Friday, August 28, 2009

Down To KL

After returning to Taiping for barely a day from my Penang trip, I headed downwards; this time to KL.
I was contemplating initially, whether or not to go down KL because of the influenza factor which is becoming more and more alarming lately. In the end, I made up my mind at the last minute and packed my stuff before going to grab my bus ticket later that evening. Good thing that it was a Monday and ticket will always be available anytime.
For two straight mornings, I followed my aunt to the city. This was taken when we were stuck at Federal Highway past seven in the morning.
Old Kuala Lumpur Railway Station.
Reached the parking lot and we walked to KLCC through the KLCC Park. Look at the sky! So blue, no clouds at all!
We had our breakfast at the KLCC food court, which I noticed had gone through some renovations. The food court looks much better now.
Roti canai with teh tarik, a breakfast set too common for Malaysians, eh?
Stopped by the staircase leading to Pasar Seni LRT station to have a look at Yasmin's mural painted along Klang River Banks. I hope DBKL will let this one remain there.
I was supposed to go over to the Eric's (Michelle's brother) convocation later that day. However, I decided to visit the new Kolej Teknikal Jepun (KTJ) place in INTEC in the morning first since I had no plans in the morning. It was my first time there, so I tried locating the place by asking the locals along the way. After more than an hour, I finally reached INTEC in Section 19, Shah Alam.
I was wearing a half-formal attire on that day, so I just pretended to be another students of INTEC and went straight to the KTJ blocks. I don't think the security guards had any idea I was an outsider haha. The place looks much better than the previous location - Yayasan Selangor Building. Lecturers' room, which was located next to the old library were bigger, but the classrooms were still a bit small. I still believe the old place we had in UTM was the best of all.
I managed to catch up with a few lecturers who used to teach at PPKTJ - Eikawa Sensei, Itou Sensei, Sato Sensei, Itou Seiko Sensei. As for the other lecturers, they were new and I didn't really talk with them. I took this opportunity to do some final discussions regarding the KTJ Workshop later this month with Eikawa Sensei and Ms Kamilia Ab Wahab, who is the Head of the Look East Policy Programme.
The entrance road to INTEC.
KTJ shares the same block with other oversea courses like South Korea and Russia.
Lecturers' room - still looked the same like PPKTJ's time, except the pink wall haha.
Eikawa Sensei had some dancing practices with the juniors as they were gonna perform in some cultural night event the next day.
When I went to the classrooms and saw the juniors, I somehow felt myself being so old already haha. Perhaps they are still very playful and that makes them look childish? I'm not sure. Although I sometimes find that they are a bit childish, I'm aware that I used to be like that once upon a time lol. The juniors had lectures most of the time, and I didn't really talk to them. Instead, when I was waiting for Eikawa Sensei earlier, one young boy looked at me from some distance and he later approached me, asking me "Are you Calvin?"
To be honest, I was quite surprised that he knew my name, but I later found out he was my junior at my secondary school and also my Mom's ex-student when he was in Primary Two. I also met up with another guy, also from my secondary school who is my sister's friend. Talk about how small this world is. By the way, both of them are currently taking the technical course to South Korea.
Before leaving, Eikawa Sensei drove me out and we had lunch together at some nasi kandar restaurant opposite of the students' hostel. I was kinda impressed by how expert Eikawa Sensei when he made his orders. "Nasi ayam satu, teh limau ais satu!" But of course, with his little kawaii Japanese slang haha.
The people at KL Sentral station were getting impatient and restless after they kept on delaying the train time.
This one was taken at Serdang station; they used an old coach to pull the komuter coaches on rainy days fearing that it would be dangerous if they continue operating the komuters on electricity.
One thing I will never leave out here is the poor service of KTM Komuter. I know this is an old issue, KTM will never be on time. However, what I went through for two days was a nightmare. I took KTM rides for six times within a couple of days, and out of the six times, I was made for one-long hour each on two occasions. WTF, right?
You make us wait for ten, or even twenty minutes and we can still tolerate it, but one hour? Obviously, it's just too much. If you can't provide the service according to the schedule, then don't put it up, because that will only make people waste their time waiting for the trains. Furthermore, there wasn't anybody who commited suicide by jumping into the railway tracks, and it wasn't raining heavily either. How if someone has something urgent on? Lesson learned - never take KTM Komuter, especially you're in a hurry, unless you really need it. The service sucks big time!
That stupid late train caused me to arrive late at Eric's convocation at UKM. When I was there, they were out already. Anyway, while waiting for Eric and Wendy to finish with their photography sessions with their friends, I managed to see his parents as well, waiting under a tree far from the crowd. I'm not gonna reveal in detail how the so-called 'bonding session' went, but I think I did okay haha. Damn nervous you know, especially when Michelle isn't around.
Congrats to you, Eric!
On the next day, it was Looi's turn and I went to the same place again - UKM in Bangi.
Learning from my experience the previous day, I went out earlier this time and managed to reach UKM on time. In fact, I was a bit early there; so I went to see Hieda Sensei who teaches Japanese Language there. Hieda Sensei used to be one of the part-time Japanese lecturer at PPKTJ and she is now happily married with a local guy with several kids. We had a good one-hour chat session in her room. After that, I headed to the main hall to meet-up with Looi.
Hieda Sensei, who gives you the same face expression even if you take 93452398 shots of her.
DECTAR, where the convocation ceremony was held.
Only two person were allowed into the hall, the rest had to wait outside or watch the ceremony live inside an indoor hall, Panggung Seni.
Convocation means business opportunity for florists and teddy-bearists (what do you call people who sell teddy-bear arh? haha)
Graduates coming out from the main hall.
No doubt the Dad is proud with his daughter.
Congrats to you too, Looi!
During my time in KL, I crashed at my aunt's place in USJ.
This is my aunt's youngest daughter, who is still very shy with me.
Wen Hui trying to have some fun with her hamsters haha.
Three illegal hamster's traders haha.
The under-the-staircase indoor playground owned by Chong Wen Hui lol.
Youngest aunt brought me to the famous nasi lemak stall at Taipan in USJ. I don't know why, but Taipan always reminds me of
tapir haha.

On my third and final day in KL, Looi drove me and his family to have our lunch first after his convocation ended. He then brought me back to his relative house in Sungai Long to have some rest first before I go to the city to take my bus back to Taiping.
This is how wan tan mee looks like in KL. I still prefer the wider and thinner version you get from the northern region.
I missed the train by five seconds and was made to wait for almost another 50 minutes to board the next train. Took the free time to do this kind of stuff haha.
Ta pao
-ed (woah, got past tense some more haha) some kuih on the bus because I had no time to have dinner.
Actually the kuih picture is nothing significant, but I'm sure people oversea would long to have these haha.


ahKOK said...

the mural painting damn nice!!!

anne said...

eh din come find me. :(

ns29 said...

agree with the Hieda sensei statement

Anonymous said...

ur bro in law , is an engineering grad rite ?

Ben Foo said...

Three illegal hamster's traders? lol
it's like stair. Ting tong tiang. lol

calvin said...

@ kokahkok:
yes, i love it a lot too =)

calvin said...

@ anne:
yikes, i didn't know you're in ukm. next trip, perhaps? =)

calvin said...

@ ns29:
but isn't that makes ours special?

calvin said...

@ anonymous:
haha, my bro-in-law?! lol!
nope, he's from the science faculty =)

calvin said...

@ breachno:
that caption came to me spontaneously haha xD

sakura said...

oh gosh~talk abt small world-

u knew Hieda Sensei? She's the sensei who taught me when I studied Japanese during my final undergrad year! lol ^^

sakura said...

I was there during the UKM convo s well~ but there're too many ppl, otherwise u would've been easy to spot ^^

btw, nice pics! From ur blog, it's s though I'm the one travelling - the only thing is i'm still in fnt of the comp, hehe..

calvin said...

@ sakura:
haha, i wonder how many other stuff that are still there that relate us xD
so, what hieda sensei used to address you when you were in her class? sakura-chan? =P

calvin said...

@ sakura:
yes, it would be an almost impossible task to look for somebody if you don't have a mobile phone with you. who knows, perhaps one day we might come across each other =)

sakura said...

haha,who knows? the world is so small.

nah, she din call me tat of course.

my uni friends started calling me 'sakura' bcos my name 'yin hwa' sounds a bit like sakura in chinese.

my primary n 2ndary school friends call me by my surname :p

haha, sensei calls me 'cham-san'.

c got fate in future or not - perhaps really might b able 2 meet ;)

calvin said...

@ sakura:
if the world is really small, i would have gone to christchurch every weekend xD
i could make fun of your name 'cham-san', but i think i better not haha =P
yeah, i have a feeling we will meet in the satay celup restaurant along ong kim wee road one day. wow, even malacca's road's name is already in my brain!

stella said...

yer...went to usj so near to sunway...never drop by at sunmed also =P

calvin said...

@ stella:
hi! haha, i never know you're at sunmed. the only medical centre i know around that area is sjmc xD
i go down there very often, so perhaps we would have a chance in the future =)