Monday, June 29, 2009

The Unluckiest Peeping Tom

Short note: Someone came into the kitchen and asked for some chicken stock. So, we gave him a bottle of chicken stock but he said he has been using the cube one all this while, and he's unsure how to much to use. So, we told him, "Hmmm, just use the amount you think is needed, but of course not the whole bottle." I added and asked him, "Do you know what would happen if he uses the whole bottle? Well, maybe later the people who ate the dish will talk like chicken haha wtf".
This is a real story, told by a person's real experience; and "unfortunately", that person is me.
This evening, I was getting ready to change into my sports attire for an evening jog since the weather isn't that hot today. Now that the sun shines so brightly during the afternoon, I usually hang my towel just outside the window to let it dry, so that it won't be left in damp condition in my room. You know how bad it smells when you keep your wet clothes inside your room. So, before I change my clothes, I opened the window to take in my dried towel. I pushed the mosquito net frame to another side, but too bad I pushed it too hard that it hit the aluminum window frame and produced some sound. At the same time, I sneezed. It was quite loudly and twice, if I'm not mistaken.
That this not a problem.
But this is. You see, I don't know whether God purposely made this arrangement for me, and neither do I know if this is considered lucky or unlucky for me because there was this girl, squatting down by the side of a small lane just next to my block. I wasn't sure what she was doing, but she had some drawing and measuring tools with her. I suppose she was carrying out her field work. So, I will let you make the guess of what happened next. Let me repeat the situation again.
I tried to take my towel, I sneezed, that produced a loud sound, there was this girl squatting down there, and I was gonna change my clothes that time. Guess what happened next?

Better thank me for getting this picture because do you know how much I risk my life taking this shot, trying hard not to be spotted by that girl haha wtf.
The towel that was wrapped around my body dropped and that girl saw me (half) naked! Haha, what the hell, right?
Yea, you can continue laughing at my f***ked life but to those who thinks that it happened that way, then too bad that I have disappointed you haha. Of course that didn't happen, otherwise do you think I would write this embarrassing yet stupid experience down here? But that was how Michelle thought it ended up when I told her =.=
Anyway, this is what really happened.
That girl looked behind, and saw me standing at my window. I think she must have thought I have been standing there all the time and peeping at her. Immediately after she saw me, she quickly moved her right hand to her back and adjusted her pants by pulling it upwards. I bet she must have thought I was trying to peep at her butt crack that she quickly did that.
In her mind, she must be thinking, "Stupid hentai perverted Chinapek, wanna try to peep my butt crack. Baka, baka, baka, baka!!!" haha wtf.
I can swear that I didn't know at all that she was squatting down there, and even if I do, it was never my intention to look at that part-lah, please. I'm not that desperate, okay. But now, she could go and tell her girl friends about this perverted hentai guy (read: me) and I wonder how would they react when they see me again. Damn sweat-lor, dunno I go and sneeze at that time for what. Sigh, I guess this is the worst among the worst of those many FML cases. FML...
And I also dunno why am I defending myself so hard here like a criminal, when nobody is saying that I did something wrong. But still, FML...


syaza said...

syaza ingat betul2 jauh ur towel...baru gelak guling2, skali tipooo...cehs~

calvin said...

@ syaza:
haha, so bad-lah you. i know you were hoping for that to happen to me. tsk tsk tsk >.<

Sham said...

Ish ish ish...if i were that girl..i akan attack u!hahaha

Kae Vin said...

you are trying to take your towel hanging outside? and your towel dropped? 2 towels involved here?

and.....what's inside the towel? :P

Kae Vin said...

oh....your sentence very misleading la.


Kae Vin said...

and your face memang hentai. no choice. If I was in your position, perhaps the girl will wave and smile at me :p

=chuan guan= said...

lol..just admit ur r... dun need to be shy of..

if kvin at there.. i think da girl would most likely report stalker around..LOL

calvin said...

@ sham:
lucky thing that japanese girls aren't as fierce as you haha =P

calvin said...

@ specialhuman:
i was trying to take my towel hung outside and there is only one towel involved here.

nobody complained that my sentence is misleading. you felt that way because your mind was thinking about something else, i.e. what's inside the towel =.=

if you really wanna know what's inside the towel, look down and flip open your pants now.

me hentai? then you would be hentai^hentai haha. that girl will wave, smile and show you the middle finger got-lah lol xD

calvin said...

@ =chuan guan=:
fine, fine. okay, i'm hentai. that's what you wanna hear, right? >.<

and if chuan guan was there, the girl will surely invite him to her house for the night xD

Unknown said...

perv ;D

calvin said...

@ sushidesu:
yup, hentai desu ;)

Stroke King said...

Hahaha! Lucky you she dont have a camera. or she didnt have a remembrance picture of your half naked body.To give away. LOL

calvin said...

@ stroke king:
haha, i would have the greatest headache in human mankind's history if that had happened >.<