Saturday, May 2, 2009

PE Lesson In Japan

Short note: Happy Birthday, Daddy!
I'm already twenty-two this year and guess what; I still have Physical Education (PE) lessons in my time table. The reason surely came from the fact that I still have one more year to study in this technical college before I can finally call myself a university student. PE classes are compulsory for all students from the first grade to the fifth in technical colleges in my place at least, if not the whole of Japan.
However, it was optional for the international students in the third grade whether or not to attend the PE lesson. But once we are in the fourth and fifth grade, we have no other options because it is compulsory for everyone, including the international students to attend it. I of course, didn't go to the PE lessons when I was in the third grade because after all, I will get two extra free periods weekly if I skip the PE lessons.
The PE lesson here is definitely different from what we used to have when I was in my primary and secondary school. Back then, the students in a class will be divided into two groups, the one who think that it's the most exciting period of the whole week, and another group who will remain in the class during the PE lesson because sports is just not their thing. The former will be given a ball by the teacher and the whole bunch of us will be chasing for that one ball all over the field like small little chicks chasing over a worm. As for the PE teacher, he will either stand under the shade of the tree smoking his cigarette, or just hang out with his colleagues at the canteen drinking teh tarik.

The indoor gymnasium in my college which is used for badminton, basketball and volleyball.

I used to be the ones who will stay inside the classroom when we had PE lessons, until one day when my mom (she taught at my primary school when I was in Standard Three and she still teaches there today) caught me loitering around the corridor next to her classroom. She made me run to the field and join the rest chasing over that ball and it was from that day that my love for football began to bloom.
What written above have little significance to what I wanted to write in this entry; they are just there to give a slight idea what I wanted to point out in this entry. The main point here is that how discipline the Japanese when they have PE lessons. What I witnessed from my own eyes last Thursday made me feel like writing them down here. Before we start the lesson every morning, we are required to run five laps of the field, covering 1.5 km. More often than now, the teacher will not be there that early as he will only arrive at the field about three to five minutes later.
What I am impressed with the Japanese kids is not only that they arrived at the field ten minutes earlier before the lesson started, but they also went ahead with the running even without the presence of the teacher. And most of the time, each of them will make sure they finish five-full-laps of the run. I doubt this will ever happen to the Malaysian kids; in fact, to get them ready at the field on time is already a big problem, what's more expecting them to be that discipline and do the warm-up running without being instructed. It just shows how dicipline and proper the Japanese are. Of course it is a good thing when it comes to this kind of situation, but there are also exceptions when you will find that sometimes, the too-proper behaviour among the Japanes can be really ridiculous.
The state-of-the-art syntetic field, although the running tracks looks more like in the state-of-the-infamous.
The majority of the class opted for baseball this year, and this represents my first time playing this game. We did some basic training of the techniques of throwing and catching the balls and later proceeded to the game. I find it boring in the beginning because I have no idea whatsoever about the rules of the game, not even the basic ones to be honest. But as the game progressed, I think it's quite interesting and I find myself began to like it.
When time was up, we gathered together after returning the equipments at one corner. That was the time that the teacher realised one ball was missing. Normally, PE teachers in Malaysia would just ignore that missing ball and dismiss the students because it is just a ball. But not the PE teacher here. He made us search for the ball until someone found it, otherwise we will not be allowed to return to our classroom. Fortunately, one of us found it hidden in between the lengthy grass. Imagine what would he do if we fail to locate that missing ball.
He might make us replace the ball with our own balls.


Wee Kien said...

5th year stil got PE ar so nice!!!
Here don't need to run 1.5km.
Sensei here don't count the ball as well.

ericG said...

How great to have such good facilities unlike here in Malaysia where we can't have any proper basketball court or football field. I don't really exercise that much but only play football from time to time. Nevertheless, a better infrastructures can be a huge motivation for me to exercise regularly...

Kae Vin said...

"I used to be the ones who will stay inside the classroom when we had PE lessons"

I used to be the sissy/geeky/nerdy guy who doesn't play sport


but you are so damned tall.

Give someone else your height and he can be the all-time basketball superstar >_<

and i don't think the japanese's balls are big enough to replace the baseball XD

btw, I also very discipline one. I go jogging and run for 5km every two days when I was about to run for Penang bridge :P

Anonymous said...

i don't think the japanese's balls are big enough to replace the baseballers balls wat , so its just a matter of good heavy balls la

ann said...

kae vin ,, ur so thin of course u can run la , imagine if u are fatty then gone la

mg said...

haha the last line was like wtf. damn funny baby!! LOL not to forget LAME =P

ns29 said...

same opinion as wkien
why i dont have pe anymore har??
missed pe leh

calvin said...

@ wee kien:
haha, you should count on your lucky stars for having such a nice teacher.

calvin said...

@ ericg:
yeah, the japanese kids usually get a shock whenever we tell them we play basketball on cemented floor under the scorching sun. they just cannot imagine it.

calvin said...

@ specialhuman:
you die die also have to humiliate me publicly like this hor? okay la, i admit i was the latter one at that time; but one thing for sure, not anymore now =)

condemned me so hard, i die die also won't give you my height. i rather give it to a giraffe.

and how you know the japanese balls are not big enough? not that you've seen one xD

i guess the 5km run every two days wasn't enough after getting to know how dramatically your bridge run ended.

calvin said...

@ anonymous:
are you referring to the right balls here?

calvin said...

@ ann:
kae vin is thin? haha, that must be a joke from you, eh? i would rather say he is slim, not thin xD

calvin said...

@ michelleg:
hehe, as if you don't know me well enough yet xD

calvin said...

@ ns29:
come, lets swap college xD