Saturday, May 23, 2009

LV Of Nagaoka

Short note: Hey, it's not AV, okay!
No, LV doesn't stand for Louis Vuitton, but it's the short form of "lameness + vanity" of the fifth year seniors of Nagaoka Kosen.
It started off with Yan Kuang dashing into my room a couple of nights ago, wearing a complete set of formal attire and told me that we were gonna take group pictures together, in formal attire. I was in complete blur and totally taken aback, not having any idea whatsoever about the reason of us doing that. I thought it was just a stupid joke and didn't really bother much until I saw the rest started digging their packed wardrobe in search for their suit.
Seeing them being really into doing this, I followed suit and took out my super huge suit we all made by a Chinese ah pek tailor just before we flew to Japan. As expected, it was way too huge and I tried asking around for a better fitting one and ended up wearing Yan Kuang's suit. Most of the rest didn't have many other neck-ties besides the one that JPA tie that came together with the suit. So, everyone came and rent from me as if I'm a rental shop specialised in renting out neck-tie haha.
Imagine this - the clock was showing that it was past midnight already and there were the six of us, wearing our formal suit and having our very own photography session inside the tv room in our floor. We were posing happily as if all of us had passed our university entrance exam. This is something silly and unusual that we did to release our stress from studying for the exam haha. Thanks to our semi-pro photographer, Hong Yao, here are the results.
Just like how the title suggests, it is gonna be super lame and vain; so just bear with us for once. Anyway, we will always welcome intriguing comments and harsh critiques, though we prefer to get more of the former haha.

This is just a practice shot to find the right angle; that is why you see the funny expression from Shah in front. Macam Bugs Bunny haha.
The five of us admiring the suit Ridzuan was wearing which cost more than 100,000 yen (RM 3,000).
The one and only formal group shot in which every one looked nice in it.
Not enough with those formal shots, we decided to take a few informal ones and in fact, they turned out to look much better than those earlier shots.

Stripping show lol.

And here is the result.

Engineering students trying out modelling lol. But I think we look great in this shot.
I think we look too nice that I made a CD cover for our debut album haha.
101% satisfaction guaranteed. Special offer for this month; buy one get one free. Those interested in buying our album, please place your orders in the comment box. Your satisfication is our pleasure. Thank you very much.


syaza said...

the bunny syah is way tooo cute!!!!!!!!!
hahahahhaah..oppsi...dont tell chmr~

Wee Kien said...

10man yen 1 suit????

calvin said...

@ syaza:
chemor is gonna sooo tacing if he reads your comment here haha xD

calvin said...

@ wee kien:
yup, that's how much it will cost if your order-make a suit in japan o.O

mg said...

u looked great in second last pic! 111

calvin said...

@ michelleg:
i thought that is a well-known fact? =P

lyk said...

wah,very good way of releasing stresssssssss!

calvin said...

@ lyk:
the guys in kisarazu can do a similar thing too xD

Cieri said...

a cure for my emo day.

calvin said...

@ cieri:
why emo? hehe, glad it helped your emo day =D

Yamagatarian said...

Dah macam hosto jer..

calvin said...

@ yamagatarian:
ko belum tengok lagi gambar-gambar uncensored yang lain. lagi macam hosto haha xD

Yamagatarian said...

dah boleh bayang..tapi tiba2 rasa kimoi,kibun warui

calvin said...

@ yamagatarian:
haha, terutamanya gambar couple shah ngan yan kuang. main baring-baring atas meja lagi. oppss, tak boleh cakap banyak sangat, nanti terbocor rahsia gambar uncensored kitorang =P

Yamagatarian said...

OMG!! nak kosen tu kena sambar petir kaa?

calvin said...

@ yamagatarian:
tak per, jepun tak der petir. jangan nak harap petir, guruh pun jarang xD

'Atiqah Jasni said...

NAGAOKA most wanted..ahaks..

calvin said...

@ 'atiqah jasni:
it's hard for anyone to disagree on that xD

Innocent^^Guy said...

tie senget....where's the quality control?

calvin said...

@ innocent^^guy:
haha, walao eh, you really look deep into details. i didn't realise that myself and i bet nobody did as well.

mg said...

haha TRUE!!

calvin said...

@ michelleg:
'coz i didn't have you to have a quality control check on me >.<

Reenybob said...

machiam 90's boy band sia! ahahhaha.
ok la, even though im your ka chng and saying this is like. abit wierd. but you guys look very very nice! =D

eye candy woot!

very hemsum very hemsum.

calvin said...

@ reenybob:
of course we would look nice. see who are in the pictures xD