Friday, May 29, 2009

Juniors Welcoming Party 2009

The new third year international juniors came to the college early April this year but it took almost two months before the welcoming party was held for them by the school. There are at least two welcoming party for the new juniors every year, by the Yukitsubaki and the school. Besides these two, there are also other party mainly organised among ourselves.
In total, I think this is the 935438th welcoming party I have had since I came to this college.
The event started off with the Assistant College Principal giving his speech on behalf of the Principal who was absent and is still recovering from a heart surgery he underwent recently. Well, the one who gave his speech is no stranger to me as he is my form teacher since my third year and also my research lab lecturer, Kondo Sensei.
Students from other courses who had never been taught by this lecturer might not know have any idea about the way he talks. But after more than two years under him, I have already understand too well about him. A funny guy who will burst into laughter from his own jokes, though most of the time, the students will never be able to spot the humorous part of his joke. We don't want to offend him, so we would usually join him laughing innocently haha. However, the thing that distinguish him from the other lecturers would be his act of pushing his fringe up at random times. This is his trademark which nobody will be able to copy. I guess those from Mechanical Engineering course knows what I'm talking here.
Introducing the legendary Kondo Sensei haha.
As expected, he gave quite a long speech and that even prompted Muazam who was standing next to me to ask me, "Is this the way he usually talk?". That comment gave me a slight giggle and I just gave a short nod. His ten-minute talk was mainly about the word "konnichiwa" and the usage of the word. I didn't really pay attention to his speech but from what I still remember, konnichiwa is used depending on whether the sun is still shining outside. So, even though it is five in the evening, it will still be relatively bright during spring and summer, hence we use konnichiwa to greet people. On the contrary, when it is winter, the sun would have set and it would get dark even though it is only five and instead of using konnichiwa, we use konbanwa.
Another thing which is a bit confusing is that the "wa" in "konnichiwa" is not the "wa" as in "watashiwa", but the "ha" in the alphabets "ha, hi, hu, he ho". Confused? Just forget about it because I don't really get that as well haha.

Next, all seven of the new international students was introduced to the lecturers and students.
I already tried adjusting the brightness of this picture but it is still hard to see Arogo's face clearly lol.
Bai in red shirt on the right, caught red-handed starring at the food ALL the time.
Hong Yao continued his act of mischievous again during the self-introduction session when he took his chance of speaking to reveal the new couple of his batch - Arogo and Carine. Apparently, the Gabonese has fallen in love with the one and only girl in their batch. It would be interesting to get Carine's comment on this matter.
I guess it is not a one sided thing if this picture below is taken into consideration. Carine was smiling and I wonder if that is a smile to signal that she acknowledge that fact.
See, I'm not bluffing; Bai is still keeping an eye on the food on the table lol.
When it comes to Arogo turn to introduce himself, he made another silly act of his own. He introduced his name and country like others, but when it comes to his hobby, he stopped a while and everybody thought that he was trying to find a Japanese word to describe his hobby.
"趣味は .......... (10秒の休憩) ..... ありません"
"My hobby is .......... (10 seconds of rest) *cricket's sound* ..... nil"
Maruyama Sensei then lead everyone for the "kanpai" session.
And it's time to feast on the food.
Faiz and Haris with their classmate, Kazama.
One of the three couples at Nagaoka College, Hafiz and Aniza.
Yamada Sensei then asked for attention from everyone as he wanted to deliver something. If you notice properly, the red sun in the Bangladesh flag is slightly tilted to the left. I didn't notice it until Yamada Sensei mentioned it; I bet most of us didn't notice it as well. Apparently, the reason of having such design is because when the flag is raised on the flag pole, some outer section of the flag will be folded when the wind blows. hence, in order to make the sun looked balance and positioned at the center, they make the sun to be positioned slightly to the left.
As for the Japan flag, the red sun is positioned exactly at the centre point of the flag.


Yamada Sensei pointing to the Bangladesh flag.

We later had a game of Bingo and just like last year, I took an extra card thinking that I would be able to increase my chance of striking Bingo. However, it seemed like I would suffer the same fortune again like last year because the my numbers were scattered so randomly and it didn't look like I was gonna strike a Bingo. Haha, I think my act of greediness had invited bad karma to me. See-lah, who ask me to be so greedy.
However, it took a twist of fortune in the last minute and I managed to strike Bingo in one of the two pieces of cards. It so happened that Tanaka, my tutor also strike Bingo at the same time and we decided to share the prize - kiosk coupon worth 200 yen (RM 8).
BINGO game.
Showing off our winning coupon like small kids haha.
To those who wasn't that lucky, they have other ways to deal with their Bingo card. Here is one of the smartest yet witty way.
It's just too obvious whose work was this, isn't it?
Aki, you have nowhere to run already.


Anonymous said...

all the food looks the same at the gatherings u show

=chuan guan= said...

forgotten how to play bingo liao..haha..feel so nostalgic

calvin said...

@ anonymous:
yup, the food served at the two parties were similar as they were catered from the school's cafeteria.

calvin said...

@ =chuan guan=:
that's one of the simplest game and you can say you've forgotten how to play it? go google it then lol xD

s said...

i more hensem than u

calvin said...

@ s:
haha, okay, okay. you're the most handsome guy in this world xD

Yamagatarian said...

agak2 la nak kutuk Arogo pun..

tapi Arogo ade ke kat gambar tu?tak nampak pun..;-)

calvin said...

@ yamagatarian:
haha, now who is the one condemning arogo? =P