Thursday, May 7, 2009

My Twenty-Second

"u wait la we all got surprise for u, la few days time.
actually this wan is secret wan. but mm bocor rahsia a bit la.
ok. cannot tell u all. wait mm kena marah tau..."
a message from my mom,
when I was chatting with her some time ago.
Haha! Why are you so cute one...

Sometimes, I think nobody will beat the cuteness of my mom. She was actually referring to the parcel that they were gonna post over to surprise me on my birthday. However, instead of surprising me with that gift, I found that the wait for the parcel to arrive was actually much longer and harder one to take. For people who doesn't know my Mom, she can be the cutest person around, but at the same time she can be the most blur person too; not to mention that she will never keep a secret intact, just like what happened to the sending of my parcel, which was supposed to be kept away from my knowledge. More on that later.
One month has passed since my birthday exactly thirty days ago, and the final parcel has finally arrived five days ago. It was from who else but Kok Hong. I guess he will be proud and gladly take the applaud for sending birthday presents a few weeks after someone's birthday. However, he can be assured that I will always appreciate his gifts. More on his gift later.
I didn't get to blog about how my birthday went the other day, so I will do it in this post. The new schooling term in Japan usually starts on the first week of April, so the fact that my birthday is on April 7th makes the date often clashes with either the entrance ceremony or the first day of class. Otherwise, it would be one or two days earlier or later than those two days mentioned. This year's birthday was certainly different from my two previous birthdays celebrated in Japan, my 20th was a simple one, while my 21st last year was much better than the the previous year.
Class election.
Opening ceremony.
This year, it fell on the first day of schooling. Woke up like any other day and got ready for classes. Wasn't really in the need to prepare my text books and notes because everyone knows that there will be nothing significant on the first day. The lecturer who are in-charge of my class came in and they elected the class representatives for each section. It was more like a selection thing rather than election because the names were just picked randomly.
Proceeded to the indoor gymnasium for the officiating of the opening ceremony for the new schooling year. The principal gave his speech which touched mainly about the recent economic slump; almost three-quarter of the students were dozing off in their wonderland. And that was it, everything ended by afternoon and since the school has just started, I wasn't in the mood to cook; so, I just make it simple by having my lunch at the school cafeteria.
It has been some time since I last had tempura soba, so I just took that for my lunch. I saw some cheese cake they sold at the desert corner and I thought why not; I can make that as my birthday cake lol.
Tempura soba
Cheese cake.
I returned to my room and spend the rest of the day in front of my laptop. That sums up my birthday this year.
Okay, here comes the interesting part. Guess what the guys did at midnight a day earlier? To be honest, I already expected that they would crash into my room with some surprise, just what I wasn't sure was the surprise they would do this time around. I waited and waited but nothing happened. It was already ten minutes past midnight but there were still no signs of those guys, so I turned to emo mode and went to sleep.
Haha, of course that didn't happen. Soon, I heard footsteps and I guessed that must be them. So, in they came into my room with this.
Getting this apron t-o-t-a-l-l-y surprised me.
They sang me a remixed version of the birthday song and asked me to make a speech some more. No way I'm gonna post up the videos here. Damn stupid one, lol. But yeah, they know me well enough since I cook my meal everyday here, so the apron should come in handy for me, although I do not use one when I cook. And of course I'm not going to use this one after this.
Here is the group picture we took in my room.
From left: Bai, Hong Yao, Yan Kuang, Aki, Wei Shen, Muazam, Syah and Azie. Ridzuan was still somewhere in the sky, hence not in the picture lol.

After a pair of pink bra and panties last year, this year it's an apron, I wonder what I will get next year.
On that Friday night, I went out with the four others to have a dinner together at Satoni in Kawasaki area. We spent more time talking crap in the end that we realised that we were their last group of customer remaining. Nevertheless it was the time when we found out how crappy the new junior, Hong Yao is.
Even Yan Kuang couldn't match him; in fact he was made the victim by this new junior.
I think this was supposed to be katsudon set meal.
Birthday boy with Wei Shen and Ming Jing.
Hong Yao and Yan Kuang.
Just a couple of weekends ago, we went out again, this time for Joann's birthday for a buffet dinner with the juniors, except Yan Kuang. Well, I guess most of us are well-aware of the conflict between the two, which I shall spare the details here. Anyway, it turned out to be a dinner to celebrate the birthday of Joann and mine too. Yes, we were treated by the four juniors for this meal. Thanks again =)
Here are the gifts I received. Note that I put them in chronologically in the order I received them. So, don't feel down if you find your gift as the last one.
① Wallet and a birthday card from Michelle.
Nobody will beat this gift, I guess, because Michelle gave me this wallet as early as January. Yeah, she chose to buy me a super early birthday gift when we had our holidays in Malaysia earlier this year. That pink card arrived a couple of days before my birthday.
② Set of mugs and bowl, plus a hand-made birthday card from Joann and Carine.
Joann wanted to put this inside my shoes locker at the entrance to the hostel but too bad my locker was too full already. So, she passed it over to my junior and I found them on my table after I had my shower. There was a note inside the card requesting me not to post this up, but it's just the front of the card, so it should be alright I suppose?
③ A colourful teddy bear and a birthday card from Wei Shen and Ming Jing.
This one was given on my birthday night because apparently, Wei Shen forgot to give me earlier lol.
④ Sweets and a voucher which was kept inside the green box from Looi.
It was a simple gift but it was the thoughts that count. In fact, the birthday message was written in Japanese since he is taking up Japanese lessons in his university. I wonder how did he manage to get so many different kinds of sweets. The voucher to me was a creative gift and I'm so gonna use it one day.
Guess what is it? Looi, you cannot guess-har.
⑤ The parcel from home which contained a birthday card and a surprise gift. My name is spelled as KARABIN =.=
Mom: early morning ni, terus msg u, got receive not? while msg mm sang to myself you know coz wan check the lyrics correct or not, he.. hee..
Yeah, my Mom actually send me a SMS which included the complete lyrics of the birthday song to my phone. Haha, and to be told that she sang it out to check whether the lyric was correct or not gave me a good laugh. Anyway, there was also a pair of specs which was sent together with the parcel because my old specs had broken into two. Since the optician's I used to frequent still has my records. I left my colour and design to my sisters to choose for me and I was quite curious to find out how will my new specs look like.
Who know-lah right, it may turn out to be something funny and weird.


The surprise gift turned out to be a wallet, while the new specs was not bad, although Mich keeps on teasing me on the design.

To those who had read my entry on my birthday last year should know what is the content of this two CDs. Yes, this time he sent me two CDs. And to my surprise, he collaborated with KOKahKOK, whom Kok Hong claims to be his half-brother since they share the common middle name, during the making of this two CDs.
I have yet to finish browsing through all the files inside the CD but one thing for sure, I will try to figure out the bonus lesson he included inside.


⑥ The language lesson CDs from Kok Hong.

The theme is "Other World, Hidden Language".


ns29 said...

the specs is branded i guess?

Innocent^^Guy said...

y got something look like burberry one?

mg said...

haha!! i din even think about burberry!! lol..

Anonymous said...

haha awesome! =D
the tempura soba looks delicious!

kh said...

aiyer... why that letter so cincai one... that cheap fella... used paper torn from buku latihan some more...

anyway... 2 wallets... what you gonna do???... mother or gf.... lol

anyway... adui.. no need to tell everyone what I gave you la....took pic of that note some more....

calvin said...

@ ns29:
don't be deceived by its outer look xD

calvin said...

@ innocent^^guy:
'coz you get what you see =)

calvin said...

@ michelleg:
'coz you already know the brand; so, you're not counted =P

calvin said...

it's actually just a simple bowl of tempura soba. there are still lots of nice ones here =)

calvin said...

@ kh:
haha, i didn't expect you to bring your ancient buku latihan and recycled them over here.

yea, it's a very tough choice indeed. maybe i will use both wallets, alternatively; change for the other one every other day. as for the 365th day of the year, i will use an envelope to keep my notes.

fair enough, i guess?

anyway, i've scanned and went through every single word in that note and it's suitable for general viewing xD

Kae Vin said...

=_= one month has passed already la

calvin said...

@ specialhuman:
yup, and your present hasn't arrived.