Tuesday, August 4, 2009

New Header For This Summer

Short note: We sometimes feel that life's unfair, but God has His reasons and I know he still loves me.
No, you didn't come into the wrong blog.
It has been three months since I started using the old header for spring, where I had it taken at some yellow field. It is already summer now, and I guess it's the right time for me to come out with a new header. Beach and sea is often related to summer, but too bad the nearest beach I got here is about one-hour away.
I figured out several different ideas and thought about trying to shot the header with a bright-coloured painted wall as the background. I took some time to survey within the proximity of the town for any suitable locations, and I found a location which I thought would suit my choice almost perfectly. Behold; my shooting location for my new header.
A hardware factory haha.
It was a Sunday evening, and nobody was working there. Besides, there isn't any signboards telling us that intruders will be prosecuted. You know, those familiar signboards where you always see in Malaysia with the line - "Penceroboh akan didakwa" and the drawing of a guy holding a gun aiming at another guy who is trying to escape haha. Furthermore, there were no fences around the factory, only some chains being put up to avoid outsider from going into the area. I know it is illegal for me to intrude into the area, so I consider myself lucky not being caught by the security guard.
You know why? That's because there wasn't any guards there, not even a watch dog haha. This time however, I had some extra challenge because I wasn't equipped with a tripod. So guess what was my solution in the end?
Bicycle came to my rescue haha.
After several attempts of failed shots, I finally came out with a shot which I think is decent enough to be used as my new header to replace the old one. Again, I didn't use Photoshop to edit this new header; I only used Picasa to adjust some colour balance and adding the font.
Here is the final product.

DSC09394 2

Summer 2009 blog header.
Tell me what you think in the comment's box, alright?


ahKOK said...

pan cool lo! haha

Kae Vin said...

you should take of ur shirt to show that it's really a hot summer :)

calvin said...

@ ahkok:
where got pan; memang cool wert haha =P

calvin said...

@ kaevin:
tell me why i'm not surprised to get such comment from you.
anyway, this is a personal blog of mine, not a public porn site =.=

Anonymous said...

it looks so "i-am-a-factory-worker-that-is-trying-to-emo"

Ken said...

Erm... No comment. But prefer the previous one. No offence. =P

amalina said...


kh said...

i'm gonna shiver till i almost die. just like what happened in your previous post.

calvin said...

@ anonymous:
perhaps that fits my current mood perfectly.

calvin said...

@ ken:
your reasonings?

calvin said...

@ amalina:
yes, i am.

calvin said...

@ kh:
i hope this won't be the last comment i get from you =)

naqiubex said...

So its summer.. don't forget to post something when you go to the beach...
you know what I mean.. hehe

calvin said...

@ naqiubex:
no, i don't =P