Sunday, September 27, 2009

Seafood Dinner At Matang

My summer break is heading towards the end sooner than later, something which I try not to think about it.
Before I head back to Japan, my family and I, along with my grandma went to have a dinner together. The place was exactly the same place I went a week ago. Even the table we sat was the same table haha. The moment we walked into the restaurant, the workers already looked at us as if we are regular customers there. But we were there for the second time in less than a week, so I guess we can consider ourselves regular already-lah haha!
The signboard you should look for before turning left into Matang.
I will not be doing anymore introduction of this restaurant because I have done it in the previous entry, including the directions to the place. This time around, the numbers of customers were far lesser than a week before mainly because it was a week day, and also because most of the people from outstation had gone back to their cities.
A week earlier, there were old man who would guard the parking areas and demand for RM2 for each car after the customers had their dinner, before they leave. Clearly they were just trying to earn extra pocket money and I just ignored them. This time, they were nowhere to be seen demanding money from people but I still saw that same uncle sitting down by the drain. Perhaps he knew we were locals, and there would be hardly a chance for them to collect parking money.
Before our orders came, here are the list of casts this time around lol.
09-09-25 Dinner At Matang
I often make full use of my camera whenever I have free time, especially when I wait for the food to be served. Making full use of my camera here refers to taking random pictures of other people without their knowledge; although some knew I was taking their pictures, so they purposely pose at the camera =.=||
Actually, that refers to me-lah.
Pretending to talk to my sister (although kena ignored =.=||) so that I won't look like I'm posing to the camera wtf.
Mom started to emo 'coz the food aren't served yet haha.
Second Sister tried to cover her mouth from screaming too loud. a cat was underneath her chair haha. Kucing pun takut =.=||
Collecting ice cubes to throw at the cat lol!

Cold war between Mom and Sis haha!
Mom telling a secret to ah mah haha!

When I went to asked my grandma to tag along us, she told me she had had her dinner. That was only like half past five. But I insisted on her following us and treat is as a family outing. When I asked her later why she had her dinner that early, she told me something that made me LOL-ed.
"Actually I haven't eaten yet one. I bluff you only-mah. Hehe", she replied me with a smirk haha!
Like I have mentioned before, you will not made to wait too long before food are served.
Cabbage soup with eggs, seaweed and fried onions.
Stri fried dou miao (pea sprout) and bean sprout.
Stir fried big prawns.

Steamed fish with ginger, dried chillies, garlic and ien sui as garnishing.

Curry squid with onions.
Bird-eye chillies with soya sauce and chopped garlic.
Five-course dinner haha.
After 30 minutes, this is the outcome.
A family picture taken before food were served.
I think I should demand some payment from this restaurant for doing as many as two free writing-ups for them haha.


A. Lu said...

Wow! I'm the very first one reading this new post since I'm conveniently visiting your hungry ghosts post, my second reading post of yours. U do look alike your dad, my first time seeing his pic. Some food dishes do look alike those from previous post and it seems that u took from different position to woo us, ha ha!

calvin said...

@ a. lu:
i rarely post up his pictures here because he says he only make his appearance on special occasions haha.

yes, some dishes were exactly the same one as the previous post since they tasted really nice and we wanna have them for a second time. but i can assure you that they are all different pictures taken at two different times =)

fufu said...

never bring me there for seafood!!! know what? i love seafood la... =p hohoho okok next time ok? if not i will real kick your ass!!!

calvin said...

@ fufu:
oh my; i never knew you love seafood >.<
but never mind, at least now i know where should i take you the next time you visit taiping :)

p/s: don't always kick my ass la =P

fufu said...

lol well not necessary taiping ya, a place that famous for seafood also ok =p

calvin said...

@ fufu:
i think i know where to go - hawaii!
you know why? 'coz it's in the middle of the sea and the food must be good haha wtf!