Thursday, July 9, 2009

We Played Balls Together

Short note: We had a lecture in which we had to translate research papers written in English into Japanese last week. There was one sentence: "Remembering that α, β are real ..." and guess how my Japanese classmate translated it? His translated sentence was: "α, β が実数を覚えてください". That is like saying something like, "Please remember that α, β are real ...". Everyone, including the lecturer burst into laughter the moment he read his funny Japanese-translated version and I think he was a little bit offended when we made fun of him haha. He insisted that he went to the English lecturer to help him on the translation and that was what the lecturer told him. Haha, poor little boy.
Sorry for the title which sound a bit salah.
It was a holiday in our college last Thursday, because we had a ball game competition. Sorry-hor, I know the term doesn't sound natural, but that was what written in my dictionary. I know I have blogged about this event for the past couple for years, but this would be my third and final year here to blog on this event. Furthermore, there is a new team formed this year unlike the previous years - Team Chikyu Lab, which mainly comprises of the international students in our college.
Our presence in such events often strikes a sense of fear to the oppositions because they always assume that our team are strong and at the same time, unknown, as in our playing style. The very first time we had such team during the sports day last year, our tug-of-war team went all the way until the semi-finals.
Futsal team of 5th Year Mechanical Engineering, just before our first game; me touching my butt for some luck maybe haha.
Will the #8 jersey bring me any luck?
There are four main sports during this ball game competition - futsal, basketball, dodge ball and volleyball. The first two were played in the first gymnasium while the last two were held as the second gymnasium. Of the four sports, I played in every of them for the international students' team. Besides that, I also played in the futsal game for my class in which we lost in the very first game to the 3rd Year Civil Engineering class by a solitary soft goal. In that game, I hardly get to move around freely because they had one player to mark me so tightly throughout the game. You know, when you got marked all the time, it's really frustrating. Anyway, that didn't bother me as much as last year because I was more concentrated on helping the Chikyu Lab team to progress as far as possible in all four competitions.
The first futsal game was against 4th Year Material Engineering class and we thought it would just be a breeze for us before the game.
The futsal team of Chikyu Lab: Hong Yao, Arogo (partly hidden), Calvin, Azie, Ridzuan and Syah the captain.
In the end, it needed a lucky goal for us to win the game by a single goal. The opposition's goalkeeper somehow mistakenly threw the ball on Syah's direction and he just slotted the ball into the net on a one-on-one situation. The next game was against Arogo's class, and he decided to betray the team and play for his class instead. No matter how much I tried to persuade him to stay in our team, he insisted to playing for his team.
Since he seemed to be firm in his decision, I tried to bribe him by telling him to concede own goal for his class to give our team some advantage. He laughed off at my suggestion haha wtf. So, the game began and guess what happened in the end? Team Chikyu Lab who was the firm favourites, lost the game 0-1 to an own goal and you guess that right; I was the culprit who conceeded the own goal to the opposition, off a corner kick. I don't know why my left foot was so itchy to hit the ball into the empty net. Haha, I think the bad karma just returned to haunt me for trying to bribe Arogo before the game.
Volleyball game.
After the futsal team crashed out from the competition, Chikyu Lab team was left with three other competition - volleyball, dodgeball and basketball. We won the first game of the volleyball without much difficulties. Well, maybe because it was against a team comprising of all females using a rubber ball, which look more like a beach ball. But in the second game, we didn't have such luck and I got the news that our team had crashed out to 5th Year Electronics Control Engineering team when I was on my way to join them.
Dodge ball was nothing much different because we crashed out, also in our second game. It was against the lecturers and staffs' team and their team outnumbered us by twice. We had only seven players and they had fourteen. The only consolation we can take from the game is that we lost by only one player in the end. Yet, we still lost the game.
Dodgeball game.
Personally, it was my first time playing this game and I didn't know the rules of the game at all. That didn't bother me and I just looked and tried learning the rules of the game as I play haha. During the game against the lecturers and staffs, I think there were no less than five times when I got hit the moment I returned to my team's corner. My hypothesis is that my body area is much bigger than other people and that increases my probability for the people to hit me with the ball haha.
After the Chikyu Lab team lost in three competitions, all in the second game, we were left with only basketball. It was rather a disappointing result so far for us because we have had higher targets; we thought we could at least progress into the semi-finals for each competition but it didn't happen. So, the basketball competition began. There are five players in each team and we had Yan Kuang, Sodo, Wei Shen and Hong Yao in our team. But that's only four and guess who was the fifth player?
Yes, it's me (again) haha.
The second game in which I got hugged the whole game haha.
Just in case you don't know, I do not play basketball; or should I rephrase, I sucks in that game haha. But the team needs another player to make a complete team, so I was called into the team a.l.a. bidan terjun style haha. We got a bye in our first game, and our second game was against 2nd Year Mechanical Engineering team. The moment the game started, I realised they made their tallest player to stick to me all the time. Not only that, he was grabbing my all over my body as if he's gonna molest me haha wtf. So, as a gesture of appreciation, I returned his favour by hugging them haha.
You see, I wouldn't have started the rough play if they didn't do it first.
Saw the guy with the #5 jersey?
He was the one who sticked to me throughout the game without fail.
Having a sixty-seconds halftime break and we could still crack some jokes.
During the match, I overheard that guy who marked me telling his teammate: "Wei, this guy is far too huge for me-lah". I think my presence there was enough to cause headaches to them. Unlike Yao Ming who gets injured so easily, I wasn't there to get injured but to injure people haha.
We won our next game and found ourselves in the semi-final already, all thanks to my stupid acts in the court haha. But to win against our opponents in the semi-final match is next to impossible; it was my class, which comprises of all the school players, including the captain. And just in case you are wondering how strong is our school team, they were the champions of the Kanto region last year.
The last four teams remaining in the basketball competition.
Nobody gave us any hopes of winning the match; in fact we already know what the result will be. So, we merely went into the game, and decided to enjoy the game. I know the opposition wasn't playing at their best level because it would make the final score too unbalance. Unlike the matches in the earlier rounds, the twos semi-finals and final matches were played in full court. Since the prize-giving ceremony will be held immediately after the final match, people began to fill the gymnasium when the semi-finals games were held.
It felt nervy to have so many people watching the favourite team playing against the international students' team. But like I said, we treated it as a friendly game and played the game without any pressure.
You will probably make this kind of stupid move when you are merely having fun haha.
Everyone was anticipating for the final game.
The final game was between 5th Year Mechanical Engineering and 3rd Year Electrical and Electronics Engineering. It was indeed a fascinating game and everyone in the gymnasium truly enjoyed the game. My bet was on my class to win the match and they took a commanding lead early in the game, only for the opposition to level up things.
Then came final few moments which was as dramatic as any professional matches you often watch. The score was levelled at 14-14 and the time shows that there's only tens seconds remaining. My insticnt somehow told me that the captain will pulled something out in the final moments and I wasn't left disappointed. It was the final attact from my class and from the left side of the court, the captain pulled out a magical throw with his right hand and got the winning points, with only 0.1 seconds remaining.
How can it get any more dramatic than this?
The final score.
The rest of my classmates who was seated at the opposite end with my class teacher, immediately ran into the court and celebrate the win, to the dismay of the opposition. Even though they were really unlucky to lose in the final second of the game, credit have to be given to them for showing the fighting spirit like they did when nobody gave them any chances againsts my class. But I am sure next year onwards, they will be the team to beat.
What happened in that final second of the game also reminds us not to give up until the end in whatever we do because we would never know what could happen during the last few moments, until something is really decided for certain.
A group picture with my classmates of 5th Year Mechanical Engineering.
See what our class teacher did on the next day; he framed both certs and placed it on top of the blackboard in our class haha.
By the way, my class was won the dodgeball competition as well and it was a double-double celebration for us because we also won both competition last year. And guess what, after the class monitor went to received the prizes, our class teacher Kondo Sensei asked him over and we saw him handing him a note. I didn't see it clearly, but apparently, it was a 10,000 yen (RM350) note and all of us shouted, "Is that a bribe??!" haha.
As for the Chikyu Lab team, it was just a third placing finish in basketball.
The basketball team with the winning certificate and Mr Haga.
Sorry-lah Aki, you were sleeping when this picture was taken xD
Remember the widely discussed boyband we formed some distance back? Now, with the numbers we have here, we can form a football team already haha.


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