Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Yukitsubaki Welcoming Party 2009

Yukitsubaki is an voluntary organisation set up in 2004 by the former and current lecturers and staff of Nagaoka National College of Technology. The main objective of this supporting group is to promote and deepen the understanding of Japanese culture and natural environment among the international students in the college. Since Chikyu Lab was set up in late 2007, most activities for the international students have been held collaboratively.
Among the activities were the normal annual ones like the welcoming party for the new 3rd year juniors, farewell party for the leaving 5th year seniors, picnics, trips to places like the tulips farm, pear farm, national park, maple leaves sight-seeing, ski and snow board trips, and the fireworks festival. And I would say we are really lucky to be studying in a college which offers so many activities for us throughout the year.
Back to the welcoming party this year, it was held early this month - May 1st to be precise. Anyway, we actually had an unofficial one already for the Malaysian juniors on the first week of their arrival when we took them to have a taste of Nagaoka's Obake Parfait. This time, it was organised by the Yukitsubaki and the two main person behind this party will be Yamaguchi Sensei and Iwata Sensei, the two lecturers who formerly taught in Nagaoka College.
From left: Yamaguchi Sensei (ex-President of Yukitsubaki), Iwata Sensei (the new President of Yukitsubaki) and Sato Sensei.
First meeting with the new juniors; there will be so many events in the coming three years for them.

is actually one of the Camellia species called Japanese Camellia, native to Japan, Korea and China. Just like what the name suggests, "yuki" in Japanese means snow, and that is why Japanese Camellia is sometimes called the "rose of winter". As Nagaoka is well-known for its huge amount of snow-fall every year, they decided to name the organisation as "Yukitsubaki".
To be honest, I didn't know about the meaning of "Yukitsubaki" until recently.


Yamaguchi Sensei showing the juniors how does yukitsubaki looks like.
After the tossing session and feasting on the food prepared for the party, it was the time for each and every new juniors to introduce themselves. Looking at these juniors introducing themselves while holding to the paper written with their name somehow made me reminisce the time my batch did the same time two years back.
Time really flies and without us noticing it, it will be our graduation very soon.
The Gabonese junior, Arogo who claimed to have had fought with a gorilla.
The ex-President of the Interact Club, Matsushima handing a souvenir to the ex-President of Yukitsubaki.
Kazama (newly elected Interact Club President) with the leaving two ex-Presidents.
Kazama introducing the Deputy President of Interact Club, Dat from Vietnam.
Mr Seki (centre in white shirt) who formerly worked as a staff at the dormitory's office for more than thirty years giving his closing speech.
Just like any other similar party, in between the chit chatting and eating session, we took time of to camwhore. I think this is the first time that we managed to take a complete group photos of the international students from each batch.
Oppss, I just remember that two Mongolians was absent from the party - Sodo and Bogi.
Third Year 2009 - from left: Kazama, Arogo, Bai, Salehin, Haris, Faiz, Hong Yao and Carine.
Forth Year 2009 - from left: Dat, Hafiz, Aniza, Atiqah, Ming Jing, Wei Shen and Matsushima.
Fifth Year 2009 - from left: Yan Kuang, Calvin, Shimotori, Muazam, Ulya, Asyraf, Ridzuan, Shah and Joann.
Kerna nila sehelai, rosak air tembikai sekumpulan haha.
Despite my attempt to take pictures with tall guys, my height is still quite obvious.
Mr Haga Ryusuke admiring our RM 1 note; we told him that worth 1 thousand yen (RM 35). So bad of us haha.
But do you know if I were to pick the "Picture of the Day", which picture would I choose? This one!
Here is some homework for you guys. Try to caption the last picture and post your answers in the comment box. Looking forward to your creative ideas and answers.


naqiubex said...

"I said backoff!! I wanna take the picture alone!!"...

Are they pinching each others butt to get the spot....

kh said...

another species is yabutsubaki.
here its known as autumn sakura... its all over...

calvin said...

@ naqiubex:
haha, nice one! that's a hell of a caption, but the smile on both's face makes it a little bit weird though xD

calvin said...

@ kh:
people is asking you to caption that picture-lah. see-lah, always didn't read instructions properly one >.<

Anonymous said...

it says "where are ur hand reaching my dear boy?"

calvin said...

@ anonymous:
haha, why are you guys giving scandalous comments one? but yeah, it's an interesting caption indeed xD

sim city said...

an 18SX comment saying : why are u making my face red ?ahhhh

. said...

"thats just what my wife did to me last nite, shall we go somewhere private "

calvin said...

@ sim city:
and the one on the right would say, "because you're embarrassed for not wearing an underwear today"

calvin said...

@ .:
haha, does that imply that both aren't straight? xD

. said...

haha , i guess so

tutu said...

that green guy looks like luigi from mario....oh btw my caption says :can we swap wives tonite?

calvin said...

@ .:
it's amazing how a simple photo of two guys can tell so much lol

calvin said...

@ tutu:
lol, but like what . said, both of them might not be straight; so they might be interested in something else xD

Anonymous said...

student: "sensei, ur buttock soooo kenyal, how u train it?"

sensei:"yours not bad also. So soft."

calvin said...

@ anonymous:
haha, your caption, especially from the sensei is so sarcastic lol =P