Friday, September 11, 2009

NS Reunion Gathering

Short note: Pardon me for the lack of updates for the last whole week. I was away again and during that time, I didn't have Internet access, which explains why this blog was left abandoned for some time. If everything goes according to plan, I will be away again tomorrow. But no worries, because it would just be a day trip this time.
Perhaps not many people are aware that I attended the National Service (NS) camp after my SPM more than four years ago. Since then, I have never met any of the people from the camp, besides Looi and a few others. I would say that I've lost contact with almost all of them although I still have the biodata book (this word sounds so nostalgic, doesn't it?) which I had them write their details inside. Every time I'm back to Malaysia, they are usually busy with their studies, exams, and long working hours etc.
That took a change recently when Looi initiated a gathering for the ex-NS people. There has been two similar gatherings before this, and I thought of organising the third one while I am back this time. It was a third time lcky for me because the rest were willing to take some time off from their busy schedule to attend this gathering at Midvalley Megamall.
First up was waiting for every one at the McDonald's in front of the GSC Cinema. I was actually surprised because the girls reached there exactly on time. You know, I'd thought that they would be late by five to ten minutes, but I was wrong. In the end, it was the two of us - Looi and me who reached there on MST (Malaysian Standard Time). But we were fifteen minutes late which I think is still not too bad.
The Final Destination.
Before heading to search for places to have our lunch, we went to get our cinema tickets first. I let them decide what movie should we watch because I know I am totally out-dated on the latest movie on offer. In the end, they went for The Final Destination. Initially, I thought it would be a Star Wars sci-fiction kind of movie but once the show started, I was asking myself why on earth I'm watching such a gross movie haha. Another type of movie which I would never watch would be horror movie haha. They are just too chi kek for me.
The movie was in 3D version and although it was quite pricey at RM17, I guess it was worth the experience. After all, this is only my first movie for the last one or two years. I'm not gonna give a detailed review of the movie here but overall, the storyline was just alright. I would say there were times where you can tell what the next scene would be, but they still included a few funny and humorous scenes along the way which make it interesting. Besides, the duration of the movie was not too long or short. I would give a 8.5/10 rating for this movie.
After we got our tickets, we went around looking for suitable places to have lunch. I'm glad that we didn't walk rounds after rounds and still couldn't make a decision of a place to eat. There was one time when I was in PPKTJ, and we were out for a cinema outing at Times Square. We looked for a place to eat and walked passed every restaurants on every level for more than an hour. But in the end, we ended up eating economy rice near our hostel haha. This time, Chi Sum suggested that we have Korean food at Ko Hyang and everyone agreed straight away.
Ko Hyang - Korean Country Delights.
The menu at Ko Hyang.
Korean food certainly is nothing new for me because I have been to Seoul during the spring break early this year. But it was nothing compared to what I had in Seoul. This Korean restaurant is located at the ground floor around the food court that connects Midvalley and The Gardens.
Food portion served here is comparatively lesser and the side dishes were limited as well. In Seoul, the waitress will keep on adding the side dishes, without any extra charges. I have never tried any other Korean restaurant here, so I cannot really made too much judgments in terms of price and taste. But I guess it was just average.
Here is the food we had.
Oppss, sorry this is a drink, not food haha.
Kim Chi Ji Kye
(kim chi stew with rice).
Bi Bim Bap
(rice topped with vegetables, pasta and chicken or beef).
O jing Eo Bokem
(stir fried cuttlefish with rice).
Bi Bim Kuk Su
(sweet and spicy noodle).
Dak Bokem
(stir fried chicken with vegetables and rice)

Talking with them made me realised that I will be the last one to graduate among us. It is also the same when I am with my other circle of friends. But on the bright side, I can still have school holidays which they won't get to enjoy once they started working haha.
And finally, a group picture of us.
From left: Pit Hui, Chi Sum, Szi Mun, Wai Yen and Looi.
There were some spare time for us before the movie started; so we walked around The Gardens. Soon, was movie time after our lunch and we went to a food court to continue chatting and gossipping after the movie for the next couple of hours. But it was at The Gardens that I managed to get this shot of the five of them, fascinated with the real tropical fruits on display.
I was impressed too when I realised they weren't plastic fruits haha.


Anonymous said...

me no likey korean food

Kae Vin said...

i haven't got the chance to taste on korean food yet.

In Ampang there's a korean village and a lot of restaurants there are run by native koreans.

and they said it was cheap and tasty. :)

Anonymous said...

sux la , really

calvin said...

@ anonymous:
but i'm quite sure you love malaysian food =)

calvin said...

@ kae vin:
for a food hunter like you having not tasted korean food yet is something surprising.

we find one day and try the korean food at ampang together =)

calvin said...

@ anonymous:
chill dude, we go mamak one day =D

Anonymous said...

so nice la u , too bad were not frens:(

calvin said...

@ anonymous:
errr, you can introduce yourself, if you don't mind. or you can always drop me an email =)

Ken said...

Korean food is kinda too plain for me. Nihon ryori is my favourite!

I wish to join NS... It's so great to had selected for that. =(

calvin said...

@ ken:
i thought japanese food is far more plain than korean food? but i guess it depends on that individual.

you ought to think again because i heard they gonna extend the duration to more than three months >.<

~Live Life~ said...

How small this world is...I was browsing thru Kae Vin's blog and accidentally bumped into your blog...and accidentally bumped into this post which I saw one familiar face...u know Looi too?

Well, he is my coursemate and believe it or not?we hv the same birthdate!

Mtw, nice blog!

calvin said...

@ ~Live Life~:
wow, another new connection haha!

i've seen you for sometime at kaevin's blog, but i never knew looi is your coursemate lol!
i know looi from our time in ns and somehow, we still keep in touch with each other =)

where is your hometown? i guess you should know looi is leaving very soon.

and thanks for dropping by =)

~Live Life~ said...

I am from Penang...Oh ya, several coursemates just organized a steamboat farewell party for him last Friday night...

Keep in touch =)

calvin said...

@ ~Live Life~:
ohh, another penangite just like kaevin too. i'm actually quite familiar with penang, since i have been going there every time there are school holidays since i was small.

nice to meet you here =)

Anonymous said...

Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!