Sunday, October 18, 2009

CEATEC Japan 2009

stands for Cutting-edge IT & Electronics Comprehensive Exhibition. As a comprehensive IT and electronics trade show where world-leading technologies, products and services are announced, CEATEC JAPAN is the focus of close attention by the industry and a truly wide range of users. Media from around the world also focus on CEATEC JAPAN because of its comprehensive coverage of electronic components, devices and end products, as well as the CEATEC JAPAN Conference, which offers opinions and messages from global industry leaders (taken from here).
This largest IT and electronics exhibition and conference exhibition in Japan is held annually at Makuhari Messe, a Japanese convention centre outside Tokyo, located in the northwest corner of Chiba prefecture. Makuhari is the name of the area, and Messe is a German word meaning "trade fair", which usually hosts many high-technology events.
Makuhari area, where the convention centre is located. Look at how clean the roads in Japan are.
This is WinD, the friend whom I mentioned in the previous entry.
We arrived there at around ten in the morning but people have already begun to horde the place. Perhaps it's because it was the last day of the exhibition that people were taking the chance to attend the exhibition in the last minute.
To be honest, I don't really have a special interest in this kind of technology stuff, but when WinD showed me the official site one night and after I took a look at it, I knew I have to visit the place myself. The exhibition looks too cool to be missed out.
The huge crowds who attended the exhibition.
Some of these people were actually waiting to watch the baseball match in a stadium close to that area.
The mascots for the local baseball team, Chiba Lotte Marines.
Before we entered the exhibition halls, we had to register ourselves first. Those people who had registered online just need to go to the counter and print out their visitor pass. As for the rest, they could get the pass right on the spot after filling up a form and give some brief details in the form.
While walking to the counter to get our passes, we saw there was some competition held outside the exhibition hall - All-Japan Robotic Sumo Competition. Too bad we didn't have much time to watch the competition.
All-Japan Robotic Sumo Competition.
Participants busy doing some last-minute settings to their robotic sumo.
There were nine sub-halls in total, which comes in three main halls. The exhibition halls were really spacious that they were easily twice of three times bigger than KL Convention Centre. If we were to walk through every single booths there, we would take more than one day, for sure.
The first exhibition hall focused more on household electrical devices and safety systems.
Here comes the exhibition booths.
Stopped at Panasonic booth to try the 3D simulation, but the ah pek behind us didn't look really pleased. Maybe he felt jealous 'coz he had nobody to camwhore with haha. Anyway, the quality of the visual was really cool that we felt that we were walking through the streets of Tokyo.
This brand need no further introduction.
This device detects a few points from our face and it would try to come out with the closest face that matches our face.
The face avatar we got - I got a female face, while WinD became an African haha!
CEATEC Japan, which started in 2000, is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year.

There is a system proposed by Panasonic in which you can connect whatever electronic devices (camera, video camera) to the TV and enjoy the pictures and video at the highest quality right after you came back from your outing. The TV can also be connected to the Internet to watch videos in Youtube, for example. Using a home-network system, the electronic devices at every parts of the house can be controlled using a sensor camera automatically.
For instance, you walk to the kitchen and the lights will be switched on automatically. After you finished your meal and walked to the living hall, the kitchen lights will be turned off automatically as well. Indirectly, it helps to save unnecessary usage of energy in households.
Listening to this lady when she introduced the product was almost like watching to Smart Shop haha.
Old uncles and aunties sitting down, listening to lecturers haha.
Amoeba phone.
Looks cool, eh?
Quiz de Signage.
This quiz device thingy is quite interesting as well. It is something like what you usually see in game show in which they ask you a question and you answer them on the spot. But when we tried on it, there wasn't any response came out and the guy apologised to us lol!
Another booth that we went let us try its invention where they put a piece of plate on our specs. The plate was initially blur and we couldn't see what's in front but once we blink our eyes, it turned transparent in a split second.We were like, "Woah, sugoi!" haha.
There were a few booths from international companies too, but we didn't see any from Malaysia.
A mobile phone in which the body is made of wood.
Looks pretty classic and antique, doesn't it?
The model is Touch Wood haha! Japanese are the best when it comes to creating funny names.
There are too many interesting stuff if I were to put everything here, but it was a trip worth visiting. I guess you gotta visit it yourself to experience the exhibition because I feel my descriptions of the stuff in this entry didn't really do justification to the cool stuff they have there. I have a feeling I will go there again next year since I will be moving to Chiba early next year.
After CEATEC, we moved to Akihabara to get my new phone. If you have read the news, there was a stabbing incident, also known as Akihabara massacre that happened in the streets of Akihabara mid-last year. That incident claimed seven lives and ten people were injured. This is my first time to Akihabara since two years ago when I just arrived in Japan and of course, the was a feeling of déjà vu when I walked along the streets there.
Normal sights in Akihabara, Tokyo.


It is common to see people in formal attire to ride on this kind of bicycle.


It was a Saturday and the streets were packed with people.

My phone was done within an hour and we went to look for our lunch, in an Indian restaurant.
Akiba Curry Hall - It is written there - "
Price for everything has gone down" haha.
Naan and potato curry, which not mine 'coz I ordered mutton curry. I think the waiter got mixed up since we exchanged our seats after we ordered our meal haha.

The food was not bad at all. The naan was one of the fluffiest and softest that I have ever had in my life. Top that up with the mutton curry which is my favourite, it was just the perfect meal after walking for long hours at the exhibition. However, the Japanese language of the waiter in this restaurant was so Indian-ish that we had difficulties catching what he was telling us. Even WinD gave up trying to figure out what he was talking haha. I tried talking to him in English, but it was even worse FML.

Just like the previous entry, I will post up a picture of the next destination we went after our late lunch. People who have been there should recognise this place.


Journey to the unknown land.
Again, can anyone guess the place?


CLF said...

Train towards お台場?

calvin said...

@ clf:
i bet you have been to odaiba before, right?

CLF said...

nope havent went there before. missed the Gundam that time coz going back to KL hah.

the bridge holds the clue, the famous bridge near Odaiba hah.

=chuan guan= said...

get me some cool gadgets too?haha

Kae Vin said...

chuan guan:

you are like a beggar. asking people for things EVERYWHERE. =_=


the face change thing not surprised that u got a girl's face but WinD gets an african face?

and there was a sign there saying no photo.

and the amoeba phone is really interseting. Is it a prototype or it's already for sale?

and next post will be be about taking train to somewhere. maybe 富士山倉庫運輸 XD

kh said...

i was bout to say the exact thing as kae vin... fuji sousoyuso .... nah its odaiba... kanto area only have one driverless train system ... excluding the one at narita .... lazy ... cycle to odaiba laa!

calvin said...

@ clf:
i think if you set yourself to visit a new place every weekend, you should be able to cover most places in tokyo area within a year.

yea, that bridge which has a gay name lol =P

calvin said...

@ =chuan guan=:

calvin said...

@ kae vin:
haha, got to agree with you on chuan guan. he is like going to everybody's blog, asking for free stuff all the time lol xD

ishhh, what you mean it is not surprising for me to get a girl's face? it was just a technical mistake i think =.=||
wind got an african face since his skin is so dark-mah haha =P

you guys are really observant. i only realised about the no-photo sign when you mentioned it >.<

the amoeba phone is still under its prototype stage, i suppose.

you shall know where we went in the next entry ;)

calvin said...

@ kh:
i think when it comes to facts about the train and subway systems in japan, nobody will be able to beat you on that.

you crazy-arh? now is autumn already, not summer-lah. so cold can >.<

sinye said...

wow..ur camera can really captured real clear pics!!

if only malaysia got such a cool exhibition..hahahaha...

Ken said...

Hope in future Malaysia would have such exhibition. But, it takes ages I bet! Dying to go to such eye-opener exhibition. >.<

It seems that termites have discovered their new favourite food. Woody phone! Lol...

Ben Foo said...

last post was the white shirt. now both in sunglasses? man, that image is staying on you lol

calvin said...

@ sinye:
thanks. all the pictures were taken with my sony dsc-t100, which i have now put it to rest T_T

i think we will have to wait a while to see such exhibition in malaysia.

calvin said...

@ ken:
haha, imagine a guy going to a shop, telling the shopkeeper, "excuse me, i need some chemical to kill the termites...

on my phone..." lol =P

calvin said...

@ ben foo:
haha, you imagination ability is far too superior already xD