Thursday, October 22, 2009

Graduation Research Mid-Term Presentation

Short note: It is my college's Sports Day today. Will make an update on that very soon. Anyway, all pictures in this entry was taken using my new Canon 930 IS.
One of the requirement for the students in our college to graduate is to do a graduation research, more commonly known as sotsuken (卒研), an abbreviation from the word sotsugyo (卒業) (graduation) and kenkyu (研究) (research). All the fifth year students will spend the whole year working on their own research and there are two times when they will present their work, the mid-term in mid-October and the final presentation would be in February the following year.
Almost everyone do their research individually, including me. However, due to the lack of computers and software in my lab, I was recently combined with another mate from the same research lab as my partner. It was quite a last-minute decision and I had to go through a few inches-thick of thesis (in which I am still doing right now, but I doubt I will ever finish them haha) to get an idea what the new research is all about. Fortunately, the new research is similar to my initial research, so it was not a real big deal.
Atrium of the building for Mechanical Engineering and Civil Engineering faculty - the venue for the presentation.
I am not gonna give a detailed information about what research I am currently doing because I doubt anyone would have much idea about it, or rather, nobody is interested about it lol.
But anyway, to briefly explain my research I am currently working on, the theme is 混合モードVノッチを有する板のReissner-Mindlin板曲げ理論による一般化応力拡大係数の決定 (Determination of Generalised Stress Intensity Factor in V-Notched Plates under Transverse Bending by using Reissner-Mindlin Theory). One of the most basic requirements in the fracture mechanics in the knowledge of the singular character of the stress field near the crack tip. Imagine a thin plate which has a V-notch in one of the plate's sides. Force is then added to the both end of the plate and the stress occurred around the V-notch area is calculated. Subsequently, the Generalised Stress Intensity Factor for the plate is calculated using two methods - Finite Element Method (FEM) and strain gauge.
Preparation time.
Posters are all ready.
Find it hard to understand what I am explaining? No problem because most people, even the lecturers do not really understand it haha.
This mid-term presentation is attended by lecturers from my faculty, as well as the fourth year juniors. The presentation was after lunch, so we went to set up everything in the morning like cleaning up the place. arranging tables and put up the posters according to the decided orders.
Played with my camera mode using Yan Kuang's iPhone, while waiting for the session to begin.
Listening to the opening speech by one of the lecturers.
Here come the lectures and juniors.
Yan Kuang explaining his research to the juniors.
One of my classmate's who did a research on robotic fingers.
He made this model from scratch.
By half past one, the lecturers and forth year juniors began to fill the venue. My poster was the tenth one, so I was one of the presenter in the first session. Anybody who sees my poster will know that there are hardly people who understand what research I am doing. My poster is full with mathematical formula and diagrams that is rarely seen in our textbooks.
However, there were a few lecturers who threw us with several questions, like a brief overview of the research we are currently doing.
Explaining my poster to the college's principal. Felt damn proud-lor haha.

Took a picture with the principal and my research partner, Inaniwa Shota.
The principal of my college came to the presentation session as well since he graduated from Mechanical Engineering faculty during his schooling days. I was wondering whether he would come to my poster to have a look because he is really nice to international students here. Just like I expected, he came to my poster and ask me to explain about my research.
To be honest, it was quite nervous to have the principal to come and ask you questions, but I glad we did quite rather well.
The person in beige coloured shirt, Professor Kondo Toshimi, who is from my research lab.

Actually, before the presentation began, Prof Kondo actually came to our poster and asked us a few questions; something like letting us to practise how to handle questions from other people later on. One of his question was quite funny.
"What does this Φ sign mean?"
(after a few seconds)
"Ohhh, it is written down here, in this equation. Hehe, paiseh-lor hor"
We didn't know how to react, whether to laugh at his joke or what haha.


Kae Vin said...

Good job but u didn't go in depth on what ur topic was about? =_+

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would loved to know the theme of ur research too >_<

Well done for u & ur nakama`s presentation!

calvin said...

@ kae vin:
i made some additions to the entry already, but it is still very brief. i might do an in-depth explanation after i am done with my final presentation.

calvin said...

@ akatsukiotoko:
i have just added the theme of my research into the entry. and thanks :)

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Very Interesting! 面白かったですよ! :)

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