Thursday, July 2, 2009

Bullet Train Of Kappa Sushi

Short note: I scored a goal today during the futsal match in my school; but an own goal that is wtf =.=
Have you ever come across a particular time when you feel like doing something random, without pre-planning it beforehand? And most of the time, it feels really great and enjoyable, doesn't it? That was what happened to me last Sunday. Besides going out to do some light groceries, I went for shopping and had the sudden urge to eat sushi. It was still a bit too early until it was dinner time, so I thought of going there and just have two or three plates of sushi as my tea time meal.
Kappa are legendary creatures; a type of water sprite found in Japanese folklore, and here, it refers to the green frogs.

I didn't bother to go far for a sushi restaurant because there is one near the train station - Kappa Sushi. This sushi restaurant is nothing new to me because I have been there for countless of times already. I know it was a Sunday but I didn't expect it to be fully packed. Outside, people were queuing and waiting until they were seated. However, I went there alone and I got seated almost immediately, 'coz the waitress said I was cute.
Haha, no-lah, I was just kidding. Actually, the others who had to wait outside came in groups, but I came alone. So she could just squeeze me into any empty seats in between people who come in groups.
Normal stuff you get to see in a sushi restaurant; that box on the left is ginger and I notice I have grown a special liking for this kind of ginger every time I eat sushi.
Green tea bags and wooden chopsticks. At some sushi restaurants, the green tea comes in powder form, but I have never come across any which uses dried tea leaves.
All those are stuff very often seen at any sushi restaurant, even at most sushi restaurants in Malaysia. However, there is something which I think is cool and cute, and not all sushi restaurant has.
Touch screen? Nah, I think Sakae Sushi in Malaysia already has touch screen for customers to make their orders directly from their seats.
But this! Shinkansen or bullet train, which carries sushi, not human haha.
It might look like a toy for kids to play with, but guess what, when you make your order from the touch screen, there won't be anyone who will bring your order to your seat. Instead, this bullet train will do the job. When the food arrives, the red light will light-up and the buzzer will sound continuously until you take down your sushi from the train and press the red button to send the train back to the chef.
So, if you forget to press the red button after taking down your order, the buzzer will be making those annoying "pi---ttt.... pi---ttt.... pi---ttt...." sound non-stop, that sometimes it would make you would whether you are actually inside a sushi restaurant, or a bird park haha.
Here is a closer shot of the train.
They name this lane as the "express lane", because it's so much faster than the sushi on the conveyor belt which moves slower than a snail.
This gave me some thinking. I wonder, what would happen if we try to do some mischief by putting something on an empty plate and place it on the bullet train, before it returns to the kitchen. For example, lets say we put a dead cockcroach; I bet the chef in the kitchen will get a huge surprise and might even get a heart attack haha. So bad of me lol.
Don't worry-lah. Of course I won't do such stupid stuff.
By the way, did I say I wanted to eat just a few plates of sushi initially. Guess what? The more I ate, I felt like eating even more and in the end, this was the result.


Eight plates of sushi, and I decided that would be my dinner for the day too haha.


syaza said...

haaa??? 8 ja?? u prempuan ka? syaza slalu makan paling sikit 10 piring tau!

=chuan guan= said...

is it expensive..cos it looks like it does..and it makes me hungry

Kae Vin said...

eat sushi alone? =_=

calvin said...

@ syaza:
you didn't read properly; it was meant to be just a light meal, not my dinner. but to be told that you eat at least ten plates at one time, that is a little bit a lot for a girl. but yet, you are so slim =.=

so unfair!

calvin said...

@ =chuan guan=:
yup, one plate cost 1,000 yen (RM35)!

haha, no-lah. this one is the 105 yen per plate sushi; among the cheapest you can find in japan xD

calvin said...

@ specialhuman:
that's because eating sushi here is so common that it is like you go to mamak and have a piece of roti canai and a cup of teh tarik xD

syaza said...

hahahaha...yoku iwareruuuu~~~
dan syaza baru tau yang zana pun boleh makan sushi belas2 nanti masuk ibadai ada gang!!!

mg said...

omg so cute, haha!! bullet train.. i wanna try...!!!

calvin said...

@ syaza:
this life is just too unfair *sigh*

the sushi restaurant's tauke in ibaraki must be very happy to hear that you two are going there next year haha xD

calvin said...

@ michelleg:
you'll get your chance in the future ;)

gate valves said...

the food just made me a lot hungry! nice blog. :)

calvin said...

@ gate valves:
yea, i tell you they taste even much better =)