Saturday, August 1, 2009

The Price Of A LDR

"Your absence has not taught me how to be alone,
it merely has shown that when together
we cast a single shadow on the wall."
Doug Fetherling
A long-distance-relationship is never as simple as it seems to be.
However, I think we have done a great job in keeping it going - for two years and a three days to date. I won't make this post too sentimental; otherwise it will slowly turn too mushy and lovey dovey to some people's liking which eventually will make this blog of mine too personal for me to share with the rest.
I received a special package from Michelle two-and-a-half months ago, somewhere around the middle of May as our 22nd, 23rd and 24th month anniversary. Damn smart; sent me everything in one shot haha. It actually wasn't as bad as it sound because there were quite a few stuff inside the package, not just one stuff. Michelle made it like a game thingy, because there's an instruction for me to open the stuff in an order, on certain dates.
"Read this first!", said the instruction.
The gifts were all numbered.
There are six stuff in total, plus the yellow instruction-cum-letter (love letter, perhaps?) All the six stuff were numbered, from 1 to 6 and I had to wait until our second anniversary that I'm allowed to open the final mystery gift. That is like more than two months from then and to be honest, I was really impatient to open all of the gifts at once, which I did in the end.
After I'd opened all of them and seen what are those stuff, I wrapped them again to look like their original condition so that Michelle won't catch me cheating haha. At the same time, I act innocently as if I didn't have the slightest idea what's inside the wrapper. I guess by the time Michelle sees this, she would go;
"What the fish?!! I'm not gonna talk to you for the next ten days, your liar!! Always like that one, bluff me wuwuwu =\"
09-05-15 Baby's Parcel
Look at gift #2. Did Michelle sent me a dinosaur egg?
But wait, baby. Do you still remember what I constantly remind ourselves about LDR? It's all about trust and not misuse the trust from our partner, isn't it? Not wanting to misuse the trust Michelle had given me, also not wanting to spoil the suspense she had planned for us, I didn't open all the gifts at once like how I wished I had.
Haha, I conned you again, baby!
It started with gift #1 and #4, which were a pink tie and a blue shirt. I wore that for my interview at Chiba University for my university entrance exam nearly two months ago and although I had to go through an unforgettable experience, I passed the exam in the end and I can safely declare that this could be my lucky shirt.
Next was gift #2, in which I was supposed to open on June 6th, but too bad I was away for my university entrance exam, so I opened it several days earlier. It turned out to be an Easter Egg. Damn excited you know. I have live on this planet for twenty-two years and this is the first time I received an Easter Egg. Kinder Surprise is a milk chocolate shell with milky white lining containing a surprise toy. Wanna know what's the mysterious toy?
Read on; but it's not a sex toy arh. Don't luan luan think.
Picture 3.png
A random hand-written message on the stroke of midnight.
Gift #5 was supposed to be opened on our 23rd month anniversary and it turned out to be an assorted chocolates which comes in different colours and flavour. My favourite has to be Cadbury Moro(n), which tasted something like Cloud 9. This is what you would get when your girlfriend lives in New Zealand; lots of dairy products from the zillions of cows living there haha.
The final two gifts was gift #3 and #6, which were the last two gifts of the six gifts in total. Gift #3 as a packet of Pods, and she sewed an elephant as gift #6. But why elephant? Hmmm, maybe my size resembles an elephant haha. I was supposed to open it on our 24th month anniversary, but it wasn't until Michelle who reminded me about it on that night because I've totally forgotten about them. Perhaps it was because I'd received another parcel on the day itself.
Remember my previous entry, in which I was lamenting that I miss the Milk Shakes she sent to me? I didn't ask her to send me again, but somehow, she managed to read my mind and I got two packets of Milk Shakes plus a packet of Pods. That makes me a super happy boy haha.
By the way, there was also a card which I laughed out when I took it out from its envelope. Not revealing the content here, not because it's too much for you guys (in fact, there's nothing too gross in its content), but anyway, I loved the cover of the card. Just take a look at this.
Baby, I never know your drawing is that bad haha!
By the way, Calbit is actually my pet's name at Pet Society haha.
Michelle came out with an idea to take our picture together. You might wonder how can that be possible considering the fact that we are thousand of miles apart. That is made possible with Skype and webcam. Yeah, as much as I sound as if I am doing an advertisement for them, they have no doubt the two main tools of communication for most part of our relationship.
So here it goes.
Nagaoka, Japan.
Christchurch, New Zealand.
Michelle went one step further and suggest that we feed each other with our anniversary cake. Yeah, we got each other one slice of cake; mine was a peach short cake, hers was a blueberry new york baked cheesecake. So here is the two of us, feeding each other lol.
Think that this is too much? Not until you see Michelle's entry haha. But here's an early warning; please do not go there if you are those kind of people who find it hard to tolerate public-display-of-affection (PDA). Don't say I didn't warn you beforehand.
Like what I have promised earlier in this entry, I shall reveal what's inside that mysterious egg.
The egg is covered with a layer of chocolate shell.
A black doggie, a purple elephant, and now I got a green gorilla.
My room is so full with animals now that I can consider making it a zoo haha. I'm not charging any entrance fee, so wanna come? LOL.


Kae Vin said...

argh....milk, chocalate, so sweet!

and fattening too :)

Well like how i said last year i hope to see this post again in 2088.

well now u made it one year XD
so fast! Well,another 79 years to go :P

Reenybob said...

why are you naked on skype? 0_0

Reenybob said...

oh, and me and sheepie are fine.. good infact. 8 months soon :D and we going to melbourne for holiday tgr for a week in dec! DAMN EXCITED CAN.

oh oh, and back to this blog entry, (i keep remembering wat to say) NZ is not alot of cows. its alot of SHEEP. expect to receive a sheepskin rug in the near future :P hahaha.!

calvin said...

@ kae vin:
so sarcastic. typical kaevin =.=

by the time it's 2088, i think it would be a great achievement if i could finish typing one full sentence lol xD

calvin said...

@ reenybob:
i knew somebody's gonna pop up that question, and it turns out to come from you first xD

it's summer over here; summer= hot.

so, you should be able to work that equation out, right? xD

calvin said...

@ reenybob:
cool, you guys get to go for honeymoon when you haven't even reached your first year! i'm so jealous >.<

i mentioned cows 'coz the image of the fernleaf (milk powder product in malaysia; saw it a lot when i was small) advertisement always appear in my mind whenever i talk about new zealand.

but anyway, we are dating sheepie people, so we should expect to get sheep-related product quite often haha =P

Reenybob said...

we going to melb dec 9-16
our 1 year, is dec 13.
go figure :P

kh said...

summer so what ... my place is always 5C higher than your place but i still put on a Tee. and besides... its been raining non stop at your area.


Ken said...

Aiyor... U and her are so ngin ngan (in Cantonese). Lol...

Making me so envious to hunt a GF. Haha...

mg said...

haha true more sheep than cows here!! faster come to nz bunny!!!

>kh: haha eh did i say i wanted to send to u cookie time? forgotten already... eh but u also owe me a meal.. hmph... :P

calvin said...

@ reenybob:
woah, the 13th! isn't that an unlucky number lol =P

anyway, always remember to prepare the umbrella; just in case it rains ;)

calvin said...

@ kh:
that's the point. and it rained today again, on the fireworks festival day =\

anyway, if you're jealous, i'll make myself naked the next time we skype, okay?

calvin said...

@ ken:
eh, don't ber-canto with me. i don't understand one lol xD
longan i know, but ngin ngan i don't know haha =P

calvin said...

@ michelleg:
go there to see the sheep? i'd rather visit my hamster than to go to count the sheep in new zealand haha xD

kh said...

mich .. still have to send.
calvin.. yerrr .. i dont even video skype with you in the first place...

mg said...

sp funny when kh video skyped wit me for 5 sec to show his aisu kuriimu, lol

calvin said...

@ kh:
stop bluffing; you did. remember our practice session before my interview?

calvin said...

@ michelleg:
and he only show me his patrick all this while =.=