Monday, July 20, 2009

The Dark Side Of Facebook

Short note: It is a public holiday here in Japan today, as they celebrate the Marine Day or Umi-no Hi. Two years back on this day, I experienced my first ever earthquake, and what a huge one it was on that morning of July 16th, 2007.
I was Skyping with my mom last night as usual, and she told me something which shocked me. A mother of my youngest sister's classmate went to the school and looked for my sister to interrogate her. The class teacher saw it from afar and the mother was talking while using her hands to gesture about what's happening. Apparently, the daughter went back and complained to her mom that my sister took her (the daughter) stuff and brought them back home. Sounds pretty serious, isn't it? I never know that my little sister is such a thief all this while.
Apparently, my sister went into her friend's house and shifted all of her things to her (my sister) house, and in the end, there were nothing else left. So, that girl was so sad that she cried and complained to her mom. It got ever worse that the mother of that girl called my house phone and coincidentally, my mom was the one who picked up the phone. So, to clear up things, my mom asked her to explain the situation once again. The conversation was something like this.
Mom: Yea, so what's wrong?
Aunty: You know-arh, my daughter came back yesterday. Then she complained to me. She said your daughter curi all her stuff already.
Mom: Harh? What stuff?
Aunty: I also dunno-lah. My daughter said your daughter carried all the stuff from her house to your daughter's house. Now, my daughter's house got nothing already; all empty-liao.
Mom: You sure or not? My daughter also didn't go to your house, how to curi the stuff wor?
Aunty: Dunno-lah. She said she's playing some game; at dunno what Facebook or something like that-lah. So, now she wants your daughter to return all her stuff to her-lah. You tell you daughter faster return those stuff lah. My daughter here say all her stuff kena curi already, then some more every day cry, I very fan-lah.
Mom: Oooo... game only isit? I thought really one. =.= Okay, okay, I tell my daughter afterwards.
Aunty: Yea-lah, you dunno meh nowadays. They play these games every day one. Some games some more can open restaurant one, some can buy land, some can plant vegetables, some can own a farm, then sell the plants some more. Haih, kids nowdays... Macam macam-lah...
The moment my mom finished telling me the story, I couldn't stop laughing haha. Damn stupid, right? I thought my sister really went to her friend's house and steal some stuff from there. Mana tau, it was only a game at Facebook. So, I told my mom maybe it's the Pet Society game, in which I play occasionally as well.
Picture 18.png
Talking about Pet Society, I started playing it after being forced for so long by my sister.
When she saw me started playing the game, she sent me a message: "woah, you finally play pet society hor. see, told you liao, nice kan? and btw, your calbit so kesihan lah. why let him naked one. go get something for him to wear lah. later he cold lah"
Picture 8.png
I think I can never keep a pet. Even a virtual one is abandoned already haha. Dah-lah naked, smelly some more haha. Just look at the flies on Calbit's body lol.

Kids nowadays. During our childhood time last time, where got such games one. But now, you can do nothing but spend the whole day at Facebook, by playing at the tons of applications there, especially the games. Tell you what, some people can really get addicted to a great extend. Take my aunt for example. She told me the other day that she was back to my grandma's house and there was no Internet connection there. So, she had no choice but to call her colleague to harvest the plants at her farm.
Memang confirmed game addict already haha.
If you ask me to choose between Barn Buddy or Farm Ville, I would prefer Barn Buddy; well, because at Barn Buddy, you can steal people's vege and fruits haha. But sometimes you gotta be careful 'coz there is a dog at some people's farm. So, there is a chance that you may get bitten by that dog. However, it is not all the time, because sometimes the dog can be pretty stupid and you can steal all the ready-to-be-harvested veges and fruits at the farm haha.
Picture 17.png
Nevertheless, Michelle used to be the one who managed my farm at Farm Ville because I was sort of made to play that game. Honestly, I don't really fancy that game since I can't steal stuff from other people's farm haha. But if I play the game, she would be able to receive gifts from me, so I started playing it although most of the time, she will be the one who manages my farm, like doing the planting, harvesting and expending the farm.
The only thing I do is to play with the animals I rear at my farm. Playing with the animals as in arranging them properly and neatly. However, Michelle has been complaining to me that my arrangement of the animals looks really wrong, and younger kids like my youngest sister might visit my farm and how should I explain to them if they ask me why my animals are in such positions.
Picture 24.png
Can't get a clear view?
Picture 23.png
Here is a closer-shot.
So, I told Michelle that I will just tell them: "Ohh, the animals are just lining-up; you know, like during perhimpunan at school haha!"

25 comments: said...

Omigosh...coming from a parent, don't you think this is real petty. Oh, some people.

calvin said...

some parents can get really serious on petty matters. heard lots of stories worse than this very often >.<

Jackson Foong said...

Some parents are just too over protective with the children. My parents dont bother about me even if i fight when i am a small kid. XD!

Jackson Foong said...

Some parents are just too over protective with the children. My parents dont bother about me even if i fight when i am a small kid. XD!

calvin said...

@ jackson foong:
that is why we got to enjoy our childhood days during our time. like what my mom told me once, "if they wanna fight, just let them fight. they will forget about what'd happened and play together again the next day". but kids nowadays seem to be over-protected by their parents =\

naqiubex said...

Even about games? She interogate your little sis like that?
Now i don't wanna mess a kids with parents like that...

ps: Sometimes my parents support me fighting in school...

Kae Vin said...

lol i thought ur sis is so capable. can shift all the stuffs LOL the mother somemore go school scold her =_=

TZ said...

LoLz... I strongly agreed this social networking tools FB did lots of impact to the communities :p

mg said...

lol so funny!!! haha...

calvin said...

@ naqiubex:
that's why. crazy right parents nowadays >.<

calvin said...

@ specialhuman:
i thought like that too initially. mana tau it was just a game from facebook =.=

calvin said...

@ tz:
yes, it certainly does; in a good and not-so-good way =)

calvin said...

@ michelleg:
wonder what would knk play in the future haha xD

Ken said...

Gosh!!! I laugh like hell... Feel quite 'za dao'.

Actually, games on FB are quite addictive. I play Farm House and Mafia War everyday!!! Lol...

Evelyn G. said...

HAHAHA, so funny,... I thought really steal the things pulak.

mana tau its facebook game.

luckily my mom plays FB.


calvin said...

@ ken:
yup, i was nearly caught by that too when my mom told me the story haha xD

calvin said...

@ yenniedoll:
woah, your mom is so high-tech one. cool!

p/s: can i add her? lol xD

Eric Sng said...

lol. Turns out to be facebook. Haha.

I am now addicted to restaurant city. Hopefully no parents come find me.

anne said...

hahaha funny man. hw can ur kecik mayong sis pindah all her friend's stuff?!! n dat frien's parent is so free. its just a game. adoi! ciak pa bo su cho.
btw its been ages since i've played pet society. nw can steal oth pets stuff?? cool. i wanna go curi also la. :P

calvin said...

@ eric sng:
i think you should be safe playing restaurant city. nothing for your to steal haha xD

calvin said...

@ anne:
haha, you use the term "kecik mayong" too? well, i suspect that parent is a housewife; that is why she was so free.

i'm not sure whether it was pet society, but try stealing stuff and you will get a phone call from some aunty very soon haha xD

Zzzyun said...

haha very funny lah!! the animals lined up wan... rotfl!!

calvin said...

@ zzzyun:
go visit my farm and you shall see a longer queue already now. more than enough to make a football team already haha xD

Anonymous said...

I recently came accross your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I dont know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.


calvin said...

@ abagale:
thank you and hope you will continue to enjoy my writings =)