Saturday, June 20, 2009

Here Comes The Celebrations

Short note: I don't know why, but I wasn't as overly-excited when I got my results. You know, those kind of feeling when you feel too happy and elated that you feel like screaming. Maybe it's because I needed some time to come to realise and make myself to believe that I'd passed the xam. After several days, I slowly began to feel the sigh of relief for passing the exam and I'm glad the result didn't turn out to be the opposite outcome.
It didn't take us too long before we started celebrating for passing our respective university entrance exams. I got my result on Tuesday, Yan Kuang got his one a day later, and Muazam made it three in a row on Thursday for passing his exam at Toyohashi University of Technology. But I bet not many people knows about the web address for that university. It can be accessed at Yes, TUT!
Imagine when people ask you which uni you come from, and you proudly tell them, "TUT!"
Haha, don't ask why why the universities in Japan always sounds either funny or vulgar like Chiba (pun unintended) lol. Another one would be Nagaoka University of Technology or NUT; the university is only suitable for nuts to study there haha. Well, I know I'm gonna get a roasting for teasing the names of those universities from people who are studying and gonna enter those universities, but you know you can always make fun of my Chiba, right? Talking craps about universities' names already took two paragraphs of this entry. I have to try and minimise my words' usage, otherwise it will end up like the previous super long entry.
So, after three of us get the good news of passing our exams, we decided to celebrate it first - in a small scale for a start because there are still five others who haven't sat for their exam. Don't worry, once everyone has passed their exams, we will have a jumbo celebration. Our initial plan was to have sushi at Sushi King but Yan Kuang drove in the wrong lane while talking to us and we had to turn into a different junction. Coincidentally, there was a sushi shop just at that junction we turned in,and we decided to give it a try.
It was still early for dinner time, that is why the restaurant was quite empty.
I was too lazy to take pictures of sushi we ate, so I guess taking pictures of the plates will be enough haha.
They offered free miso soup for the day. Something different because they used prawns' head and some fish inside the soup.
Their facial expression won't hide their excitement.
Not feeling well for the past few days already; that is why I looked sleepy here.
After having sushi for teatime, we headed to Harashin (a supermarket) to get some groceries. Later, we stopped at Baskin Robbins to have ice-cream. Crap, I just had an ice-cream session with a few others a couple of days ago and now I have another session. No wonder I feel like I'm having some morning sickness. Haha, as if I know how it feels to have morning sickness. But, I do feel a little sick these few days.
I've discovered a flavour which I love it a lot - Nuts To You.
Suitable for students from NUT haha!
Yesterday was a school holiday in my college because the entrance exam for the advance course was held. We took the chance to go out to have a quintuple celebrations. Five, because besides the two of us who passed our exam, another three juniors are celebrating their birthday for the next ten days - Wei Shen (20th), Hong Yao (26th) and Carine (30th).
So, to make things simple, we decided to celebrate it one shot.
Baskin Robbins again??!!
Yes, I think I will soon get sick of ice-cream for sure.
Nah, those ice-cream session was actually held after we had our lunch. And by the way, it was Yan Kuang's treat and again, I chose Nuts To You as one of the three flavours. They are now having this promotion - Challege the Triple. A small cone of three flavours of our choice cost 400 yen (RM 15) while a regular one is 580 yen (RM20). For every purchase of more than 1,000 yen, we get a gift. I just got a colourful, huge beach ball recently and now thinking what should I do with it lol.
Why am I writing as if I'm doing free advertisement for Baskin Robbins, I have no idea either. I guess I should write to them and demand them to pay me some sum for advertising their product here haha.
This is by far the biggest and newest shopping mall in Nagaoka. Too bad 90% of the shops here sell girls outfit swt. That bridge on the left will lead to the one and only cinema in Nagaoka opened early last year. So, it's not a too kampung after all since we have a cinema haha.
We had our lunch at a Chinese restaurant. Please don't ask me how to read the name of the restaurant, but I know it's Tiger something something haha.
Some lighting inside the restaurant that gives an Oriental touch to the restaurant.
Here comes the food.
Seafood lettuce fried rice.
Mapo tofu. They said the black bean curd looks like Arogo's hair. Spoiled our appetite only =.=
Forgotten the name of this dish, but it was something like fried chicken cooked in sweet and sour sauce.
Here comes the people.
Ming Jing, Joann and Carine.
Hong Yao, Calvin, Yan Kuang and Wei Shen.
Here is something interesting. Take a look at this picture.
Spotted anything amiss in this picture, or more particularly, the menu?
Yes, the menu looked unusual. This is a closer shot at the menu.
The manager highly recommends Chinese soy sauce fried rice with unagi & eda mame.
Wei Ganeindran, since when you turned a restaurant manager, harh?


Anonymous said...

hahaha..Gane in the menu!!! whose idea? very nice!

ns29 said...

how much u paid to allow them use your pic?

Kae Vin said...

so mean =_=

calvin said...

@ anonymous:
i think it was hong yao's idea, while yan kuang suggested to use some water as glue to stick the picture on the menu haha =P

calvin said...

@ ns29:
it was free of charge lol xD

calvin said...

@ specialhuman:
haha, i might do the same with your picture one day xD

Reenybob said...

wei, my uni was initially called curtin university of new technology = CUNT.. its even printed on some of the chairs! until some smart arse found out wat it meant and they changed the name to just curtin university of technology... and this is a real story ok!


Crabbed!! said...

haha..yeah, Japan got NUT, TIT and CHIBA...

calvin said...

@ reenybob:
haha, why those ang moh so blur case one? in the first place, they created the problem themselves because why should they use the word "new" there? to emphasis that their technology is much better and newer then the rest? now, see who get all the embarrassment haha xD

anyway, don't you think we share a similarity? you study at cunt and i'm gonna study at chiba lol =P

calvin said...

@ crabbed!!:
japan is just living up to the billing as the main centre of the sex industry, i guess? lol xD