Sunday, June 28, 2009

Weekends Discovery

Short note: I was separating my used plastic bags and trying to discard those unwanted ones because they are kinda taking up the space in my room. I told Michelle about that (actually she saw me doing that) and she said I sound and look so much like an aunty =.=
This will be a super short entry on three stuff I came across when we were out for our weekends outing last Friday. Though Friday is a weekday technically, but our college was closed, that is why we had a day off. Okay, back to this post. There are three baka stuff when we walked around the shopping mall.
Here they are.
Nonsense shop which sells nonsense clothes haha. A name that really makes no sense at all lol. It is either they were ignorant and didn't know the meaning of the word, or they chose such name to catch the attention of the people. I guess it's the latter because they can't be that blur, I suppose. Imagine getting a pair of dress from that shop and you tell your friend, "Hey, I just bought something from that nonsense shop!" haha.
Another spelling mistake I suppose. Well, there are a few letters in which Japanese find it very difficult to differentiate, and two of the most common ones would be between "L" and "R", and "V" and "B". That is why I sometimes see my lecturer spells "vocabulary" as "vocaburary" on the board. However, this one was spotted at one of the shop selling outfits for "delisious and sexy girls". Wonder how do delisious girls taste like. Hmmm...
The moment I saw a picture of durian on the packet, I went to take a closer look at this thing immediately, because it's not often you get to have durian products here in Japan. Apparently, it's a durian candy by Durian Brothers. Haha, what a lame name, right?
At the bottom of the packet, they placed a huge warning which translate into: "Smelly!! This candy is super smelly! Once you've licked it, you cannot talk for a while. Suitable for punishment game".
Now you know much much the Japanese dislike the King of Fruit.


syaza said...

seyes bengong ok!

naqiubex said...

Durian candy...

mg said...

wat a waste.. durian candy yum..

delicious girl dont have any flavour. lol

Kae Vin said...

argh durians

it's either love'em or hate'em~

and i would say japanese doesn't like food with strong taste/smell


=chuan guan= said... some for ur jap friends and take a pic of them when they consume it..must be damn funny

Anonymous said...

the durian comment chou hidoii...haha..kesian durian

calvin said...

@ syaza:
never mind. we can brainstorm out a product in the future, and the product would use natto as the main ingredient and we kutuk it kao kao, using four different languages - bm, mandarin, tamil and bahasa jakun haha wtf xD

calvin said...

@ naqiubex:
somehow, i just don't feel like parting with my 210 yen (RM 7) to get this packet of durian candy. i prefer the real durian so much more =D

calvin said...

@ michelleg:
but girls have mesmerising smell =P

calvin said...

@ specialhuman:
yeah, they might not know it, but they are missing out so much on so many great food from all parts of the world, especially from our food paradise >.<

and i suppose you hate durians? xD

kh said...

that's Lot100 candies! hahaah... can buy in tubs at kedai runcit ..

calvin said...

@ =chuan guan=:
no. durian candy is a little bit too pussy. i have had them taste the real durian and maybe you would want to know how they find it by having a look at this entry:

calvin said...

@ chaiei:
now we know that these japanese can condemn and voice their opinion so openly haha =P

calvin said...

@ kok hong:
where can you find a kedai runcit in japan?