Wednesday, April 1, 2009

One Big Shock

Farking crap! I came back from my Korea trip only to make a shocking discovery.
Shot # 1 at crime scene (Room 202).
Shot # 2 at crime scene
(Room 202).
WTF! My room was ransacked!
Shot # 3 at crime scene (Room 202).
I found out all this mess inside my room when I pushed the door open, which is something I totally didn't expect to happen in a country where the people put so much stress on behaving in a proper manner. Someone must have broken into my room and did all this when I was away. I didn't find any of my stuff went missing, it looked as if the thief just wanted to make the whole room to be messy because I don't know what the thief was looking for; all my electrical devices were not in my room as I took them with me to Korea. My laptop, my digital camera, my cell phone, I didn't leave any of them behind and now I'm wondering what was the motive of this break-in.
Perhaps they watched too much of Prison Break already.
But hey, hold on a second. Guess what's the day today?
It's April Fools =D
Yes, gotcha! Haha, how lame was my April Fool's prank? Definitely better than my attempt last year, I guess.
Here is the true fact. Don't worry, this time I won't bluff anymore, like that boy who cried wolf lol. If you do read my updates at my Facebook profile, then you might have seen that I said I was busy shifting to a new place a couple of days ago. Yes, I was kept occupied with packing my stuff to be moved to the new place; in fact, I was doing that for the past two days since I was back from Korea and only finished with everything by late evening yesterday.
Here is how the old double room looked like after everything was cleaned and shifted out.
Double-decker bed.
Two studying tables.
Locker and the door.
Locker and the window.
I have been staying in a double room for the past two years. But beginning this schooling year which is my final college year, I'm finally given a single room. To be fair, this supposed to happen last year but due to the large number of seniors one batch above me, they were shortage of single rooms and hence, we had to settle with double room last year.
Even though I'm moving into a new room, I guess I had the least headache among my batch mates when I think about carrying my stuff from my old room to my new one simply because of one reason - my new single room is just opposite the old room.
New room on the left, while the old room is on the right.
Look how shiny the floor is; they actually just polished it a couple of weeks ago.

The new room is meant for one person, so common sense tells you that it is half the size of a double-room. But I have no complain because given a choice, who will not prefer a single room, right? My senior left two days ago and I only started the cleaning and moving-in task a day after he left. First thing I did was to vacuum, mop and wipe away all the dusty furniture and shelves. Next, I made a rough plan on how the furniture arrangements I want them to look like.
The condition of the room before I do anything on the new room.
My senior left his guitar as well and within a night, I've learn the three basic chords already =)
The shifting process was indeed a long and boring one. My stuff keep on appearing from everywhere like a never-ending process. Those are my treasures I have collected for the past two years. Anyway, I still think that my stuff are among the least compared to the rest, especially the girls (ehem to someone xD).
This is just the provisional positions and layout of my new room, as I haven't started to think of the right, suitable theme yet.
What thing is the most obvious from this picture? "BOH, ada umphh!"!

Small pillows on the shelves were stolen from the plane - blue (MAS), white (Northwest Airlines) and yellow (Korean Air).
I hide seven little bunnies under that thick blanket (futon).
I'm still using the old towel I got from National Service, and my "mata terbeliak" cartoon on the locker.
To make sure I didn't die from boredom, I went online as I clean and shift my stuff. Finally, after almost two full days doing the same thing, all my stuff were shifted and sorted accordingly. Through that process, I managed to throw away one big plastic bag full of unwanted stuff.
On something unrelated, the new juniors will be reaching the hostel by late afternoon today. There will be seven international students, including five from Malaysia. The other two are from Bangladesh and Gabon. Yes, this is the first time a student from outside Asia is coming to our college and Joann seems to be the most excited among us.
I saw that Gabon guy already yesterday and surprisingly, he was so small sized; I estimate his height is less than 165 cm. That is something so rare to see in an African, isn't it? Initially, I thought he might come close as my height but it was the opposite lol. Anyway, just a quick fact here; Gabon is located on the western coast of Africa and their national language is French. Sounds cool, eh? Maybe I can learn up a few pick up lines from him in the future.
On the contrary, not that I'm trying to bad-mouth him, but I can detect his BO even when I am walking three rooms away from his room, even without possessing a dog's smelling ability. Get what I'm trying to say here? The smell was super strong; it's even stronger than durian's smell. Try to imagine that. But I advise you not to do so lol.
The interesting part is that one of my Malaysian junior will be his roommate. I'm sure he will get the biggest April Fool's joke of the day when he finds it out later haha.


ns29 said...

they no need to stay at tokyo for few days??
so fast want to balik hostel liaw??

i thought it was eathquakes

calvin said...

@ ns29:
they have spent more than one million ringgit for those extra days due to some "technical error" last year and surely they're not gonna repeat the same mistake, right?

earthquake? haha, if it was that bad, you will not see me blogging this entry anymore xD

Kae Vin said...

lol no wonder learn guitar la.

u can learn 3 chords in a night. So 7 days can learn 21 chords ady.

u can be as good as me in 7 days XD

ericG said...

ho ho ho... didn't fall for ur prank.. wow, 1 night 3 cords? which are those? basic E D G? MG must be hoping u could learn more and serenade her next time...

the new room looks fine. never mind the size but it looks's like everything isn't out of reach, especially a person like u... u know wat i mean...

calvin said...

@ specialhuman:
i really doubt my ability since i'm kinda noob when it comes to music stuff lol. lets see how far i will progress xD

mathematically, that's true but i still need some time to fine-tune my first three chords first.

anyway, all those don't matter anymore as another senior just came and took back that guitar already =\

calvin said...

@ ericg:
they were g major, c major and d major. sorry to disappoint anyone, because i have no guitar to practise anymore now =\

the room? well, the ceiling is kinda low; so does the doorway. so, i got to be careful all the time not to knock my head on those door frame lol xD

=chuan guan= said...

still u sleeping half way u might have gd smell of it..since he is on the opposite and it does when he opens da door all da time..lolz

Cieri said...

why eh aku terasa ngan ayat kau tu.....?????

mg said...

ah so sad no guitar =\

TZ said...

Dude, all the best to your frenz... but soon or later your frenz will get over the BO ... I was having difficulty when i just touched down in Uganda... but after 1 week i'm okay with the smell... got over that... :p

calvin said...

@ =chuan guan=:
your comment is in serious need for some rephrasing. it took me at least five times to figure out what you are trying to say.

anyway, his room is at the opposite end of mine; so, i think that should be alright =)

calvin said...

@ cieri:
haha, perhaps you had taken some chillies? xD

calvin said...

@ michelleg:
i know. just when i was gonna learn to play a guitar, the owner had claimed it back =(

calvin said...

@ tz:
yea, it will take a while for us to get used to it, but i am more looking forward of the reactions from the japanese kids soon =P

Endoru said...

Wow, what nice big room you have. :)

Cieri said...

girls need more things than boys ape~


your text books are so sikit eh?you pass them to your kohai ke?

btw,your april fools are lame.=P

mg said...

time to buy a guitar? :P

calvin said...

@ endoru:
yup, after a two-year wait, i finally got a single room and to be honest, i'm quite satisfied with the size =)

calvin said...

@ cieri:
most of the time, those are just unnecessary stuff, right? xD

my textbook? those are just a small friction of the textbooks which i used last year and i thought i might still use it again this year. the rest are kept in boxes already; two boxes full of textbooks >.<

calvin said...

@ michelleg:
i'll just steal eric's one =P

Cieri said...

hurm~but you dont know when you are going to need them~
n I read a lot ma...tu yang banyak buku(novels mags mangas)
u din pass ur textbooks to ur kohai?

calvin said...

@ cieri:
yea, agree on that but still, girls somehow will collect more treasures than guys =P

i might still be using them again, so i still keep my textbooks with me =)