Sunday, May 17, 2009

I Love Mac

Short note: I wanted to post this up earlier, but I decided to post this entry at the same time Michelle posted her similar entry. Anyway, just to stress about United winning their 18th league title here; now the Scousers will no longer be alone anymore since they got someone to share their bragging rights as the most successful team in England. You certainly aren't walking alone now anymore, Liverpool.
I don't think many people had any idea about this.
Arrived during the period where everybody was busy spending their Golden Week holidays.

Guess what I recently got for myself?
Here's a hint: Try recalling the famous saying which will keep the doctor away if it's taken daily.
Yes, an Apple laptop.

Hehe, I mean apple, the fruit; but not the laptop. One of the main reasons for the sudden purchase of this laptop is mainly because me previous HP Pavilion dv2000 had decided to part with me. The screen just remained black when I turn it on. I wasn't sure what is the problem but I don't think I will be sending it for a repair again.
It wasn't the first time the laptop gave me problems, because the motherboard had crashed last summer, in which I had sent it for repair. That, cost me quite a huge sum because I didn't extend the warranty beyond the given one-year period. The cost is one thing, the disappointing customer service by HP is just an experience which I will never want to go through again. The after-service is just as bad as a rotten fish. I will not explain too detailed here, but the point is, the service by HP sucks. I repeat, the after-service by HP sucks big time. So, to anyone who plans to get a HP laptop or something like that, I would advice you against doing so.


13-inch aluminum MacBook.
The scroll pad is damn wide.
What prompted me to decide to get a MacBook instead? Well, this might sound cheesy to most people, but I just feel like going for a change; to try out some new stuff. *edited* It was my fifth year senior last year, Zul who first bought a 20-inch iMac and he kept on promoting his desktop to me, by saying how cool and user-friendly it is compare to Windows-operated computers, almost every single night. Before I decided to get this MacBook, I actually call him to find out more about the product and again, I only got good feedbacks. *edited*
From the feedback I got from several Mac users, I only got positive comments about the product. Besides, I have been using the 20-inch iMac at Chikyu Lab occasionally during my spare time there. To be fair, I have to admit that it was a tad harder for a Windows user like me to get used to using iMac, but I was told by most Mac users that I will soon love it. It will take some time to get used to the whole thing, but they said it is much better than Windows.
Like one example Kok Hong gave me, there will be less worries for virus to attack our Mac because, I quote, "all the viruses are busy attacking Windows computers", unquote.
Here are a few more shots of my new MacBook looks like.


Saw the "command" key? They call it the "Apple" key.


I love my laptop.

I didn't take the white MacBook because it is too common to see such MacBook around, even though people will recognise it for instance when they see the white MacBook. Besides, the aluminum model is thinner, lighter and of course, more durable. By the way, I bought this MacBook through the Apple Store Japan but I make sure the keypads don't have Japanese characters on it. Since I bought it online, I got to customise it according to the US keyboard. *edited* I just saw my cousins MacPro which has illuminated keyboard and it is just too cool! Too bad I didn't choose to get that keyboard because it will cost me extra. *edited*
But that is not the end. I got something else to go with this MacBook.
8GB iPod Nano.
Look at how thin it is. It will stay inside the box until I get its protector soon.
No more lonely rides in the train from now on.
Well, I wouldn't have taken this iPod if not for the Students' Cash-back Campaign which ran for several weeks. It took me a while before I finally understand the concept of this cash-back thing. Here is how it works. You are required to purchase the iPod together with the MacBook or any other Mac laptops. After both products arrived, you fill in a given form on the details of those two products like the serial number etc. In a few weeks' time, you will receive the exact amount of money you paid for the iPod.
To put it in simple way, the iPod is free-of-charge.


Got my name engraved on it.
But sorry-lah guys, the offer is only valid in Japan and it ends on May 11th.


mg said...

haha exactly the same!!! oni 2gb less ram!! LOL

Yamagata boy said...

laa..didnt mention my name kaa..Im also the person who introduce you to the MAC world..huhu

=chuan guan= said...

wa...u r super duper rich!!!!!!!!

Kae Vin said...

so rich

rich rich rich

poor boy like me will never own a Mac XD

kh said...

the cash back offer is not only japan la...
eh what white common... mine very common ah now?

mg said...

< kh: so sad when i bought no longer got cash back thingy. huhu

calvin said...

@ michelleg:
that means i have to be extra careful; just in case you exchange my higher-ram laptop with yours xD

calvin said...

@ yamagata boy:
hehe, certainly you're not forgotten. yea, i already put up your name there. so, don't feel left out anymore, okay? lol =P

calvin said...

@ =chuan guan=:
you bought a packet of rice for your lunch, is that considered rich? i don't think so, because you did it for a reason - you need to fill your stomach.

same concept is applied here; i bought a new macbook because i need a laptop since the old one has crashed and students need a laptop to survive, especially when you are studying abroad.

calvin said...

@ specialhuman:
once you have start earning your bucks, then you will buy a much better model than mine. as for now, go to the pasar malam near your house and get an apple as a start xD

calvin said...

@ kh:
really? then i think i have missed out on that part. and of course white is common, just like how often you see white milk in new zealand. and yes, it's as common as yours =D

calvin said...

@ michelleg:
but somebody already own an ipod nano, right? xD

Anonymous said...

u didnt buy for me , ur former gf?

calvin said...

@ anonymous:
it would be much better if you make yourself known =)