clothing flagship stores are located here. Prominent ones are Chanel, Louis Vuitton, and Gucci (taken from Wikipedia).
In other words, Ginza is the Petaling Street of Tokyo, minus the fake goods from Golok and of course, the pirated pornographic CDs.
It does not require an expert to tell you that you have stepped into Ginza because once you are there, you would notice the stores are just different than other parts of the city. One square meter of the brown building of Kyukyodo, dubbed as the most expensive land in Japan in Ginza 4-Chome can fetch up more than one million ringgit. Crazy, right? Another thing that distinguish the area from the rest is that there were so many luxurious cars - Mercedes and BMW are so common there; it is like you spotting Perodua Kancil in KL haha. I can say that for every hundred meters we walk, we would come across one of these cars.
I mean Mercedes and BMW, not Kancil-ler haha.
This is also an area where you would spot a lot of foreigners, whom mostly are tourists. It is no doubt that the stuff sold here are beyond normal people's standard. I am not saying the stuff here are for the abnormal people-lah, but you get what I mean, right? Nevertheless, I can proudly boast that I bought something from Ginza.
Red bean butter bun from a bakery.
It has red bean paste with sweet cream inside the crispy crust.
Haha, but actually I bought something else, and not just this bun. My belt has worn out for quite a while already, so I got a new belt and I confirmed with WinD a few times because I thought we saw the price wrongly. Who knows right, maybe we saw a few zero digits less, or the decimal point at the wrong place lol.
I only realise that I did not take much pictures of the stores in Ginza, because we spent more time snapping pictures away there haha.
Like camwhoring by a "no smoking" signboard haha.
In front of Kokichi Mikimoto face, a Japanese entrepreneur and adopter of the Mise/Nishikawa technique for production of spherical cultured pearls.
Or even on the street haha.
Okay-lah, enough of my vain pictures haha. Although I didn't get to buy the expensive goods there, taking picture at the place is still better than nothing, right? At least the pictures will cost more than usual haha. Back to some normal-looking pictures.
Halloween is around the corner; these pumpkins are imported from US.
Cute keychains made of leather, but too pricey >.<
When people do not have kids, they adopt dogs as their companion. These two dogs kept on barking at WinD when he went near them haha.
Even in such modern district, Japanese women in kimono can still be spotted.

It is just a steel cover for the fire hydrant, but they still cannot get away from their
Walking around Ginza alone took us almost three hours. Without realising it, we had skipped our lunch and by six, we decided to have an early dinner before heading to the next destination. WinD asked his Thai friend to join us for dinner at somewhere which I will reveal in the next post.
While waiting for his friend, who stays in Kanagawa, Tokyo, we went to a nearby convenience store to grab some snacks and that is when I was introduced to something new. It is actually nothing special, but I guess I was too jakun not to know about the existence of this thing until now haha. There is this machine that they call it multi-copy machine, where you can insert your memory card or thumb drive to it and print our photo instantly. Of course, it is possible to do other services like photocopying and scanning.
If I am not mistaken, such service is available in Malaysia too, although the places where you can do it are quite limited.
We made the photos printed as postcard to be sent back haha.
I am sure there will be still a lot of stuff to be discovered from now onwards, since I will be moving from a kampung to a city haha.


Kae Vin said...

pink hoodie = gayness.

somemore both of you bought the same design =_=

Ginza = Petalling Street oh come on...

calvin said...

@ kae vin:
i was really gay on that day, that is why i bought the pink hoodie.

okay, perhaps comparing ginza with petaling street is an understatement >.<

KOKahKOK said...

yes hoodie on u very gay!! haha...

ya ya....somemore bought same design... luckily not the same color!! haha

dun gay la... later ur gf cries

mg said...

*cries* :P

calvin said...

@ kokahkok:
there are still so many other stuff to comment from this entry, yet i wonder why you guys keep targeting on this topic =.=

calvin said...

@ michelleg:
baby tongue, eh? =P

Ben Foo said...

see. i told you, you shouldn't take so many pictures together with your friend, especially in front of the mirror. now some more with pink hoodie tsk tsk tsk. :p

eh u come down tokyo how many days? cannot like compile into one post ah? :p

calvin said...

@ ben foo:
haha, i guess that is one important point i should avoid next time >.<

i was in tokyo for five days; but considering the fact that i rarely go down to tokyo, five days is considered a long time. actually that is just a lame excuse 'coz the main reason is because i have too many pictures to be squeezed into one entry =P

no worries, just a couple more entries to go. the next one should interest you xD

kh said...

apa ni.... 「情人装」 ばっかりじゃ最近・・幸せ〜〜♥・・けどな、じろじろみられたやろこれ、変な外人カップル(笑)・・・

calvin said...

@ kh:
wei, that word doesn't exist in japanese dictionary-lah. wasted my few minutes looking into the dictionary =.=

kh said...

of course la.. its chinese... thats why got brackets ....

calvin said...

@ kh:
just asked a friend of its meaning and my reaction was this:


sinye said...

cannot believe that you actually look this「情人装」into ur dictionary..hahahahah!!

KOKahKOK said...

dont cry... :O

hmmm you know why? because it is a "highlight" in this post!

ppl will look at the picture before "scanning" words by words...

anyway... as long as u happy will do la.... dont kira with us la...

calvin said...

@ sinye:
haha, my mandarin isn't good at all. but it has improved quite a bit recently xD

calvin said...

@ kokahkok:
highlight?! lol!

you need to get a better scanner to get more information in the future =P