Tuesday, September 22, 2009

SGI Class Of 2004 Gathering

Short note: The last couple of entries have been real long ones, so to take a break from those boring and lenghty entries, here is a short update from me. Besides, I am currently away touring to somewhere and will not be able to online for a couple of days.
The last time I saw some of them was back in early 2005, right after getting our SPM results. That is like more than four years ago.
I took the opportunity of the week-long Raya break to gather my batch mates in my high school a couple of nights ago. It was kinda a last-minute decision to organise this gathering, as we only started posting out the invitation a day before that at Facebook. Despite that, fourteen made it to the gathering at Prima food court, although two fella ffk-ed us - Kuok Hau the chairman and Ferdi the coordinator haha!
I hardly get to see them often during the semester break or long holidays because of my unfriendly schooling calender in Japan. In fact, I have missed celebrating Chinese New Year for the past three years and I have been unable to attend any CNY gatherings for the past several years. Since Raya falls in between my summer break, I knew most of them would be back to Taiping, hence this is the perfect time to meet them after a while. We did the usual catching ups and asking the most common question - "When are you graduating?" As expected, I am still gonna be the last one to graduate =.=||
Okay, time for group pictures. One discovery I made from the picture session that night; it is better for me to sit down in a group picture to maintain the picture's balance haha. Once I stand up, the picture sure koyak one haha.
First session.
Second session.

One secret I found out from this gathering, our Black Cat is no longer still single and he is waiting for girls to flirt with him haha!


~ferdinand~ said...

walau...i didn't ffk la...==
haha... are you sure you last to grad? that 2 india doctor leh...haha...

calvin said...

@ ~ferdinand~:
you put there as "attending" at facebook's event page, right? okay-lah, i know your intention is just to make it look like a lot of people is attending the gathering. so, i consider you as half-ffk, okay? haha xD

yes, i'm gonna be the last 'coz that two doctors from india are gonna get married to some rich indian tycoon's daughter and retire straight away, even before they graduate lol!

chung min said...

Ei im still single..Dont simply help me declare my status, later nobody want to flirt with me ar

calvin said...

@ chung min:
haha, how would we know. the way you told us made us think you're unavailable already-mah xD

anyway, i've edited the entry liao haha =P