Friday, April 3, 2009

Welcoming Our Third Year

Short note: This entry is inspired by a text message I got from Amalina at midnight which reads, "celebrating the 2nd year in Japan, welcome 3rd year."
It is April 3rd today.
Remember this scene?
This date has some significant to my batch because it was exactly two years ago, we stepped to Japan to begin yet another journey of ours in this land of rising sun. I'm pretty sure there have been lots new things we had learned, valuable experiences and encounters we had gone through within this period of time.
Today, it is the start of our third year in Japan.
One group photo before we leave for Japan in April 2007.
Rewinding the clock back, KLIA was flooded with family members and friends on that night.; the night before we flew. That escalator which leads to the departing gate remains vivid in my memory. We were given one final briefings before we went through the immigration counter. After a seven-hour flight, we touched down at Narita and what happened after that, both memorable and pain memories shall be treasured for a long time to come.
Though we are all scattered all over Japan, those short messages and calls at times make sure that we still remember each other and remind us that we came from under one same roof.
Look at the change on everyone after more than a year (picture taken during Golden Week Gathering 2008).
Fifth year in college means everyone will be busy with their university entrance exam (juken).This is one of the final hurdle for each of us and all the best to everyone.
Ganbatte kudasai!


Kae Vin said...

Ur path is so different from mine! XD

calvin said...

@ specialhuman:
that's because our degree of handsomeness is so much different xD

lyk said...

just in a blink of eye,we have been here for most than 2 years.lets work hard for jukken,hope everyone get good result for the entrance exam!!!受験生頑張ろうぜ!!!
and thanks for the message u sent to remind us.really appreciate it!

zhenhui said...

eh darling
you going to the GW gathering this year?

calvin said...

@ lyk:
yup, i share the same hope too. anyway, on the message that night, master replied me something like this, "u seem very free" =.=

calvin said...

@ zhenhui:
it's yet to be decided.