Wednesday, October 14, 2009

My New Toys

It took many turns of coincidence events that happened to fall on the weekend and I decided to travel more than 300 kilometers down to Tokyo, even though I just returned from Malaysia less than a week before that. I will be blogging about those events and trips on different entries later on.
Tokyo Tower.
I just got myself two new gadgets during my Tokyo trip. I am not trying to give a wrong impression or meaning, but I think I can declare that this is my "Gadget Year". Only five months ago I got myself a new laptop and iPod. Now, I got another two new stuff. Guess what are those.
I did not buy them just for the sake of buying because the old ones have decided it is time for them to rest for once and for all. My mobile phone has been giving me problems since like forever. The battery was weak, I had to charge it almost everyday. Then recently, just before I went back to Malaysia, another problem cropped out. The speaker was spoilt and I couldn't hear the voice of the person I am talking to when I am talking on the phone. Sending it to the shop for repair wasn't an option because the I was too "smart" to cancel the warranty a few months back, thinking that nothing would go wrong.
The twenty-four month contract of the phone is over, so I decided to get a new phone instead. Remember I dropped a hint before that I went to as many as five shops to look for something? Yes, I was looking whether they still have the black colour set of the phone model I wanted. All shops told me they were out of stock, hence I decided to get my phone in Akihabara, Tokyo (equivalent to Low Yatt Plaza, but it is very much bigger) instead.
Just if you are wondering why I am not getting an iPhone, well I am just not a fan of it. Too many applications on one single gadget will make me have headache haha.
Instead of getting that model I was looking at Nagaoka, I saw another better option; cheaper and it looks so much better. My idea of a mobile phone is very simple. As long as I can make phone calls and send messages and emails, that is good enough. I do not need camera on my phone, I rarely play games with my phone, I prefer listening to music from my iPod. So, this model fulfills my condition very closely. Besides, I am not planning to get an expensive phone. A moderate one will do.
I finally went for Softbank 830CA.
That is the story about my new phone. Now, it is time for my digital camera.
I dropped my digital camera a few months back, on the tar road and the camera became dented; in fact, it was so bad that I could see the interior of the camera. Miraculously, it was still useable and I continued using it for a good several months, until one evening, the lens couldn't focus properly and it began to make some sound.
I know it was just a matter of time before I need to get one. People who knows me well enough will surely know that camera plays such an important role in my life. In other words, I cannot live without camera haha.
A day before I leave Tokyo, I was telling my friend, "Ei, I am thinking about getting a new camera-lah".
Anyway, earlier that day, we were window shopping at Ginza and out of a sudden, he decided to get a MacBook Pro when we were inside the Apple Store. But his case wasn't as random and spontaneous as me because he has been targeting to get that laptop for some time already. As for me, I don't even know what model of camera to take.
As spontaneous as it might sound, I got my new camera in less than an hour after that.Say hello to my new Canon IXY DIGITAL 930 IS.
I wanted to continue to remain loyal by getting a Sony model, but somehow I saw a model by Canon which attracted me straight away. I am not a fan of touchscreen, no matter it is a camera, mobile phone or anything. Although this model has touchscreen function, the other specifications was just too hard for me to resist. I will not go too deep into the technical stuff because I believe not many people would understand them anyway, which includes me too haha.
Ohh yea, the old Sony DSC-T100 is no longer usable anymore. Bye bye camera and thank you for everything.


CLF said...

how much u get the IXY 930 IS btw?

Ken said...

Congratz for treating urself some new gadgets!

I realise that many switch from Sony to Canon. Canonian population is booming... Haha

Kae Vin said...

u r just filthy rich =_=

Anyway y still a compact? You should get a DSLR

Kae Vin said...

and flip phone is so feminine :P

calvin said...

@ clf:
it might not be the best bargain because i bought it so instantly. perhaps you can get a better bargain in the internet.

my new camera was ¥34,440 but i used the points from the purchase to get a 4gb memory card and its camera case for free.

calvin said...

@ ken:
hmmm, but my target is still on nikon.
one day, one day i shall get it hahaha xD

calvin said...

@ kae vin:
dlsr is still not within my budget and i am still far away from its technical side. yes, you can call me a noob >.<
but eventually, i will get a dlsr :)

and it is normal to use flip phone-lah xD

Lun said...

if im not mistaken , Japanese phone can't be used outside of japan right?

KOKahKOK said...

wooo change new camera!!
i tot u told u u wanan get dslr~

by the way, you really RICH la... travel all the way to tokyo n got these 2

calvin said...

@ lun:
nope, they can actually be used in oversea, but they are really expensive.

calvin said...

@ kokahkok:
dlsr is not within my budget yet at the moment.

by the way, i didn't travel down to tokyo just for the sake of buying these two gadgets. i had some events to attend, and also to have some fun time with my friends in tokyo :)

naqiubex said...

The camera looks cool..
I can't live without camera also.. Oh wait.. I am still alive right now without a cam..
I wished I had not dropped my camera to the hot spring.. grr..

Anonymous said...

michi michi!

calvin said...

@ naqiubex:
yeah, that is why i bought it without having too much thoughts haha xD

calvin said...

@ anonymous:
michi michi?

fufu said...

yeah my old ixus canon too bought in yodobashi tokyo... but i printed out the online price and show to the lame ojisan and i got the same online price with points too Ö i got myself 4G memory card like 3.5yrs ago... i though you should/could get 8G now but.... why still 4?

kh said...

why switch to canon? cos my photos are better than yours? :P

calvin said...

@ fufu:
wow, it seems that we got our camera from the same place haha! how can you even think of showing the online price to that ojisan lol! i should try doing that next time haha!

4gb is good enough for me because i usually bring my laptop along when i am traveling, if you get what i mean ;)

calvin said...

@ kh:
haha, your pictures are nice, but never as nice as mine =P

Reenybob said...

i have a canon! and its DSLR! but yeh definitely save up for one in the long run. very worth it! my sony died a year ago and even tho my slr was only for uni work, its become my partner (at least while sheepie not ard!) and i bring it EVERYWHERE i go. :)

calvin said...

@ reenybob:
i think we are alike. my camera will always follow me to every place i go, even when i go to the supermarket to buy vegetables haha wtf.

and by the way, please do not abandoned your camera when you are with sheepie this december!