Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Wedding Invitation Cards Delivery

Primary school from the back.
"Sent wedding invitations card to SGI teachers, jogged around Lake Gardens,
bought tau sar pneah to take back, gonna make peanut biscuit tonight haha!"
That was the message I put up in my Facebook wall last night, which immediately attracted the attentions from other friends. They were asking where is their invitation cards. I am thinking to email them only-lah. Save cost and time haha! Anyway, since so many people were curious about that wedding thingy, I will explain the real story here.
School has reopened from this week onwards after the Raya break. Schools as in the primary and secondary school in Malaysia, not Japan. I returned to my secondary school yesterday morning to deliver something to the teachers. The stuff I wanted to distribute to the teachers were readily inserted inside some white envelopes. I walked into the staff room, and went to one group of teachers. Miss Ng, Puan Liang, and Puan Choo were there and I passed the mysterious white envelopes to them.
"What is this? Getting married isit?" asked Miss Ng.
"Haha, no-lah, just the pictures we took few weeks ago", I explained.
The canteen that still remain the same until today. However, I am not really a canteen-boy.
Perhimpunan for the afternoon session boys.
However, that statement from Miss Ng gave me an idea to pull some pranks to the rest of the teachers. I tried on several other teachers and some really believed that I was giving them my wedding invitation card haha. They were in disbelief state, kept on asking me if I am sure I am getting married at this young age, only to see their pictures inside the envelope. The one who kena the worst must be Puan Kunavathi, our Pendidikan Moral teacher. She laughed out so loud when she found out it weren't wedding cards, but pictures we took together lol.
I think she would now say I am a "budak tidak bermoral", not practising the "Nilai Kejujuran" haha. Wow, never thought I can still recall one of those sisteen "Nilai-nilai Murni" after so many years haha.

Talking about marriage and wedding stuff, I got something interesting to tell here. No, not that I am getting married, that is still some time to go. Besides, if I mention about this matter to my Mom, she will surely say to me, "You very hiau (gatal) aready isit? Wanna kahwin now?" haha.
Which SGI student doesn't recognise Mr Onn.
Okay here is the story. I was talking to Mr Onn, one of our favourite teacher who told us whoever who never get an A1 in Mathematics (not Add Maths), then that fella is considered failed in that subject. But I guess he is more famous for his (dirty) jokes told in the class during our Maths lesson than the lesson itself. Perhaps Mr Onn overheard the wedding invitation cards prank I was doing to the other teachers and while I was talking to him, he asked me if I am sure I am getting married already.
"You know or not, getting married is the first step towards suicide," he told me, which I think is quite true haha!
Fast forward several hours later, I was back home and after postponing the plan to make peanut biscuit for three days, I had my Mom to help me make them. Actually I am quite proud because this is the first time I bake something at home. Back then, I only helped my Mom whenever she bakes. Help as in helping her to spread egg yolk on the cookies before being bake, using the skills I acquired from helping my Dad when he paints the house haha.
I know Raya is over, but didn't they say that it lasts for one whole month? So, this can be considered as kueh raya also, no?
Ingredients needed: wheat flour, ground peanuts, sugar and cooking oil (not in the picture) in 3:3:2:2 ratio.
Mix everything in a huge bowl.
Knead until it turned like baby's poo.

Roll the poo into small balls and use toothpaste cover to indent the balls in the centre.
Spread egg yolk on top and bake for ten minutes. I know they look kinda gross here haha.
The outcome - successful ones.
The ones that got into two separate disastrous accidents haha.

I am taking four boxes of these back to Japan. Who want some of these can email me haha!


Chung Min said...

Hey 10 biji...terima kasih...haha
but i'm not in JAPAN.

mg said...

dun get married then :P

sakura said...

so, that's ur 'wedding card' eh?..

post some of those cookies for me too ;)

calvin said...

@ chung min:
then too bad lah.
it is only valid for people in japan xD

calvin said...

@ michelleg:
cannot! cannot! cannnot! xD

calvin said...

@ sakura:
yes, this is the wedding card i meant lol!

fufu said...

yeah get married soon la boy! erm... remember i love cheesecake one... see when you can bake one for me ya P)

calvin said...

@ fufu:
no way, it is still way too early to get married =P

hmmm, i am not that good in baking department, to be honest. but if you don't mind eating a burned cheese cake, why not? haha xD

Ken said...

Nampak mcm sedap jer~ 1 box here. Please deliver it to KK, Sabah! Haha...

calvin said...

@ ken:
kk? which kandang kerbau are you referring to?

sinye said...

wah..i love to eat this since young!!!

eh eh, more detail recipe can ar?..including the baking time..wanna try although NEVER jadi baking any nice one yet..always turned out hard as rock T^T

calvin said...

@ sinye:
i think this is one of everyone's favourite biscuit.

i have actually wrote quite comprehensive details on the recipe and method to make the peanut biscuit.

3:3:2:2 ratio means if you use 300 gram of wheat flour, you would need 300 gram of ground peanuts, 200 gram of sugar, and 200 gram of cooking oil. it should gives you around 200 pieces, but it also depends on the size of the biscuit you make.

baking time is around eight minutes and i think it's better to take it out once it turned golden brown; otherwise by the time you wait it to turn brown, it will become charcoal in the end haha xD

this is only my first time baking this biscuit, so i would say it turned out not bad. perhaps you had used too much of flour, that is why yours turned out to be hard >.<

Anonymous said...

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