Saturday, October 31, 2009

Bangkok Kitchen

The place we went to have our dinner was Bangkok Kitchen in Ginza.
The entrance to Bangkok Kitchen in Ginza.
It is a Thai restaurant, which also has branches in other parts of Tokyo like Shinjuku and Akasaka. We were introduced to this restaurant by WinD's classmate, Takashi Yamaguchi who works part-time in this restaurant. He is actually a half-Japanese-Thai because his Dad is a Japanese, while his Mom comes from Thailand.
However, one thing that made the three of us clicked almost immediately is the fact that the way he communicate is nowhere near a Japanese. In fact, he doesn't really like the way how Japanese who often tend to be over-courteous on a subject although it is just a very common thing.
Contemporary interior decoration in the restaurant.
A perfect ambiance to have a meal.
"When something tastes bad, just say it in a polite way; why should we still wanna lie about it and say it tastes great?",
was one of his line that made me smiling silently, in agreement.
Since he works in this restaurant, we gave the responsibility of ordering the food to Takashi because we believed he knows what are the nice recommended food there. All the workers in the restaurant except the Japanese boss speak both Japanese and Thai. Listening to the native speaking in Thai is certainly different than listening to the local Thai speaker in Malaysia, because I notice the native Thai speak in a more polite and softer tone.
I wonder if the spoons in Thailand are bended like this.
I have listened to my grandma, Mom and aunts who speak Thai to each other occasionally since I was young, so I can roughly understand them. I took this chance to eavesdrop the conversation between Takashi and his co-workers and then translated it to WinD haha. To be honest, Takashi looked kinda impressed when he noticed that I translated his conversation correctly haha. While waiting for the food to be served, we chatted a little bit. Soon after wards, the restaurant was slowly packed with customers, mostly Japanese.
Okay, get ready for the orgasmic food pictures.
Paoh Peay Sod
(Fresh spring rolls filled with shrimp, pork and herb, lettuce) - ¥950.

Pad Pakbung
(Stir fried morning glory) - ¥1,050.

Tom Yam Kung
(Spicy shrimp soup with coriander and herbs) - ¥1,600.

Poo Pad Phong Karee
(Stir fried crab with yellow curry powder) - ¥1,350.

Since Takashi works in this restaurant, we were served a special desert which usually only available when we order a course meal. I am not very sure of its name but it is boiled sweet potato, topped with coconut milk.
Ohh, did I mention that this desert was a service and we weren't charged for it.
A very simple desert, but it tasted great.

Our group picture, taken by the waitress in the restaurant who counted "nueng, song, sam" (one, two, three) before pressing on the shutter haha.

But there is more to come. The workers who dine in the restaurant are given ten percent discount, which means the dinner for the three of us that night was less than ¥4,500. Take into account that the restaurant is located in the middle of Tokyo metropolitan, and it serves foreign dishes, I guess that is quite cheap for a dinner for three.
We left the restaurant at six to visit to one of the must-visit-spot in Tokyo. Where would that be?


Kae Vin said...

the food looked fantastic.

Does Tokyo have fresh seafood? XD

and when both of you were not wearing the hoodie, it's the plain white T kind of gayness =_=

情侣装 XD

~Live Life~ said...

Now Im hungry...XD

calvin said...

@ kae vin:
okay, i know nibong tebal has the most fresh seafood on this planet =.=

now what does these three characters mean?

calvin said...

@ ~live life~:
hehe, paiseh for that xD

mafiqam said...

lepas ni tokyo tower ka...

KOKahKOK said...

情侣装= couple T!!!

may be we should say... UNIFORM instead of 情侣装.. lol

calvin said...

@ mafiqam:
yea, that should be an easy guess, right?

calvin said...

@ kokahkok:
why uniform? lol =P

KOKahKOK said...

dont you think that uniform sound nicer than 情侣装?

calvin said...

@ kokahkok:
but the main point is that we are not a couple lol xD