Sunday, July 12, 2009

Plastic Bag From The Future

Can somebody tell me what does this message mean?
It seems that the plastic can sell itself.
Based on the recent announcement, I'm not surprise if our grandchildren's' English will turn like this in thirty years' time.


Ken said...

I was having my hard time to interpret the meaning...Haha

Maybe u should read this for a laugh!

Kae Vin said...

lol even the chinese part is wrong!


calvin said...

@ ken:
well, i guess unless you understand the japanese version, it would be hard for anyone to understand it >.<

calvin said...

@ specialhuman:
really? what does it say in the chinese version?

kh said...

aiya... you also learnt your sci and math in BM ma... but still can speak and write nicely in english.. so much so in the position to laugh at people... its ok la... lol

Jong said...

Haha it is a campaign actually. You haf to buy the plastic bag for 5 Yen each if you want to use it.

Pay for what you use in order to reduce the usage of plastic bag.

Evelyn G. said...

haha, what a sign board

calvin said...

@ kh:
yeah, that is the reason i have such a poor command in the language now. best example: deadline becomes dateline =.=

calvin said...

@ gyee jong:
yup, it's actually a campaign to educate the public to reduce the usage of plastic bag in their daily shopping, especially groceries.

so, if we do not want to pay the extra cash of 5 yen for each plastic bag, we would have to take our own bags when we do our shopping. hence it would reduce the plastic bags usage.

this is one simple step that everyone can contribute to save our earth from the alarming global warming =)

calvin said...

@ yenniedoll:
you would find this common in japan xD

super invisibleman said...

ya...the chinese part was wrong, especially the 1st sentence. I dont understand what it means if i duno nihongo.

calvin said...

@ super invisibleman:
they ought to take a better person to do the translation next time, and not rely on yahoo translator haha xD