Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Happy 2nd Anniversary

"The greatest weakness of most humans
is their hesitancy to tell others
how much they love them while they're alive."
Orlando A. Battista
Ask yourself when was the last time you tell your Mom that you love her.
It has been a two-year-long journey.
But I just feel as if it was just yesterday that we call ourselves a couple. It was more like a secret between both of us in the beginning, wasn't it? Remember how we were hesitating whether or not we should announce our status to our parents, family and friends? I still remember how you told your Mom that you already had a boyfriend.
"Eh, Mommy, I got a boyfriend already, you know. Although we are on a long-distance relationship, I don't care what you will say about it. I want this."
It was almost like a dictatorial announcement towards your Mom, rather than to listen to her opinion, listen to what she had to say. Mom being her usual self like any other time, it was fortunate that she didn't say this to you in return, "Aiyaaa, you're trying to show off isit?"
You know, in that kind of tone that she always speak to me, in which I'm already expert in imitating that familiar tone since I sorta "praised" her cooking last time haha.
For the second straight year, we couldn't celebrate this day together. Perhaps that is the reason behind the fact that people rarely believe in long-distance-relationship. Being in this kind of relationship, it is almost certain that we would never be able to enjoy, to feel and to understand how is it like to be together, doing what couples do together most of the time. However, we are doing great so far, aren't we?
Nevertheless, reflecting to the times we had gone through so far, I do admit that we sometimes did quite badly during those periods.
Skyping is like a daily routine for us, isn't it?
We sometimes envy those couples who get to have dinner together, kick the ball in the field together, go to pasar malam together, tease and pinch each other, laugh when one of us do some silly stuff, watch a romantic movie together, or go travelling together. Of all these things couples always do together, I guess I know what you envy them the most - that would be none other than to go shopping together.
Please tell me I'm wrong.
Actually, shopping together with you can be fun.
Shopping together with you is just one of the many things I miss doing with you.
scary face
# 1 - I miss drawing silly pictures with you, and we would compare whose drawing is better. Never mind, like what we've agreed, we will let KnK judge, okay?
# 2 - I miss giving your free Japanese lesson, and I'm glad you're a fast learner. But the bad thing is, you forget what you've just learned very fast at the same time.
I think you have stolen some of my kingyo syndrome haha.
# 3 - I miss webcaming with you at the airport, waiting for your connecting flights.
# 4 -
I miss the moment of getting to see you at the arrival hall, waiting for me with your cheerful but a bit blur face.
# 5 - I miss looking at you putting on your make-up, although all I know about make-up is to take the lipstick and randomly draw it on the lips.
# 6- I miss making you say that my cooking is delicious, although the fact is that they really taste nice haha wtf.
# 7- I miss going to the fishing village and we would get your favourite 20 cents red-bean ice-cream, and eat the ice-cream while walking through the streets of the village, much to the weird stares from the half naked uncles and little kids who runs everywhere.
# 8 - I miss riding on the duck boat with you and boasting how beautiful the Lake Garden is. Malacca doesn't have a proper place to jog, does it?
# 9 - I miss looking at how you really concentrate when you're baking. Being "scientific" not only when you are doing your medical stuff, you are still the same even when you bake. Maybe that is the reason why my cake always ended up uncooked because I'm too "unscientific" and random when it comes to baking haha.
# 10 - I miss hopping onto the see-saw and spend the evening together at the playground opposite your house, while counting at the number of crows in the sky haha.
# 11 - I miss the posing session when we were waiting for our orders to be served, and how Vic would look at us from afar and give his trademark annoying face haha. By the way, remember the lady at Secret Recipe kept on staring at us when we camwhore there?
# 12 - I miss welcoming the New Year under the beautiful display of fireworks in the heart of Malacca town.
# 13 - I miss taking Puripura with you, and I will take you to try the more canggih one in Japan one day.
# 14 - I miss your Milk Shakes. Only if Japan has more cows to produce more milk to make more Milk Shakes haha.
# 15 - I miss having a simple birthday celebration with you and your loved ones.
Those are just some of the things I miss doing with you.
However, if there is one thing I wish I'd I hope I won't have to go through again, that would be the agony of bidding farewell at the airport. Like I've said before, I have a love-hate relationship with the place they call airport. It has always been me leaving you behind; but you know what, I am almost certain that the feeling of walking into the departure hall and not having you coming together with me, is as hard as you seeing me disappearing out of your sight.
I have a simple wish; that is we would not have to go on separate ways again the next time we are in the airport. I have no idea when will that happen; of course I hope it will be as soon as possible but that is not something for us to decide.
As I'm typing this entry, you just called me, telling me that you are at the mall waiting for the bus. You sounded so excited. See, like I just said earlier, there won't be anything as exciting as shopping to you, right? Not even me, no?
I don't plan to crap too much in this entry because if I were to write everything what I wanna tell you, this will turn into an endless entry. I hope you will like this short entry, to mark our second anniversary. Thanks to the function that allows me to edit the mistake made in each entries, you won't find any "fivety"-kind-of spelling error (an inside joke) in this entry haha. Don't have to scroll up and to confirm it, because I have done it several times.
Stay cheerful as always and take good care of yourself in my absence, my lovable hamster.
With love,
Your blur bunny

P/S: Now that you've finished reading this entry, go stalk Michelle's blog for her entry on our second anniversary.


kh said...

its purikura プリントクラブ ... or did you purposely modify the word to make it sound cuter?

... michelle is crying in that photo!!

=chuan guan= said...

wow..sweet man

Kae Vin said...

happy 2nd anniversary :)

mg said...

yea so sad.. huhu.. thanks baby!!!! <3

btw when i called u at the mall, i was waiting outside for the bus~~ didnt shop okay!! (grocery shopping is not counted as shopping) lol.. =P

KOKahKOK said...

aiyeryer....sweet 2nd anni! haha.... happy anniversary ah!

KOKahKOK said...

aiyeryer....sweet 2nd anni! haha.... happy anniversary ah!

TZ said...

Happy Anniversary dude!... It's not easy to have distance relationship. Keep up the good job eh! :)

Unknown said...

happy anniversary calvin...good luck in you relationship....and your exam(right??)...

Innocent^^Guy said...

nobody miss the times when i constantly trying to make and break u guys? LOL

calvin said...

@ kh:
puripura comes from mich. but since you already come out with an excuse to cover up my ignorance, so yea, it was meant to make it sound cuter lol =P

p/s: sorry, crying photo is no more xD

calvin said...

@ =chuan guan=:
yours is sweet too =D

calvin said...

@ kae vin:
faster go get a girlfriend so that i can say the same to you!

calvin said...

@ michelleg:
i know; but still, nothing beats it whenever i mention the phrase "lets go shopping?" xD

calvin said...

@ kokahkok:
i'm waiting for your turn xD

calvin said...

@ tz:
i have to admit sometimes we just feel like giving up; but we still hang on because we believe it can work out.

thanks for your encouragements =)

calvin said...

@ shahirul:
thanks a lot. yup, no luck at all in the exam this time >.<

calvin said...

@ innocent^^guy:
you know why? it's because you constantly failed in your attempt to break us apart xD

Wan Nor Dalila bt Wan Mahmood said...

happy 2nd anniversary...
it`s a loooooooong post kedo,
kando shita(xpasal2 kando plak..hehe)
..bile la shahirul nk buat gak eh??hehehe

Anonymous said...

nice,what a model long distance couple ..:) ..happy 2nd year anniversary..!

Reeny said...

hi kachng.!
i saw michelles blog. cute la u two., except for the fact that the last few pics on her blog, ok, Im sorry but i found them real amusing! just cos u are my cousin and yeh. uh... YEHHHH LOL.

otherwise, good job 2 years! :)
hope u make it to 3. :P

K3ViN said...

Sooo sweet.... Hapi 2nd anni.... Sooo envy nia :P

calvin said...

@ shah_ila:
thank you =D
you'll never know; he might show his affection in other ways xD

calvin said...

@ chaiei:
for you to say that we are a model of long-distance couple make us a little flattered. nevertheless, thanks a lot xD

p/s: overheard that there's something mushy going on in your room every night =P

calvin said...

@ reenybob:
haha, amusing in what sense?
i smell something isn't right here lol xD

p/s: how's sheepie and you doing? i know you both are doing great too!

calvin said...

@ k3vin:
thanks a lot =D

naqiubex said...

Cool.. they say long distance relationship is romantic...

My sis also have this kind of relationship.. One in ukraine and his boyfriend in Dubai... wer...

calvin said...

@ naqiubex:
i think in this modern age, ldr being uncommon is a thing in the past. romantic is one thing, but it comes with a great sacrifice and lots of efforts to keep it going ;)

send my regards to your sis and all the best to her too!